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TMRE 2017 Presentation: Translating Emotion Science Into Digital Experiences

A robust segmentation identifies the rational, emotional and behavioral qualities of a target audience. Isobar uses the segments from our Marketing Intelligence Practice to model and manage clients’ actual customer data, and from there to drive many aspects of clients’ marketing, product and customer experience.

Health and vitality leader, Tivity Health, was challenged with expanding the brand and increasing member engagement for SilverSneakers, their community fitness program specifically designed for older adults. Isobar has used System 1 segmentation insights to drive omni-channel acquisition, engagement, and brand advocacy.

This session will reveal how:

A seamless “insights to innovation” agency model provides a collaborative client relationship
Defining market opportunity informs business decision-making, influences product, market strategy, and drives digital experiences based on real segments
System 1 segmentation, including MindSight Motivational Profiling and neuromarketing, drove the development of digital assets, 3rd party data assets (Facebook and Experian), and influenced campaign creative
Segmentation is activated through data and technology specifically through CRM and media targeting

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TMRE 2017 Presentation: Translating Emotion Science Into Digital Experiences

  1. 1. 1 Translating Emotion Science into Digital Experiences October 23, 2017
  2. 2. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant evaluated Isobar as a market leader of global digital marketing agencies 2015, 16, 17 with the strongest score for Completeness of Vision. Leader in The Forrester Wave: Digital Experience Service Providers, Q4 2015 with the highest score of all vendors for our current offering. RECENT RECOGNITION 400+ Awards 19 Agency of the Year titles currently held Digital Network of the Year 2011, 12, 14, 15, 16 Campaign Asia ACCOLADES KEY CLIENTS Strategy We develop strategies to transform businesses Campaigns We create, measure and optimize digitally-focused campaigns Experiences We design experiences that are both easy to use and a joy to use Platforms We design and build flexible and scalable technology solutions Products We invent digital products that generate new revenue streams 6,000 employees in over 85 offices around the globe. F U L L - S E R V I C E G L O B A L D I G I T A L M A R K E T I N G A G E N C Y We conceive, design and build experiences for the world’s largest organizations. INNOVATION Innovation partnership with MIT MEDIA LAB Accelerators in North/South America, Europe and Asia Full-service digital agency and part of the
  3. 3. 50+ CONSULTANTS, MARKETING RESEARCH EXPERTS, PSYCHOLOGISTS AND D ATA SCIENTISTS - NEW YORK, NY | BOSTON, MA | WESTPORT, CT | LEXINGTON, MA | CHICAGO, IL We are Isobar Marketing Intelligence — product of the merger of Copernicus Marketing & Forbes Consulting & Isobar Strategy; we are recognized for our segmentation and emotional testing approaches; we operate as a full-service marketing consulting and research firm. Authors of seven books on marketing, including The Science of Why, Decoding Human Motivation and Transforming Marketing Strategy An industry leader in emotional testing approaches, offering several proprietary products – including MindSight® – for rapid and easily deployed testing You can find us at most key industry events including Advertising Week, TMRE, Marketers Brand Summit, Path to Purchase and more INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP CORE COMPETENCIES KEY CLIENTS Segmentation and Targeting Brand and Positioning Journey Mapping Communications Development Product and Pricing Strategy White Space Exploration
  4. 4. Emotions are critical to effective marketing Every decision made is based on rational and emotional drivers. The most successful products in the marketplace have rational and emotional appeal. thoughts “This makes sense” “I think I’ll try it” feelings “This feels exciting” “I want to try it”
  5. 5. Barriers to emotional insight Asking consumers to talk about their emotions just won’t get the job done. Two major barriers to insight create a need to “get deeper” than respondent self reports. When respondents are unwilling to talk about their feelings When respondents are unable to articulate or don’t know how they feel WON’T SAY CAN’T SAY
  7. 7. Four Types Of Dependent Variables VALENCE MEANING ATTENTION AROUSAL
  8. 8. Eye Tracking Facial Coding or EMG Heart Rate EEG Galvanic Skin Response Isobar’s Emotion Toolkit These should be measured with multiple indicators to ensure validity and reliability. Emotional Arousal Emotional Valence VALENCE MEANING ATTENTION AROUSAL
  9. 9. A Unique Partnership Isobar Marketing Intelligence
  12. 12. 1. Increase new enrollments 2. Increase engagement 3. Increase advocacy
  13. 13. 1.What motivates seniors to exercise? 2.Which segments to target? 3.How to reach the target at digital touchpoints? 4.How to produce powerful creative? 5.How to engage digital platforms?
  14. 14. 1. What motivates seniors to exercise?
  15. 15. • A unique technology for understanding unconscious emotions • Isobar’s MindSight® technique represents a substantial advance in emotional measurement 1 7 patented access to the emotional brain very practical to administer extremely actionable results
  16. 16. The images are curated to measure nine motivations The MindSight® Motivational Model 1 See D Forbes, “Toward a Unified Model of Human Motivation, Review of General Psychology” June 2011.
