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JEADER shape future African Leaders in Africa _ Report 2016

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JEADER is a "Do - Thank" beside the fact of identifying issues in our communities, we aim to shape the young generation so that they have the right skills to be the next Leaders of their communities. Not only we do introduce them to mentors, but we help them identify a path for their career and fill them with the "African-Do" spirit !

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JEADER shape future African Leaders in Africa _ Report 2016

  2. 2. 2. Calendar of Activities in 2016 …………..................Page 4 3 3. Details of Key activities of JEADER in 2016 ……..................Page 6-26 4. Awards & Recognitions in 2016 .................Page 27 1. Welcome Note from the Founder ......................Page 3 AGENDA
  3. 3. Dear Partners, Sponsors & Ambassadors of JEADER, I would like to thank the partners & volunteers who have made of this year such a special one, on my name and on all those who believe in JEADER. After the 2014/2015 Report, we’re humble to share the one of 2016, as it is always with immense pride that we share the report of the activities that you have helped us to realize. Through the programs AYOO NENNE, the SuperWomen Leadership Conference 2016 and the support we’ve provided to the Laureates of the General Contest in Senegal with JEADER JUNIOR, we believes that lives got changed throughout this year thanks to your donations and your sense of solidarity! Since 2014, we work on building the next generation of Leaders one at a time, starting an early age, teaching them the importance of choosing a profession they can be proud of tomorrow. Our belief is to combine theory with practice through an academic syllabus that can be meaningful to subjects learned at school. Beyond their Personal Development, it is a whole Nation, which could benefit from those young people, becoming a vector of Development through concrete projects. The awards and recognitions we’ve received this year are there to prove it. From Dakar to Matam, from Morocco to Tunisia, from Johannesburg to Maputo, from Sweden to Italy, it is up to us young Africans to define a new vision of Africa, by Africa, for Africa ... by INSPIRING, TRAINING and MENTORING the Leaders of Tomorrow. All our best wishes for this new year. And that 2017 be marked with the seal of Success! Our best wishes for 2017… Founder of JEADER Ndeye A. Gningue 2
  4. 4. January February March April May June AYOO NENNE 3 Pouponnière de Mbour 18 Daara Amaana 15 Daara Amaana ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT SCHOOL  Sponsorship Letters JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURS  Seeking for Sponsors 7-8 Hub Africa Meeting Morocco 12 Mai – 17 Juin 1% Club Student Battle GET-2-GET-THERE/ JIGUEENINDEER  Identification of Speakers 12 Celebrating 8th March MEMBERS’ GET-TO-GET THERE 30 EBT St Louis Senegal 27 GTG Members SPONSORINGS / SPEAKING SLOTS 27 Meeting AMANA 2 1% Student Battle Project 3 Banlieue UP Talk 12 Conference at Yavuz Selim AFTER-WORK / TRAININGS 6 After Work LEGS MEDIA COVERAGE  SWLC Hub Africa *Dates are meant to change  = Work in Progress = Exclusive meetings for JEADER Members Calendar of Activities in 2016 _ Half 1 4
  5. 5. July August September October November December AYOO NENNE 26 Daara de Koki 1 Pouponnière de Mbour ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT SCHOOL 16 1er Forum du Talibé Amana  Seeking for Sponsors JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURS 26-27 Meering Lauréats C.G. 3 Get-2-Get-There Laureates Oct. - Nov. Projet TEKKI / Nomination UNESCO / Invitation World Bank GET-2-GET-THERE/ JIGUEENINDEER 30 Nomination LISCA/BID MEMBERS’ GET-TO-GET THERE 13 G2G Plancha 24 Think « Green » Activity SPONSORINGS / SPEAKING SLOTS AFTER-WORK / TRAININGS 29 Training in Agribusiness MEDIA COVERAGE  = Exclusive meetings for JEADER Members Calendar of Activities in 2016 _ Half 2 5 = Work in Progress *Dates are meant to change
