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Proposal for Push Messaging

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MUTHOFUN's push pull messaging proposal (sample)

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Proposal for Push Messaging

  1. 1. Value Added Services (Push Pull) 1 Copotronic InfoSystems Ltd. MUTHOFUN (A Soft Tech Innovation Ltd Enterprise) Flat: 7/B Sector:14, Road:1, House:04, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mobile: +880-1711-272324, +880-1611-272324 Mail: info@muthofun.com Web: www.muthofun.com
  2. 2. Value Added Services (Push Pull) 2 Scope Company Profile o o o o & Contract Period o Termination Governing Law & Settlement of disputes Notices Confidentiality Non-Disclosure Agreement Other Services we offer
  3. 3. Value Added Services (Push Pull) 3 This document provides the Overview, Technical Details and, key benefits of the Push & Pull-Push SMS services offered by About MUTHOFUN MUTHOFUN was incorporated in the year of March 6 2008 as a Mobile Content Service Wing of Soft Tech Innovation Ltd. MUTHOFUN provides various ranges of mobile value added services We are a leading end-to-end mobile data solutions provider that caters to corporate and individuals throughout the world. To increase support to our clients, we also do provide value added services such as customization and integration. MUTHOFUN offers various SMS services and other text messaging solutions for businesses and individuals, focusing on bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration. Additionally the company is a provider of SMS marketing products, wireless communications, corporate SMS and other turnkey text messaging solutions. Over the years MUTHOFUN has entered into variant Telecom value added products and services like 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Bulk SMS services 6. 5 digit Short code Applications 7. GEO Location Based Messaging INTRODUCTION TO PUSH SMS provides all its clients a magnificent solution for one - to - one messaging, individual or personalized SMS through its gateway, ideally supporting any Text . Usually customers send a SMS to a specific shortcode number with a keyword and gets a reply. This is the basic functions of Push Pull Messaging Services.
  4. 4. Value Added Services (Push Pull) 4 BENEFITS OF PUSH PULL SMS Fast and reliable Supports all 6 Operators (** CDMA operator may create trouble some time) Access your reporting panel around the globe Allows SMS (more than 160 char) * Treated as 2 SMS and charges deducted accordingly Real time Status Report Support Available: Email, Phone API Integration (HTTP, XML) Push Pull SMS Services How it works? Figure 1: The Basic Push Pull Messaging Services Works Key word : <Brand> as per request Sub Keyword: Multiple (e.g. < Brand > <XXX>) Control Panel: Web Based Auto-Welcome: An SMS will be sent onto the customer s mobile phone who tries to SMS using the keyword Reports: Real Time Reporting (Web Based) Database: You will be able to view the complete log of the mobile including time numbers on the web interface. Database can also be downloaded from the interface as an excel file.
  5. 5. Value Added Services (Push Pull) 5 Our Short codes & Infrastructure Our short codes are 5 digit based which is 16242 having IVR, Subscription & Push Messaging Solution enabled with SMS Gateway. The SMS Gateway is backed up with state of the art server technology and high speed data connectivity around 2Mbps. Also we ensured Online UPS to ensure backup up to 6 hours maximum. Our SMS Gateway is having a up to date SMS server software having various API support of PHP, Java & ASP.Net. Features We Will Provide A Keyword (Four / Five Character) Sub-keyword (if needed) Shortcode Number i.e. 16242 Custom SMS Application for your Push Pull Messaging (API Sample) Reporting Panel (Optional) Custom API Sample Code Connectivity with all operator (GrameenPhone, Robi, BanglaLink, Airtel, Citycell & Teletalk) (** Some operator has a time delay in response so their reply SMS gets delayed) Pricing Plan To avail the services of Push & Pull SMS Services there is a one time setup fee and a monthly service fee. BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) Setup Fee (one time) 6,500 BDT / Base Keyword Monthly Service Fee 1,500 BDT Contract Period: The minimum contract period for availing SMS services is 1year up to 5/10 years at a time. Payment Method The setup fee will be incurred once the work order issued in favor of us. We will send an invoice and the amount should be paid at our Bank account. We will provide the bank details via email or via invoice. Setup fee and the monthly fee is prepaid and invoice for monthly fee gets generated first of every month and due by 10th of every month. Termination Subject to the provisions in relation to the minimum services period, any party can terminate this agreement by giving three months notice in writing to other party. Once any party serves the termination notice, onward operational and financial issues would be settled upon mutual discussion to protect both parties financial investment & interest.
  6. 6. Value Added Services (Push Pull) 6 Governing Law & Settlement of disputes This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance within the laws of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. All disputes relating to the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be settled amicably between the two parties within 30 days. If the amicable settlement fails or that 30 days period expires without any settlement then that dispute shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 2001. Each party shall appoint its own arbitrator and the arbitrator of the parties so appointed shall appoint a third arbitrator who shall be the Chairman of the Arbitral Tribunal. Notices Any necessary notice may be given to the other party personally or by post, facsimile, telegram, official email to the address specified in this agreement or any address as notified by the other party. Confidentiality Both the parties agree that they will not divulge any information which is confidential in nature to public without the written consent from other party. Non Discloser Agreement Both parties will abide by non-disclosure agreements to be decided on current service. Other types of SMS / Value Added Service (VAS) we can offer Market Information Collection (custom made app required) Survey System Remote Sale Data Collection Subscription Based Modules. Chain Quiz Single Quiz Talent Hunt Program Management Voting, Rating Modules Live TV program Management Talk shows Graph Presentation
  7. 7. Value Added Services (Push Pull) 7 Our Potential Clients Shahjalal University of Science & Technology, Sylhet Begum Rokey University, Rangpur Hazi Danesh University, Dinajpur Mowlana Bhasani University Sylhet Agricultural University Comilla University Noakhali Science & Technology University Govt.Muslim High School, Ctg Chittagong Collegiate High School, Ctg Nasirabad Boys & Girls High School, Ctg Bakolia Boys School, Ctg Devs Team Intitute ZOVOX IT Ruposhi Online Somoy TV PayOnline BD Shyamol Chaya Cooperative Society Binary Image Discount Cards Ltd Primac Splendor IT Viper Leather etc.
  8. 8. Value Added Services (Push Pull) 8 Conclusion MUTHOFUN can provide you the best value added services to cater your business needs. Contact Us A.M.Ishtiaque Sarwar CEO, MUTHOFUN (A Soft Tech Innovation Ltd Enterprise) Sector: 14, Road:1, House:04, B1 Uttara Model Town, Dhaka, 1230 Bangladesh