  17. 17. 17 The Emotional Discovery Window MindSight® takes advantage of “rapid response” image selection and creates direct access to emotional experience, before editing by rational thought THE EMOTIONAL DISCOVERY WINDOW “The earliest stage of emotional reactions takes place [at] about five hundred milliseconds… [this] …sits between the couple of hundred milliseconds we require to be conscious of a pattern and the seven or eight hundred milliseconds we need to process a concept.” - Antonio Damasio, Self Comes to Mind, 2010
  18. 18. 18 MindSight® in Action Respondents engage with the MindSight® exercise as a “sentence completion” task “The thing I like most about exercising is that it makes me feel____" Touch to Select Image Psychological priming sentence
  19. 19. 19 Assessment on Specific Dimensions SECURITY IDENTITY MASTERY EMPOWER- MENT ENGAGE- MENT ACHIEVEME NT BELONG- ING NURTUR- ANCE ESTEEM We assess exactly which images were “tapped” most frequently. And the answer is…. Empowerment 91 98 128 200 95 148 106 57 126 119 115 113 150 114 119 127 91 89 Aspiration Fulfillment Frustration Relief
  20. 20. 20 EMPOWERMENT “The thing I like about exercising is that it makes me feel___” Details on Specific Dimensions IDENTITY ENGAGEMENT NURTURANCE ESTEEM BELONGINGEMPOWERMENTSECURITY MASTERY ACHIEVEMENT Strong Powerful Ready to go Fearless Free Liberated Courageous Brave For the dominant motivations we see the specific images and words that were selected most frequently.
  21. 21. Empowerment means feeling capable and competent in the face of challenge. The desire to gain the basic sense that they can successfully take action toward a result they desire. “You can do it” is the mantra. Empowerment
  22. 22. When empowerment is the goal, our eyes are set on the future and we’ll take new action to get there. Empowerment
  23. 23. 2. Which segments to target?
  24. 24. Three key segments. All motivated by EMPOWERMENT, but each with it’s own additional need Empowered younger women enthusiastically committed to fitness classes within an exercise community Older, healthy, and slightly more male, exercisers for whom exercise is personal, not communal. Focused on maintaining independence. Aware that they need to exercise, but undisciplined. Aspiring but in need of help. Isolated and self conscious about exercise. Social Exercise Enthusiasts Solo Maintainers Insecure Help Seekers + BELONGING + MASTERY + SECURITY
  25. 25. 3. How to reach the target at digital touchpoints?
  26. 26. 2626 Activation Tools and algorithms for actually finding target segments in the real-world for communications planning. • Build segments directly in MRI or other media surveys • Find target segments with digital, programmatic and addressable media And of course we develop typing algorithms to find segments in future research. • We embed questions from MRI (or Simmons) directly into our questionnaire • We append data from 3rd party marketing data sources, enabling digital targeting strategies • When develop algorithms to classify Facebook members into segments.
  27. 27. Property of Isobar. Privileged & Confidential. 27 Identify Organize Activate Optimize Integrated Data Model 1st Party (CRM, Site Analytics, POS, Loyalty, etc.) 2nd Party (Partners, Exchanges, etc.) 3rd Party (Experian, payment processer, etc.) Search Display Email .COM Data Management Platform (DMP) Optimization Cycle DesignDevelop IdentifyIterate Analyze Plan
  28. 28. 4. How to produce powerful creative?
  29. 29. Campaign 1 Grow Young Together
  30. 30. Campaign 2 Live Life Well
  31. 31. 31 On typical rational measures the two campaigns were identical GROW YOUNG TOGETHER (A) "LIVE LIFE WELL“ (B) How likely are you to use SilverSneakers more/ start using/ go to the SilverSneakers website to get more information about enrolling in the program? (T2B) Overall, how much do you like this campaign? (T2B) What is your overall impression of SilverSneakers? (T2B) How believable are the campaign's claims about SilverSneakers? (T2B) How relevant is the campaign to your needs? (T2B) How much of an advantage does this program provide compared to similar offers in the market? (T2B) 51% 69% 80% 81% 50% 57% 55% 72% 82% 84% 56% 59%  Very little difference on a rational basis
  32. 32. 12 iMotions software Campaign ads + Shimmer3 GSR + Tobii X2-30 Eye Tracker + Webcam for Affdex Facial Coding + Biometric analysis of two Silver Sneakers campaigns + ABM EEG
  33. 33. Campaign 1 Grow Young Together
  34. 34. Campaign 2 Live Life Well
  36. 36. 36 Campaign Motivational Profile • Live Life Well outperforms on multiple motivations, especially the key motive of Empowerment • Grow Young Together pops on Belonging motivation THE SELF THE MATERIAL WORLD THE SOCIAL WORLD SECURITY IDENTITY MASTERY EMPOWERMENT ENGAGEMENT ACHIEVEMENT BELONGING NURTURANCE ESTEEM 103 119 93 115 85 113 99 121 92 114 95 119 95 98 74 91 60 89 68 91 82 98 90 128 162 200 76 95 116 148 124 106 48 57 89 126 MOTIVATIONAL DOMAINS Based on this campaign, I’m excited about using the SilverSneakers program because it might make me feel a little more… Based on this campaign, I’m hesitant about using the SilverSneakers program because it might leave me feeling a little… Source: MindSight. Q23, Q24. Among those assigned to GYT & LWW *Indices based on Isobar concept norms. GYT LWW GYT LWW GYT LWW GYT LWW GYT LWW GYT LWW GYT LWW GYT LWW GYT LWW
  37. 37. Live Life Well The Winner!
  38. 38. 5. How to engage digital platforms?
  41. 41. Video content emphasizes EMPOWERMENT via testimonials of “I can do it”
  42. 42. 42 EARLY RESULTS Facebook Lookalike Audiences built on target segments show 50% improvement in response rates to segment-customized messaging
  43. 43. 01. 02. 03. 04. So, Things To Do In 2018 04. Test Emotional Response to Creative 01. Understanding the Beating Heart of Your Category 02. Understand the Emotional Connection to Your Brand 03. Identify Motivational/Emotional Target Segments 05. Activate Digitally!
  44. 44. Thank You!