  6. 6. AYOO NENNE – Orphanage of Mbour_ 3rd January & 1st October • Budget : 375.000 XOF + Donations • Impact : Donations to Orphanage for + 365 babies (Diapers, Milk, Water, Laundry, etc. + 70 Postcards purchased) •Orphanage of Mbour •The structure was visited twice, in January 2016 and then in October 2016, with the aim of supporting organizations as the orphanage of Mbour. Our approach was simply to put in place an entrepreneurial project beyond the donations deposited at the structure level. •It was in the company of Fabrice Elie and his team that the garden was visited, in order to be rehabilitated. The poultry houses and the backyard area of ​​the Orphanage require work (wells, gratings, etc.) on which JEADER will accompany them. The funds collected were through the "Ndeweneul" initiative during the feast of Eid el Kebir, to ask the traditional alms like the Senegalese tradition, but this time for a social cause. •In parallel, the nursery also asked to be supported as part of the training to give to their teams, in order to help them better take care of the children. The themes identified are: 1) Body, food and clothing hygiene 2) Breastfeeding methods, dressing and changing 3) Bottle preparation and breastfeeding 4) Nutrition 5) Child and The bath and so on. •A program should be set up to train these teams in 2017. •SUPPORT THEM HERE: www.lapouponnieredembour.org/ 6 List of Needs _ Minutes of January’s meeting Visit on the 1st of October_ Prospection to launch a Business Project
  7. 7. AYOO NENNE – Daara Amana_ 18th March & 15th April • Budget : 250.000 XOF _ Donations • Impact : + 70 Children have benefited from those Visits at the “Daara” – Islamic School + Message to children •Daara AMÂNA (Islamic School) •The Daara AMÂNA, founded in 2009, is a non-profit organization whose main aim is to guarantee an education of excellence to children (mostly from underprivileged backgrounds) and children- in the street, called “talibés”. •Each year, the AMANA school group welcomes children aged 4 to 7 years and offers them a double course: an excellent education on Islam and secular education. For nearly six years, in France, Senegal and elsewhere in the world, volunteer members and volunteers have been working daily to provide a dignified and enjoyable environment for children from disadvantaged families and also allow others A social mix. •It is in this context that JEADER visited twice in March and April 2016, the Daara in order to offer food. JEADER participated in the 1st Talibé Forum in July, organized by the Daara AMÂNA. •SUPPORT THEM : www.senamana.com/ 6 Letter of Invitation + AMANA Launching Program officially Click here to be a Mentor
  8. 8. AYOO NENNE – Daara de COKI_ 26th August • Budget : 400.000 XOF • Impact : + 3000 Children have benefited from those donations for the renovation of certain premises in the famous Islamic Institution •Daara of KOKI •The Daara of COKI, better known as the Ahmadou Sakhir Lô Institute of KOKI for the memorization of the Holy Quran and the teaching of Shariah sciences, was founded in 1939 by El Hadj Ahmadou Sakhir Lô (1903 - 1988). •The institute had 3607 pupils in 2015, ie 3,327 Senegalese and 280 pupils of other nationalities (Gambians, Malians, Mauritanians, Guineans, Bissau Guineans, Burkina Faso and French). •And it is because JEADER shares the vision of Daara of KOKI, that of building generations inspired by the local realities to develop society, that JEADER has mobilized donations given to the leaders of the Organization. •The said donation was warmly received by the "Serigne" who strongly prayed for JEADER and his actions. •SUPPORT THEM : www.daarakoki.com 6
  9. 9. JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURS – Hub Africa Morocco _ 7th & 8th of April • Budget : Invited by HUB AFRICA • Impact : Meeting with Key Influencers, Networking, Business Meetings, Speaking slots, etc. 6 - HUB AFRICA International Conference Morocco As in 2015, JEADER was also present at the meeting of the Hub Afrique, which took place in Casablanca from 7 to 8 April 2016. This was an opportunity beyond the JEADER booth located in the zone allocated to the host country: Senegal, To share in a panel the importance of education and entrepreneurship in the creation of a new generation of Leaders. Indeed "EDUCATION & ENTREPRISE - A couple to be reconciled" - Mr. Amadou Diaw, Director of the Private University ISM, - Mr.Abdelatif Maazouz, International Consultant and Former Minister in charge of Moroccans resident abroad - Mr. Nourredine Mouaddib, President of the International University of Rabat - Mr. Khalid Baghri, President CJD Morocco - Mr. Christian Gayton, Director of Digital Learning Serious Factory - And finally of the founder of JEADER, Ndeye Absa Gningue. During a 2-hour clock it has been shown that education has a place at a fairly advanced age in children, which of course allows us to build the foundation for a bright future for the new generation of Africans Thanks to Entrepreneurship.
