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Isaac School District No.5                                 ELAS Thematic Unit Overview Grade 3 – Unit 5                   ...
Underlined vocabulary indicates Tier II word.   2
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Grade 3 Unit 5

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Grade 3 Unit 5

  1. 1. Isaac School District No.5 ELAS Thematic Unit Overview Grade 3 – Unit 5 2012-2013 Unit 5: A World of Words on a Planet Called Earth and BeyondDURATION: Six WeeksIn this unit, students read stories, poems, and informational text full of rich language.Students read fiction that demonstrates the use of idioms and exhibits careful diction. They read poems that focus on a simple topic,such as corn or grass, to see how the topics are developed line by line and stanza by stanza. They write to express their own opinionsabout the idea of having laws that legislate what people can and cannot eat. Working with Latin suffixes, they will see the way suffixestransform one part of speech into another. Students illustrate an idiom to express their own interpretation of its meaning, and write anote to Amelia Bedelia about the idiom. Finally, the students research other planets.Essential Questions: Vocabulary:What makes a word or phrase the “right” idiomword or phrase? Latin suffixes thesaurusWhy do we use idioms? word rootsEssential Learning:English incorporates words and phrasesfrom other languages around the world.Students understand the connectionbetween words and their meanings, Distributed Resources Aligned to Unit 5:Amelia Bedelia Series (Parrish) Dog Breath! The Horrible Trouble with Hally Tosis (Pilkey)My Momma Likes to Say (Brennan-Nelson) In a Pickle and Other Funny Idioms (Terban & Maestro)Mad as a Wet Hen and Other Funny Idioms (Terban & Maestro) The Planets (Gibbons)Punching the Clock: Funny Action Idioms (Terban & Huffman) Frindle (Clements and Selznick)It’s Disgusting and We Ate It! True Food Facts From Around the World (Solheim & Brace)Underlined vocabulary indicates Tier II word. 1
  2. 2. Underlined vocabulary indicates Tier II word. 2