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Transform Users into Contributors - ATD ICE - JD Dillon

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Learning and development professionals spend a significant amount of our time trying to put together the pieces of a giant organizational puzzle so they can do our jobs. We often function as middlemen between those who know and those who need to learn. Many times, not only do we waste time and effort, but we also lose a lot of the subtle nuances and context that make for great learning experiences along the way. L&D must reposition itself away from its current role as an information conveyor and leverage its unique skills to help people find and use information to improve their performance.

In this session participants explored the value of user-generated content as a way to overcome many modern L&D challenges. During discussion, they reviewed the collaboration principles and tools used to break through common barriers to curating and sharing user-generated content. They examined the challenges of technical limitations, regulatory concerns, and employee motivation. You will leave this session with actionable ideas on how to transform valuable tacit information into meaningful, crowd-sourced, well-curated user-generated content.

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Transform Users into Contributors - ATD ICE - JD Dillon

  1. 1. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Transform USERSinto CONTRIBUTORS May  20,  2015   #ATD2015   JD  Dillon   Learning  Geek              @JD_Dillon  
  2. 2. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon “It’s not about making learning happen. It’s about letting it happen.” Sugata  Mitra  
  3. 3. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Enable individuals Foster knowledge communities Democratize helping Shift accountability Deliver maximum value
  4. 4. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon “Learning” at work …
  5. 5. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon The Usual Process Analyze Design Develop Implement Evaluate
  6. 6. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Push | Formal | Design
  7. 7. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon What’s wrong with this?
  8. 8. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Always chasing the business Tons of specialty work Accountability rests with L&D Limited reach Perceived importance
  9. 9. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Learning at home …
  10. 10. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon fix  broken  pipe  
  11. 11. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon
  12. 12. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon
  13. 13. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon No training required …
  14. 14. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Pull| Informal| Utility
  15. 15. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Starts with sharing Information
  16. 16. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon 1)  Google 2)  Facebook 3)  YouTube 5) Yahoo 6) Wikipedia 8) Twitter Current top 10 websites based on visitor traffic per Alexa
  17. 17. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Consumption & Contribution Data from pennystocks.la
  18. 18. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon 174M users 6.2B pages/month 12.44 pages/visit 19m 51s/session 40M new posts (2013) 68 employees Data from Alexa, Reddit, & Wikipedia
  19. 19. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon We’re doing it wrong …
  20. 20. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon We have a Coyote Complex … Characters property of Warner Brothers …
  21. 21. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon We’re always trying to keep up with the Road Runner … Characters property of Warner Brothers …
  22. 22. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon By creating our complex strategies ...
  23. 23. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Characters property of Warner Brothers …
  24. 24. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon We fail to admit how capable the Road Runner is. Characters property of Warner Brothers …
  25. 25. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon And fail to best leverage our skills …
  26. 26. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon So how do we STOP playing the role of the Coyote? Characters property of Warner Brothers …
  27. 27. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon How Can We Bridge the Gap?
  28. 28. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon
  29. 29. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Leverage the community Address needs NOW Scale and personalize Shift accountability GET OUT OF THE WAY!
  30. 30. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon How do we get people to contribute?
  31. 31. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Meaningful Relevant Scalable Reusable
  32. 32. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Eliminate Perfection Mentality
  33. 33. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Provide Simple Opportunities
  34. 34. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Enable Bragging & Helping
  35. 35. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Recognize Those Who Share
  36. 36. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Provide Structure & Support
  37. 37. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Welcome Contributions from Everywhere
  38. 38. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon But what if …
  39. 39. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon They Aren’t Skilled Developers
  40. 40. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon They Don’t Know what Everyone Needs
  41. 41. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon They Share EVIL Things
  42. 42. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon They Share Too Much
  43. 43. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Their Stuff Isn’t Approved
  44. 44. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon How do we make meaningful use of contributions?
  45. 45. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Proprietary examples/images removed from uploaded presentation … •  Purposeful contribution spaces •  Open discussion forums •  Collaborative reference documentation •  Social performance support •  Gamified contribution motivators •  Project blogs •  Subject matter expert webinars •  In-App suggestion fields •  User video booths Contribution Examples
  46. 46. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Getting started …
  47. 47. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Respect contraband Value utility over form Find/enable the willing Select enabled tech Prove small concepts
  48. 48. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Characters property of Warner Brothers …
  49. 49. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Just Curious Blog www.jddillon.com @JD_Dillon
  50. 50. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon www.slideshare.net/JDDillon
  51. 51. #ATD2015@JD_Dillon Transform USERSinto CONTRIBUTORS May  20,  2015   #ATD2015   JD  Dillon   Learning  Geek              @JD_Dillon