  10. 10. JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURS– 1% Club Amsterdam_ 12th May – 17th June • Budget : Based on performances on crowdfunding on the 1% Club Battle platform • + 1600 Euros collected • Impact : introduction to AIESEC Amsterdam, Partnership ongoing with AEISEC SENEGAL within 2017 6 JEADER is one of the Finalists of the 1% Club Student Battle Team JEADER _ 1% Club AMSTERDAM From 12 May to 17 June 2016, JEADER was fortunate to benefit from the skills of a team of students from Amsterdam. Indeed, by 2015, through its JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURS project, JEADER had benefited from the highest funding of the 1% Club platform, from Senegal thanks to Crowdfunding. This fundraising has been plebiscite in the media, notably by Voice of America and African Business Journal. The project has also been nominated as a case study in partnership with ACCENTURE. The team of young students managed to mobilize +1600 Euros for the association. Discover our project on the platform 1% Club with more than 200 participants and +9000 Euros collected: Https://www.onepercentclub.com/en/#!/projects/junior- entrepreneurs
  11. 11. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT SCHOOL – Daraa Amaana_ 16th July • Budget : Cf. Donations made to Daraa Amaana earlier in the year. • Impact : Massive representation of Influencers are the event •Once upon a time the 1st Forum for Street Children… 6 With Yankhoba Diattara Ist Forum for Talibes With Pr Fatou Sow Sarr Stand of JEADER at the Forum Kids reading Quran Concept “1000 times responsible” Panel of Speakers It was a huge bet and a colossal challenge, yet the Daara AMÂNA did it! The aim was to bring together political, social and cultural actors and even students around the social theme of the phenomenon of street children. So it was on 16 July that the Daara team stormed the Obelisk Square, with the aim of raising awareness about the life of the Talibé “Street Children”. The event was timely, as the Government of Senegal decided at the same time that it was imperative to vote a measure to remove begging children from the streets. Professors such as Professor Fatou Sow Sarr spoke on the subject as a panelist, and political executives such as Mr. Yankhoba Diattara also made the trip. JEADER was, of course, on the side of the Daara, as a partner and our stand did not, of course, come undone, as the photos below show. Our message was to reinforce the fact that even in Islamic education, it was possible to combine theory and practice. Previous surveys had unfortunately led us to understand that most of the children in Daraas aspire to become Masters of the Qur'an as they grow up, while a plethora of opportunities is offered to them because they master Arabic, but those are left untapped…
  12. 12. • Budget : 300.000 XOF • Impact : First historical meeting between the Laureates of the General Contest, discussion on Entrepreneurship and Dinner with the Laureates 6 Once upon a time JEADER & the National Competition …. Leaflets/ Flyers to educate on the importance of Entrepreneurship Presentation to Mentors & to Laureates In 50 years of existence, the winners of the illustrious General Contest of Senegal never had the chance to be reunited to be initiated into Entrepreneurship. Thus, the 115 Prizewinners received their JEADER membership cards and a team of 6 JEADERs who came to share their experience on 26th and 27th July 2016, on the eve of Distinctions. More than 100 T-Shirts with the image of the godfather, Pr Rawane Mbaye, were distributed - as well as flyers graciously offered by our partner MPS-. The primary objective of this meeting was to help them understand the importance of the network, as well as to ask them a key question "What do they want to do as they grow up? ". JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURS – Meeting with the Laureates_ 26-27 July
