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Thank you letter - Royal Jordanian

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Thank you letter - Royal Jordanian

  1. 1. United Nations Nations UniesWHEADQUARTERS • SIEGE NEW YORK, NY 10017 TEL.: 1 (212) 963.1234 o FAX: 1 (212} 963.4879 REFERENCE: DPA/CTITF/UNCCT/20160517 17May2016 Dear Captain Suleiman Obeidat, I would like to express my shacere appreciation and gratitude to you for the support that was extended by Royal Jordanian to the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force / United Nations Counter-Ten'orism Centre (CTITF-UNCCT) during our Regional Workshop on Raising Awareness and Building Capacity on Advance Passenger Information (API), which was held in Jordan on 3 - 5 May 2016. I would like to specifically thank Mr. Issa Alabdallat for his comprehensive and engaging case study presentation on Royal Jordanian's experience with API from an airline industry perspective, which shared the key considerations that govenmaents need to take into account when implementing a national API system to ensure smooth transfer of data between the airline industry and governments, as well as the challenges faced by airlines in complying with government requests for passenger data transfer. Mr. Alabdallat's expertise contributed significantly towards the achievement of the Workshop's objectives, which helped participants coming from several Middle East and North African States to understand and identify key requirements in implementing API systems. Please accept, Sil', the assurances of my highest considerations. gir Khan Director Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (UN CTITF) / United Nations Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT) United Nations Captain Suleiman Obeidat CEO Royal Jordanian Airlines Royal Jordanian Airlines Jordan