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Dans sa contribution à la promotion d’une jeunesse responsable et consciente de son rôle dans la société, l’Association JEADER pour une nouvelle génération de Leaders Africains organise un camp d’excellence pour adolescentes qui aura lieu du 21 Décembre au 30 Décembre 2017, à l’intention de quarante (40) élèves âgées de 12 à 18 ans, sélectionnées suivant des critères d’excellence au niveau des classes de 5ème, 4ème ,2nde et 1ère de lycées à la Maison d’Education Mariama BA de Gorée, durant les vacances scolaires de Noël. Ce programme est possible grâce au financement de l’Ambassade des Etats Unis et avec le support du Ministère de l’Education. Des marraines telles que Mme Korka Diaw, Mme Eva Marie Coll Seck (Min. Santé), Mme Ndioro Ndiaye & le Pr Penda Mbow, ont été décorées en marge de cette activité.
Impact: Les 14 régions du Sénégal ont été représentées. En valeur indirecte l’impact de cette activité dépasse 30.000 individus, puisque chacune d’entre elle, s’est engagée à être une Ambassadrice « MINI ME ».
90 sessions d’entrepreneuriat, +120 Intervenants sur Dakar & l’île de Gorée

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  1. 1. FINAL REPORT – MINI ME - Date : 21st- 30th DECEMBER 2017 - Country: Dakar / Senegal - Venue : Goree Island
  2. 2. 1. VENUE – GOREE ISLAND Gorée is a tiny, car-free island off the coast of Dakar, in Senegal. It’s known for its role in the 15th- to 19th-century Atlantic slave trade. On the narrow streets, colonial buildings include the House of Slaves, now a museum. The 19th-century Fort d’Estrées houses the IFAN Historical Museum, with exhibits on Senegal’s past. The Henriette Bathily Women’s Museum considers the role of women in West African society. Area: 50 ha Population: 1,680 (2013) UNESCO World Heritage Site inscription: 1978 ABOUT GOREE ISLAND
  3. 3. 2. MAIN LOCATION – MARIAMA BÂ Boarding School The Mariama Bâ Boarding School is a top boarding school on Gorée island in Senegal. It was founded in 1977 by Leopold Sedar Senghor, first president of Senegal. The school was named after Mariama Bâ because of what she stood for, spoke and wrote about. It admits young women who obtained the highest scores during the national secondary school entry exam. Each year, about 25 female students from the 11 regions of Senegal, are given the opportunity to attend Mariama Bâ boarding school for the rest of their high school years. The curriculum is similar to secondary education in France in that it has seven levels, and students finish with their baccalaureat. Also, students get to school on Sunday evening, and spend the whole week there until Friday evening. To get to Gorée, students take a ferry ride that lasts about 25 minutes. Family and friends are allowed to visit students on Wednesday afternoons only. ABOUT MARIAMA BA SCHOOL
  4. 4. 3. PURPOSE of Mini Me Bootcamp Key elements Strategy Period 21st of December to 22nd of December 2017 i) Mentors Identify Alumni of US Grants and involve them in mentorship Program Connect other US alumni among them (YALI, RLC, IVLP, FULLBRIGHT, SUSI, PAYLP etc.) ii) Mentees Identify Best students / Girls and deliver mentorship program to them Map 14 regions across Senegal in order to have Ambassadors in the country – 40 Candidates Use Criteria of Excellence to identify part. (done with the Ministry of Education in Senegal iii) Careers Identification of 5 Jobs / Sessions in which Participants had to learn new skills • Agribusiness, Energy & Environment (GREEN) • Food & Catering (ORANGE) • Art, Culture, citizenship & History (YELLOW) • Sciences & Technology (BLUE) • Health & Social Care (RED) iv) Platform Building a platform : www.juniorentrepreneurs.org for mentorship Partnering with CONCREE created by a former YALI Fellow 2016 (Babacar Birane)