  13. 13. JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURS– Speed Mentoring Laureates_ 3rd September • Budget : 400.000 XOF • Impact : Exceptional Speed ​​Mentoring session with more than 60 speakers mobilized to become Laureate Mentors. In total 90 Mentors contacted for the 115 Laureates. 6 1st Speed Mentoring with Laureates of the Competition Following the meeting with the Laureates of the General Competition of Senegal, JEADER thought it would be better to innovate again with the aim of presenting each winner to a Mentor, ideally an entrepreneur or a renowned Manager. It was then on September 3, 2016 that a "Speed ​​Mentoring" was organized consisting of making a first introduction of the Laureate to a Mentor. For example, such personalities as Honorable Dr. Mbayang Dione (Deputy), Amadou Diaw (ISM), Chérif Ndiaye (Schools in Senegal), Excellency Fatou Sarr Bâ (former Ambassador) among others ... This first in Senegal was therefore congratulated by the mentors allocated to the 115 Laureates, because it allowed to give better career prospects to these laureates. Even those who have received a scholarship have been introduced to mentors who regularly exchange with them. A Mentoring platform is being finalized in 2017.
  14. 14. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT SCHOOL – HOPE FOR SENEGAL_ 4th November (1) • Budget : 350.000 XOF received from HOPE FOR SENEGAL • Impact : 14 students from YENA rewarded The criteria chosen by HOPE FOR SENEGAL are the excellence and the modest condition of the scholarship holders supporting their parents. •About HOPE FOR SENEGAL 6 Hope For Senegal is an NGO based in AUSTIN in the USA and headed by Yasmin Turk. The meeting between JEADER & HOPE FOR SENEGAL was initiated at the Young African Leadership Initiative in 2014. It is only in 2016 that the partnership is finally sealed and that 50 beneficiaries have been nominated for scholarships from the American NGO. The total investment is $ 2,500. The first structure to benefit from these scholarships is the Lycée de Yène, in view of their excellent results and the fact that it is a remote area and a place where the incomes of parents are not Necessarily important. A big thank you to Aissatou Borderie and her husband Dominique for the remarkable organization they showed in identifying the most deserving students and organizing the scholarship award day. Remittance of Awards / Scholarships
  15. 15. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT SCHOOL – HOPE FOR SENEGAL_ 11th November (2) • Budget : 150.000 XOF received from HOPE FOR SENEGAL • Impact : 14 Rufisque students rewarded The criteria chosen by HOPE FOR SENEGAL are the excellence and the modest condition of the scholarship holders supporting their parents. •About HOPE FOR SENEGAL 6 Hope For Senegal is an NGO based in AUSTIN in the USA and headed by Yasmin Turk. The meeting between JEADER & HOPE FOR SENEGAL was initiated at the Young African Leadership Initiative in 2014. It is only in 2016 that the partnership is finally sealed and that 50 beneficiaries have been nominated for scholarships from the American NGO. The total investment is $ 2,500. The second structure to benefit from these scholarships is the Rufisque High School, given their excellent results and the fact that it is a remote area and a place where the incomes of parents are not Necessarily important. A big thank you to Ibrahima Seck and his family, for the remarkable organization they showed in identifying the most deserving students and the organization of the scholarship award day. Special mention to the Director of the Private School Maguette Ndoye: Mrs. Coumba Wade Ndoye. Remittance of Awards / Scholarships
