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IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud - Talk at IW2019

Slide deck shown at the INCOSE International Workshop 2019.

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IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud - Talk at IW2019

  1. 1. IncQuery Server for Teamwork Cloud Scalable Query Evaluation over Collaborative Model Repositories István Ráth CEO
  2. 2. About us • IncQuery Labs • Specialist company focused on high-tech so:ware innova=on around modeling and MBSE • Based in Budapest, Hungary • Founded in 2012 as a university spinoff • Solu=ons • Custom development, toolchain integra=on, cer=fica=on, consul=ng • Deep tech enablers in model storage / processing / versioning • Commercial support for open source so:ware (Eclipse Modeling, OpenMBEE, …)
  3. 3. Development partner Our Partners Most Influential Technology Partner Award @No Magic World Symposium 2018
  4. 4. Context: Large-scale and collaborative MBSE Airframers Car Manufacturers System Designers and Integrators SW Supplier 1 SW Supplier 2 Certification Authorities Platform Provider Smart & Safe Cyber-Physical Systems Characteristics: • Different stakeholders • Complex system models • Collaborative processes • IP protection Needs for scalable collaborative tools • Large models • Version control • Access control • Traceability • ...
  5. 5. Challenges • Project Manager : Is the model of my team consistent? • Model Analysis, Validation and Error Reporting • Project Engineer : Which other projects will be affected by my change and how? • Change Impact Analysis • Reviewer : What is the content of your team’s model? • Evaluation of Custom Queries
  6. 6. MagicDraw and Teamwork Cloud • A popular modeling tool for UML/SysML, available since 1998 • Over 500.000 downloads in 90 countries • Standard-compliant and highly customizable platform • Not just a desktop app, but a complete suite of tools • Simulation • Analysis • Collaboration à Teamwork Cloud Teamwork Cloud Repository MagicDraw (desktop authoring) Cameo Collaborator (web collabora=on)
  7. 7. IncQuery: a query engine built for large-scale modeling Scalable Language tailored to models Validation and analytics features Hybrid database technology • Persistent and in-memory • Distributed architecture • 10-100x faster than conventional DB technology • Elastic (Docker/Kubernetes) • VQL: Similar to SPARQL, but tailored for SysML • Adaptable to other modeling languages (SysML profiles, AUTOSAR, Capella, etc) Teamwork Cloud Repository MagicDraw (desktop authoring) IncQuery Server Cameo Collaborator (web collaboraSon) • Built-in and custom queries • Executable on revisions and enSre repositories Indexing Querying • Auxiliary back-end service • Provides value added funcSonality to MD and CC clients • Fully integrated access control
  8. 8. Performance • Indexing • 1.2M model: <20s thanks to delta processing • 30M repository: <1 hour thanks to delta processing
  9. 9. Performance • Indexing • 1.2M model: <20s thanks to delta processing • 30M repository: <1 hour thanks to delta processing • Querying • Complete validation suite: 1.2M model: <1min • Impact analysis: 30M repository: < 10s • Custom queries: <0.5s for most queries, even for large models • At least 10x faster than state-of-the-art graph / linked data databases (Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, …)
  10. 10. Web-based APIs and User Interfaces OpenAPI interfaces Easy-to-use developer console • Server-side validation • Results as JSON or HTML • Subject to scoping and access control
  11. 11. IncQuery for MagicDraw Query authoring add-on • Complete with tutorial and examples • Powerful model queries • Comprehensive active validation support • Build your own active validation rule suites • Use your own opaque behaviors for quick fixes • Fully integrated with MagicDraw 18.5 and 19.x
  12. 12. IncQuery Server SPARQL support via Amazon Neptune IncQuery as a tool integration platform TWC Discover Model crawler Index Persistent index In-memory index Query Query engine Transform RDF exporter Neptune S3
  13. 13. Development Roadmap • IncQuery 7 – Q4 2018 • Graph queries • Query-based Validation, Smart Packages and Relation Maps • Impact Analysis • IncQuery 8 – Q2 2019 • RDF / SPARQL support • Full-text search • Jupyter front-end integration • IncQuery 9 – Q4 2019 • Open API for additional data sources • Open API for custom transformations https://incquerylabs.com/incquery https://incquerylabs.com/in
  14. 14. IncQuery Labs ❤ open source Model query and transformation framework • Declarative • Scalable • Reactive Easy integration • Java & other JVM languages • Enabling libraries for open & commercial tools Major industrial users & partners: http://eclipse.org/viatra
  15. 15. Open source projects by IncQuery Labs in the OpenMBEE ecosystem Features • V4MD • http://github.com/viatra/v4md • MagicDraw bindings for Eclipse VIATRA • MD_plugin_skeleton • https://github.com/IncQueryLabs/MD_plugin_sk eleton • Basic MagicDraw plug-in built using Gradle (inspired by MDK) • Demonstrates the usage of V4MD • MDK fork • https://github.com/IncQueryLabs/mdk • Example usage of V4MD within MDK • MMS support for IncQuery • Neptune (SPARQL) / Jupyter integration • 2019 Q3 Benchmarks and demos • MD VIATRA benchmark • https://github.com/IncQueryLabs/magicdraw- viatra-benchmark • Scalability benchmark for VIATRA queries over MagicDraw models • Based on scaled-up variants of TMT • TMT model fork • https://github.com/IncQueryLabs/TMT-SysML- Model • Examples of custom complex validation queries inspired by NASA JPL
  16. 16. Thank you! @IncQueryLabs incquery@incquerylabs.com https://incquerylabs.com/incquery info@incquerylabs.com