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PLCopen Webinar Presentation

The presentation from the PLCopen and PLC Checker webinar hosted by Itris Automation on 23rd October 2017.

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PLCopen Webinar Presentation

  1. 1. How to verify compliance with PLCopen® coding guidelines with PLC Checker? @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  2. 2. Team introduction Karoline Beske Export Director karoline.beske@itris-automation.com Marwen Saafi Technical Support marwen.saafi@automationsquare.com Robyn Buckland Marketing Director robyn.buckland@automationsquare.com Zhihang Wang Sales & Marketing Assistant zhihang.wang@automationsquare.com @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  3. 3. Table of content PLCopen® coding guidelines PLC Checker @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS Itris Automation PLCopen®
  4. 4. PLCopen® Welcome Mr. van der Wal PLCopen® Managing Director evdwal@plcopen.org
  5. 5. PLCopen® Association @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS Business Vendor and product independent worldwide association Location Headquarter: The Netherlands Branches: China, Japan, USA and Korea Mission Be the leading association resolving topics related to control programming and to support the use of international standards in this field.
  6. 6. PLCopen® Association @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  7. 7. Table of content Itris Automation PLCopen® PLC Checker @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS PLCopen® coding guidelines
  8. 8. PLCopen® coding guidelines @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS 5 Categories • Naming • Comment • Coding Practices • Languages • Vendor-Specific 3 levels of importance • High • Medium • Low 23 team members from 12 companies 64 Rules Good practice programming rules 5 References • IEC 61131.3 • IEC 61131.8 • JSF++ coding standard • MISRA-C • Codesys On-line help
  9. 9. PLCopen® coding guidelines @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS Purpose • To introduce a coding standard for the Industrial Control Market • To deal with the complexity of larger programs • To increase efficiency in coding • To support the program life cycle Benefits • Higher quality and efficiency • Better maintainability • Lower costs, especially over the life-cycle
  10. 10. PLCopen® coding guidelines @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS Rules description format Required Identifier: reference number of the rule Importance: the level of effect on the quality of the application software (high, medium or low) Targeted language: Language or languages the rule can be applied. References: when rules was found or inspired by a third party document, the reference is given in this field Description: a detailed description of the rule Guidelines: explanation of how to deal with the rule violation. Reasoning: reasons why this rule is valuable Optional Exceptions: good reasons not to follow the rule in certain cases Example: an explanatory example to help understanding of the rule Don’t:example in red color to highlight bad coding practice Do:example in green color to highlight good coding practice Comments: extension of the rule description. To link with other rules or subjects which may be out of the scope of this document.
  11. 11. PLCopen® coding guidelines @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  12. 12. PLCopen® coding guidelines @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS Why should we use PLCopen coding guidelines? • The first general coding guidelines proposed for industrial control • Help to enhance programming methods within automation industry • Improve readability, efficiency, maintainability, reliability and security (IEC 25010) • Ensure the consistency of the verification process • A good starting point for companies to define their company-internal guidelines • And it is open to the community - download from www.PLCopen.org
  13. 13. Table of content PLCopen® PLCopen® coding guidelines @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS PLC Checker Itris Automation
  14. 14. Itris Automation Business Software engineering company Provides PLC development tools Location Grenoble, France Our Mission Optimizing development processes of PLC programs by - Increasing productivity - Improving program quality - Reducing testing & commissioning time @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  15. 15. Table of content Itris Automation PLCopen® PLCopen® coding guidelines @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS PLC Checker
  16. 16. @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS PLC Checker Support of all 5 languages of the IEC 61131 Support of major brands and formats Itris Technology PLC Checker Rules Verification
  17. 17. PLC Checker PLC Checker Checker Ruleset PLC program export Upload Results Static analysis @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  18. 18. PLC Checker Adaptation @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS PLCopen Ruleset How are the PLCopen® coding guidelines mapped to the Checker ruleset?
  19. 19. PLC Checker @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS Rules Classification In short term In long term Already Available Automatable with configuration Cannot be supported by PLC Checker Cannot be supported by automatic tools Total Feasibility Feasible Not feasible 88% 12% Automatable rules Rules Automatable with development Not automatable rules
  20. 20. PLC Checker @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS Codes which violate the rules Errors are made intentionally in the code and are manually tested New automate tests are ran periodically and results are compared with the reference Each rule is tested on PLC programs from different development environments Keep the test results and the tested PLC program as references Testing
  21. 21. PLC Checker PLC Checker PLC program export Upload Results For PlCopen Static analysis @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS PLCopen Ruleset
  22. 22. PLC Checker @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS PLCopen Ruleset Checker Ruleset How the PLCopen® coding guidelines are mapped to the Checker ruleset? Examples
  23. 23. PLC Checker How the PLCopen® coding guidelines are mapped to the Checker ruleset? Examples @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  24. 24. PLC Checker @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  25. 25. PLC Checker – Demo @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  26. 26. Contact information For further questions or information www.itris-automation.com +33 476 236 756 karoline.beske@itris-automation.com (Export Director) Remaining questions will be addressed after the Webinar @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS
  27. 27. Thank you Have a nice day!  www.itris-automation.com @2008-2017ItrisAutomationSquareSAS