  16. 16. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT SCHOOL– HOPE FOR SENEGAL_ 11th November (3) • Budget : 625.000 XOF received from HOPE FOR SENEGAL • Impact : 25 Malick Sy Lycée students rewarded The criteria chosen by HOPE FOR SENEGAL are the excellence and the modest condition of the scholarship holders supporting their parents •About HOPE FOR SENEGAL 6 Remittance of Awards / Scholarships Hope For Senegal is an NGO based in AUSTIN in the USA and headed by Yasmin Turk. The meeting between JEADER & HOPE FOR SENEGAL was initiated at the Young African Leadership Initiative in 2014. It is only in 2016 that the partnership is finally sealed and that 50 beneficiaries have been nominated for scholarships from the American NGO. The total investment is $ 2,500. The third structure to benefit from these scholarships is the Lycée Malick Sy de Thiès, in view of their excellent results and the fact that it is a remote area and a locality where the incomes of parents Are not necessarily important. A big thank you to Mr. Kane, Mr. Ngom and all the Directorate of the Lycée Malick Sy de Thies. It was an opportunity to attend an event organized by the school in partnership with USAID under the chairmanship of Prof. Bakary Samb. It was a great meeting with some of the scholars, who is one of the best in school despite her disability: She is blind ...
  17. 17. JUNIOR ENTREPRENEURS –TEKKI Platform _ November _ December • Budget : 200.000 XOF • Impact : Incubation Project - IT platform designed to help children identify their next job based on their personality. With Analytics (IBM Watson) and Cloud (Bluemix) 6 Presentation of TEKKI TEKKI is an IT platform that fits in with the next generation of leaders across Africa. The idea is simple: "Help children playfully to: Identify their personality through tests such as the MBTI Use Analytics technology to identify the profession that best suits their personality Present them with mentors of the same type of personality or in the sector of activity they are passionate about Encourage networking between students, parents and teachers through an integrated Chat Provide a platform where children can think, develop and pitch their projects, as Junior Entrepreneurs. The project is designed in partnership with IBM and has already been recommended by UNESCO SENEGAL to UNESCO FRANCE as part of the King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa Prize for the use of ICTs in education. We also received an invitation from the World Bank for the World Bank Youth Summit in Washington. The project was also submitted to IBM for the MEA Wild Duck Innovation Award and was released as semi-finalist in the REACH FOR CHANGE competition.
  18. 18. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AT SCHOOL – Looking for Sponsors_ 2016 • Budget : 175.000 XOF (ink, meetings, calls, etc.) • Impact : Meeting with sponsors and first sponsorships received by JEADER 6 Bureau Opérationnel _ Senegal Emergent Fondation TOTAL SENEGAL _ FRANCE TIGO SENEGAL UNICEF SENEGAL Flyer Caravane Apprendre & Entreprendre
  19. 19. JIGUEENINDEER_ SuperWomen Leadership Conference 2016 – 12th March (1/2) • Budget : 2.500.000 XOF (Sponsorship of US Embassy) • Impact : + 20 speakers awarded, • + 200 Participants , + 350 inscriptions • Media Coverage •Quick facts on SWLC 2016 6 Vue sur l’assemblée _ Plus de 200 personnes venues assister à la Conférence - 3 Entrepreneurs in the informal sector accompanied by the "goodies" bought to welcome the guests as usual, we helped informal entrepreneurs to earn substantial income through handmade handbags, baskets and trophies - All from local crafts Bring together the Alumni of US exchange programs in the same event (YES, SUSI, YALI) under the presence of the second personality of the US Embassy, ​​Sandra Clark, SENCIRK's "Live" introduction - SENCIRK's official circus is made up of young people and children from Dakar street and the regions. - They created the concept of SOCIAL CIRCUS. Crowdfunding for a UN Towards NGO that accompanies women who are experiencing violence from the age of 10 onwards. - A TED Talk of 6 remarkable women retracing their journeys and inspiring the whole audience. Presentation of Trophies with personalities "Jigueenindeer", referring to the women heroines of Senegal, who fought for their dignity. The Marshmallow challenge was the highlight of the evening with prizes awarded by our PATISEN partners
