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Agile Tour 2016 Pune - Innovation vs iteration by Kanchan Tandel

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Agile Tour 2016 Pune - Innovation vs iteration by Kanchan Tandel

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Agile Tour 2016 Pune - Innovation vs iteration by Kanchan Tandel

  1. 1. Kanchan Tandel – Patil Product Owner@TCS www.plus.google.com/kanchant www.twitter.com/Kanchan_KT www.linkedin.com/in/kanchan- tandel Kanchan.Tandel@tcs.com Innovation vs Iteration Friends or Foes?
  2. 2. • Minor change to that is an incremental progress • To make product slightly better than before! Iteration?
  3. 3. Just Iterate Agile teams iterate and iterate a lot. We keep adding small enhancements and features to the existing product.
  4. 4. Benefits of Iteration Fail Fast Learn Quickly Continuous Interest Lesser Risk
  5. 5. • Rethinking from ground level to rebuild something • Add new features that no one has ever done before • Change or Disruption. Innovation?
  6. 6. WHY Innovate?
  7. 7. Only Iterate-Only Innovate? Just doing iteration without innovation can introduce a risk to make the product stagnant. And every feature of a product cannot be an innovation.
  8. 8. Innovation through Iteration Google’s AdWords and AdSense. iPhone’s design change just before the launch James Dyson’s vacuum cleaner. Innovation differsfromimprovements in that innovation refersto the notion of doing something different rather than doing the same thing better
  9. 9. KANO Model
  10. 10. Today’s Business drivers
  11. 11. Iteration - a type of innovation
  12. 12. Conclude To deliver fast paced projects To include few exciters in the product To surprise the users with an unknown feature To surive the market competition Innovation Iteration