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  1. Welcome to Ivalis General Presentation
  2. Company & Sector Presentation 2
  3. What we do: -Retail Chains need to carry out an annual inventory. -Inventories are difficult to organize and carry out. -Ivalis organizes such inventories taking care of EVERYTHING from A to Z.
  4. Why our Sector is interesting: -Very low competition: -1 European Competitor. -Maximum 5 regional competitors per country. -High Gross Margins (35-45%). -High Ebitda levels 15% average. -Retail sector boasts good growth rates even during recession.
  5. Potential per Country Would you like this turnover to be yours? Source: Retail Closing the Gap - Forrester
  6. Brief overview of our company in time… 1991 Company founded. 2000/03 Deployment in France and opened first agencies. 2004 STM® (Stock Taking Method®) launched. 2005/07 Opened first subsidiaries outside of France (Spain, Italy, Belgium). 2008 European wide service implemented. H.Q.I. deployed (High Quality Inventories) intended to offer world 2009 class service to our countries. New subsidiaries added to the group: Poland and Netherlands. 2010 First franchise opened: Ivalis Morocco. 6
  7. Stocktaking… Stocktaking means detailing every single item in the store. Usually carried out during certain moments of the year, for example End-of-year inventories. In some countries there is a legal obligation for stock to be audited or accounted for by a third party. It’s fundamental for proper Supply Chain Management. Knowing your real level of stock helps the retailer keep high profit articles available for clients while keeping count of the real value that must go on your P&L. Therefore, it means optimizing a company’s logistics supply chain. 7
  8. Our Services Ivalis proposes two types of inventories : 1. Turnkey inventories ® : Ivalis offers you the procedures, all necesarry IT equipment (hardware and software) and the human resources necessary for accurate, precise and fast stocktaking. We take care of your inventory needs from start to end. (100%). 2. Partnership Inventory ® : Ivalis offers you the procedures, all necesarry IT Less $. equipment (hardware and software) as well as a Team Good entry for clients on the fence. Leader. Ok for boutiques. Ivalis takes care of organizing your inventory but the actual scanning is carried out by the client’s staff. 8
  9. Our market Sports 27,5% 82.6% of our Turnover is accounted for by 5 main Footwear / Leather Goods sectors 5,9% Large Retailers 33,5% Books / Music 12,5% Apparel 9,1% 9
  10. Some of our European Key Accounts … 10
  11. Present throughout Europe 5 European Subsidiaries Ivalis Poland Ivalis Benelux Ivalis France Ivalis Italy Ivalis Spain & Portugal Covering all major countries in Europe 11
  12. Ivalis Group Présentation Ivalis France 12 Propriété exclusive du groupe Ivalis – Reproduction interdite
  13. Ivalis Group – Key Figures Stable growth, year after year. Leaders in Europefor 18 years. Présentation Ivalis France 13 Propriété exclusive du groupe Ivalis – Reproduction interdite
  14. Ivalis Spain
  15. Ivalis France
  16. Ivalis Italy
  17. Ivalis Benelux
  18. Ivalis Poland