  20. 20. 6 Recipients of the "jigueenindeer" trophies are : The "***" represent the speakers who shared their experience. - Prof. Ndioro Ndiaye - Former Minister of Women (Government of Senegal) - Mame Khary Diène *** - General Manager of BIOESSENCE - (Cosmetics) - Nafi Gueye / Mamy Cruz - Manager (Music) - Fanta Diallo - Social Activist (City of Dakar) - FATOU FATOU MERCEDEZ - Mechanical maintenance service managed by women (Automobile) - E COVER START UP - Less than 20 years old, they design tiles with tires (Green) - Yoni Rassoul Diongue - 20 year old girl, quadriplegic who paint with her mouth (Art) - Aminata Diagne - who did not attend school but owns an architecture company (Buildings) - Matou Marthe Diogo - An African Theresa Mother (Social) - Huguette Lassort - At 70 years, it helps to improve the conditions in the prisons of Senegal (Social) - Excellence Fatou Sarr Bâ *** - Former Ambassador & Football Agent FIFA & CAN (Government / Sports) - Fatimata Diallo Bâ *** - Teacher of French (Education) - Aissatou Diagne Deme *** - First producer of cereals in Senegal (Agriculture) - Fatou Niang *** - Former General Manager of AMERGER CASAMANCE & SENEVISA (Fishing) - Thiaba Camara Sy *** - General Manager of Deloitte Senegal (Consultancy) - Mona Chasserio *** - Founder of the NGO "ONU vers Elles" (Human Rights) - Mame Diarra Bousso Ndiaye - Founder of the NGO Solidarité Active (Social) - Moussoukoro Diop - Women & Technology - Senegal (Technology) - AFRICAN BUSINESS JOURNAL - Economic Magazine available in Francophone Africa (Media) - Elimane Kane - President of LEGS Africa & Local Representative of Africa 2.0 (Civil Rights) JIGUEENINDEER_ SuperWomen Leadership Conference 2016 - 12 th March (2/2)
  21. 21. JIGUEENINDEER_ Ligue Sénégalaise de Lutte contre le Cancer_ 30rd November • Impact : Nominating LISCA means supporting 25,000 Women • Representation of Senegal in the IDB Competition with the Appointment of Ms GUENOUNE 6 Presentation of the IDB prize The main objectives of the Award are to RECOGNIZE, ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE and REWARD the participation of women in the socio- economic development process. It is therefore: Rewarding individuals and organizations working for the well-being and improvement of women's conditions at local, national and international levels; Actions that strengthen and consolidate the role of women as contributors essential to the evolution of society and as effective agents for the promotion of change and development The Prize consists of two awards: US $ 50,000 for a winner or co-winners. B) US $ 100,000 for an organization. The Award is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the IDB. JEADER has nominated LISCA to participate in this prestigious competition.
  22. 22. MEETING WITH MEMBERS_ Get-2-Get-There PLANCHA– 13rd August • Budget: 53.200 XOF • Networking between few JEADER members to discuss about the activities of the 2nd Semester for the Association 6 About the meeting Between Members, it was decided on the relevance of the members of JEADER to regroup more often to build relations and allow to deepen the professional exchanges. Beyond the creation of the Whats'App Group in March 2016, it was a matter of putting a face on the new members, and encouraging the projects of some members (Advertising, Sharing of business cards, etc.). The Restaurant Plancha has therefore welcomed 14 members JEADER on the 13th of August, in a jovial atmosphere, from 12h to 15h! Strong moments of sharing to mutilplier!
