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Apresentação questões aulão 1º ano

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Apresentação questões aulão 1º ano

  2. 2. O SIMPLE PAST EXPRESSA AÇÃO DETERMINADA E CONCLUÍDA NO PASSADO. Para a formação do “Simple Past”, como regrageral, acrescenta-se “ed” ao infinitivo dos verbosregulares, sem “to”. AFIRMATIVA: JIMMY LIVED IN PORTUGAL.NEGATIVA: JIMMY DID NOT (DIDN’T) LIVE IN FRANCE INTERROGATIVA: DID JIMMY LIVE IN BRAZIL?
  3. 3. 1. SSA-UPE-2010-_____ Drummond _____ a long time ago? A) Is; dying B) Does; died C) Does, die D) Did; die E) Did, died
  4. 4. 02. Complete com o tempo verbal adequado as frasesabaixo:a) Francis ________________ home yesterday.(to leave)b) I ________________ to Guarujá last week. (to go)c) She ________________ that house a year ago.(to buy)d) Mark ________________ to you last month.(to write)
  5. 5. Were you and Tom at school? Yes, we were / No, we were not (weren’t) Was Claire a good student in her childhood? Yes, she was / No, she was not (wasn’t) Where were Peter and Mike going yesterday night? They were going to the airport QUESTION WORDSWhat? - O quê? Qual? Whats your name? What do you do at night?Who? - Quem? Who is your favorite singer?When? - Quando? When do you study? When is your birthday?Where? - Onde? Where do you live? Where is the post office?Which? - Qual? (escolha limitada) Which do you prefer - pizza or burger?How? - Como? How are you? How do you go to school?• How many...? - Quantos (contáveis) How many cars do you have?• How much...? - Quanto (incontáveis) How much money do you have?
  6. 6. 02. SSA-UPE 2009-Hello Joseph! What were you doingyesterday night?A) I am having fun with some friends.B) I was having fun with some friends.C) I having fun with some friends.D) I have fun with some friends.E) I was have fun with some friends.
  7. 7. In question 03, choose T for True incolumn I or F for False in column II.
  8. 8. 03. According to the cartoon above, analyse and define.I (TRUE) II (FALSE)0 0 They are in the center of the city.1 1 They are out of gas.2 2 They have a lot of gas.3 3 The man is going to look for a shop.4 4 Gas prices aren’t the same everywhere.