  23. 23. MEETING WITH MEMBERS_ Mbao Forest_ LEAD – 24th September • Impact : + 1000 plants • Visit of the association of Widows in Senegal operating in Mbao Forest through a project of Fisheries • + 200 Young participants from different associations • - Presentation of JEADER from invitation of the President of Lead Senegal _ Mrs Rokhaya Dieye 6 Environmental Day with LEAD SENEGAL It was at the invitation of the president of LEAD SENEGAL Rokhaya Dièye, who also holds the cap of project leader, during the JEADER ENTREPRENEURS 'SALES holiday colony that the members were invited to an unprecedented day. Objective: Plant 1000 Trees! This is how young people from various associations have joined hands (green) for a 100% ENVIRONMENT day. From the processing of fishmeal by women, to visiting the Mbao hives, through the equestrian center, it was a great day spent with members of LEAD SENEGAL. Enjoy the meeting in 2017 !
  24. 24. SPEAKING SLOTS of JEADER_ Banlieue Up Talk_ 3rd April • Impact : + 4 hours sharing with youth in Guediawaye, on the importance of entrepreneurship. • + 50 Participants , • Media Coverage_ SUD FM & Suburb Radios 6Balieue Up Team giving presents to Ndeye Absa Gningue President El H. A. Gueye_ Founder of Banlieue Up •JEADER guest speaker of the Ist Edition of Banlieue Up Talk Invited by the Founder of the association , El Hadj Abou Gueye, Ndeye Absa Gningue, President of JEADER did share her careerpath and the reason why she decided to jump into entrepreneurship. That was an outstanding opportunity to meet with executives and representants of Wakhinane Nimzatt, but most importantly to share with the director of CDEPS in Guediawaye. Those were great moments of exchange which ended up lasting 4 hors instead of 2 hours, with an interactive and engaging audience of young entrepreneurs participating to the session. Potential partnership opportunities were discussed with President Gueye, with the possibility for Banlieue Up, to introduce JEADER to Senegalese suburb. To be continued in 2017…
  25. 25. SPEAKING SLOTS of JEADER_ Conference Yavuz Selim_ 14th May • Impact : + 60 students in last year of High college did participate to the event • Meeting with couple of parents • First interlock with the team of Yavuz Selim on the different activities of JEADER & future collaboration to take into consideration 6 •About the Event The association of Alumni from YAVUZ SELIM (ADAGYS) was funded in order to support the former students of the prestigious school of YAVUZ SELIM and allow them to build a network allowing to develop both opportunities and personal capabilities. This non governmental association allows to Members to support each other in the market of employment and allow active solidarity within Alumni. ADAGYS wanted to support thier youngest members in order to help them identify their future career. It’s in this direction, that was organized the panel around personal development with the theme: « Succeeding: How to build personal eminence? » at the Amphitheater of YAVUZ SELIM Bosphorus, located in Sud Foire behind the SAMU hospital. We are sincerely thanking Mr Al Amine Ndiaye, Mrs Adjaratou Ngone Kebe, M. Ankara and to the entire team of Yavuz Selim.
  26. 26. AFTER WORK/ Training Sessions_ CFMABA Agribusiness _ 29th October • Training Fees: 5.000 Fcfa / Person • + 350 people registered • + 60 Participants 6 Femmes Productrices de Mangues Formation Théorique Fomration Pratique _ Apres- Midi This workshop was organized by CFMABA (Centre de Formation aux métiers de l’Agriculture Biologique et de l’Alimentation) in partnership with USF (Université du Savoir Faire), the association JEADER , ISS (International Sufi School) of ECOPAIX &CFPH (Centre de Formation Professionnelle Horticole). This training aims to introduce Youth to Agriculture and opportunities related to Agribusiness but also to map and identify potential projects for investors to fund. The objectives of the workshop were:  Allowing participants to understand and practice the essential rules for starting an agripreneurial business. The theoretical session happened in the Amphitheater USF (Université du Savoir). We did introduce local juices to participants thanks to the association of Women called : ECOPAIX.
  27. 27. MEDIAS RELEASES _ JEADER 2016 (1/2) • Impact : + 200 Medias mentioned or heard about JEADER 6 Emailing _ Our Database of MEDIAS at JEADER (1/2) Local NewspapersAfrican Press
  28. 28. MEDIAS RELEASES_ JEADER 2016 (2/2) • Impact : + 200 Medias mentioned or heard of JEADER 6 http://www.pressafrik.com/Entrepreneurship-Education-Award-JEADER-parmi-les-25- structures-les-plus-influentes-en-Afrique_a153628.html http://www.lejecos.com/Entreprenariat-JEADER-en-lice-pour-Entrepreneurship- Education-Award_a8620.html http://mali.shafaqna.com/FR/ML/114935 http://www.dakaractu.com/Conference-de-la-Superwomen-Leadership-Conference- 2016-Entrepreneuriat-et-leadership-feminin-par-l-exemple_a107398.html http://www.sen360.fr/actualite/conference-de-la-superwomen-leadership-conference- 2016-entrepreneuriat-et-leadership-feminin-par-l-039-exemple-448387.html http://www.lactuacho.com/entreprenariat-leadership-initiation-des-jeunes-filles-par- lassociation-jeader/ http://www.vivafrik.com/2016/03/14/jeader-sengage-dans-lantre-aide-et-lentreprenariat- feminine-a4249.html http://www.vivafrik.com/tag/jeader http://www.lequotidien.sn/index.php/economie/entreprenariat-jeader-celebre-la-femme Emailing _ Our Database of MEDIAS at JEADER (2/2) Few articles on Line Press
  29. 29. AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS_ JEADER 2016 • Reconnaissances Obtenues en 2016 par JEADER 6 Islamic Bank of Development Endorsed by UNESCO Senegal Invitation to the World Youth Summit MEA Innovation Challenge Nomination at the 1% Student Battle JEADER recognized as one of the 25 most influential Associations in Education in Africa in 2016 Grant from the US Embassy Competition Reach for Change/ TIGO •AWARDS 1. La Présidente de JEADER soumet les activités JEADER pour une invitation obtenue du siege de la Banque Mondiale à Washington (Novembre 2016) 2. Le Développement de la plateforme TEKKI par la branche d’ECO D d’IBM, permet la participation du projet au MEA Wild Duck Awards une initiative interne d’IBM 3. JEADER nominé par UNESCO SENEGAL à UNESCO FRANCE pour le Prix du Roi Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa pour l’utilisation des TICS dans l’Education (Novembre 2016) 4. JEADER nominé pour le concours 1% Club (Mai 2016) 5. JEADER bénéficie d’une bourse pour l’organisation du SWLC 2016 (Mars 2016) 6. JEADER semi finaliste du concours REACH for CHANGE TIGO (Décembre 2016) 7. JEADER choisi parmi les 25 organisations évoluant dans l’éducation en Afrique, les plus puissantes (Août 2016) 8. JEADER nomine la LISCA pour le prix de la BID 2016 (Novembre 2016) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  30. 30. INFRASTRUCTURES_ JEADER 2016 6 JEADER did participate in financing the first LABORATORY oF SCIENCES at YENE
  31. 31. PARTNERSHIPS_ JEADER 2016 6 Convention signed with CFMABA – Aug. 2016 Convention signed _ Sept 2016 Convention signed Synapse Center – Nov. 2016 MoE Convention – Ongoing MPS – Manufacturing MPS One Per cent Club US Embassy in Senegal Press / External Relations
  32. 32. JEADER GLOBE TROTTER_ by A. NDOUR 6 Biogaz Project _ SERAS Visit at KAOLACK _ Importance of Waste Management (Case Study) Project of Artisanal Made bread at NIONGOLOR (Solar Energy) Cop 22 _ MARRAKECH Agrobusiness Day_ NDIOUM
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