  5. 5. 4. BRANDING ELEMENTS (1/2) 2 Standing Banners2 Long Banners 2 Wall banners 2 Banners 3 sets of T Shrits ( Qty=180) Badge (Speakers / Mentees
  6. 6. 4. BRANDING ELEMENTS (2/2) Mentor Certificates Participant Certificates Speaker’s Kit Bootcamp TV – Journal
  7. 7. 5. PARTNERS Late sponsors who offered Materials / Products M. Pierre Ndiaye – MD Mamellles Jaboot Ministry of Health _ Couverture Maladie Universelle
  8. 8. 6. ORGANIZING TEAM Ndeye Absa Gningue (YALI) Initiator Anthioumane Ly Team Lead/ Pedagogy Boubacar Mbengue Monitor/ RED TEAM Lead Adama Mbengue Monitor/ ORANGE TEAM Lead Françoise Ndeye Monitor/ YELLOW TEAM Lead Amadou B. Diop Intendant Aissatou G. Ndour Doctor Mame Gor Seck Coach/ Swimmer Assane D. Dieng Monitor/BLUE Team Lead Ndiawar Diallo Executive Director Aboubacar Sidibe (IRC) Photographer Hawa N. Gueye Speakers Lead Sidy Ahmed Diop Logistics Lead Fatou Bintou Seck (IRC) Reception Lead Alassane Dia (YALI) Papa Cheikh Fall Branding Lead Aicha Barry Support Function Aminaty M. Fall Social Media Coumba S. Cisse Monitor/GREEN Team Lead
  9. 9. Dakar In the Ferry Goree Island • Handover of the Speaker’s kit • Welcoming guests • Support to guests on FAQ • Reception of tickets for the Ferry Agrobusiness, Energy, Environment Food & Catering • Transfer to Sessions x1 • Transfer to Sessions x2 Sciences & Technology Art, Culture & Litteracy Health & Social Care • Conversation (Guide?) • FREESTYLE 2 31 4 SESSIONS Leadership Development Session DISPATCHING OF TEAMS
  10. 10. 7. CANDIDATES ACCROSS 14 REGIONS (1/4) Khadidiatou DOUCOURE 11/10/2001 18.44 4e Dakar Maison d'Education Mariama Bâ Penda Hamadou DIALLO 24/12/2004 18.23 5e Dakar CEM HLM Grand Yoff Fama SEYE 2/9/2005 18.02 5e Dakar Mikado Binetou SYLLA 27/02/2001 17.85 2nde S Dakar Maison d'Education Mariama Bâ Sokhna Diarra BOUSSO 15/05/2003 18.07 4e Diourbel CEM Kere Mbaye Ndeye Fatou SONKO 25/03/2001 16.45 2nde S Diourbel Lycée Scientifique d'Excellence Awa DIOUF 28/12/2003 18.97 5e Fatick CEM Boff Mbalème Amissatou THIAM 19/01/2000 15.97 2nde S Fatick Lycée de Dioffior Fatou LAM 1/10/2002 18.55 5e Kaffrine CEM Babacar Cobar Ndao Emma Khady CHAMPAGNE 20/03/2004 18.36 6e Kaffrine CEM Babacar Cobar Ndao Tabara Christiane NDIAYE 18/10/2004 18.73 5e Kaolack Lycée D'excellence Babacar Bâ Awa DIALLO 21/03/2003 18.3 5e Kaolack CEM 1 GANDIAYE Aida FAYE 15/09/2001 18.16 4e Kaolack CEM Serigne Bassirou Mbacké Diogope NIANE 14/4/2001 17.94 4e Kaolack CEM MBOUDAYE SERERE Fatou SAW 22/04/2001 15.62 3e Kedougou Lycée Maciré Bâ Halimatou DIALLO 3/5/2002 14.24 5e Kedougou Lycée Maciré Bâ MariamaSegui BA 1/1/2001 16.54 2nde S Kolda Lycée Cherif Samsidine Aidara Hawa MASSE 23/08/2000 16.34 2nde S Kolda Lycée Cherif Samsidine Aidara Fatou GUEYE 10/10/2003 18.31 5e Louga Lycée de Ndande Anta GUEYE 4/9/2002 17.85 4e Louga CEM Massamba Siga Diouf Fatimata Ibrahima SY 26/01/2002 18.23 4e Matam CEM Diandioly Hawa AW 17/12/2000 18.61 3e Matam CEM Ranerou Awa DIAW 15/11/2003 18.37 5e Pikine / Guediawaye CEM Momar Mareme Diop Binetou DIALLO 8/3/2004 18.24 5e Pikine / Guediawaye CEM Darou Salam Diabou DIOP 20/09/2001 17.87 4e Pikine / Guediawaye CEM Keur Massar Ndeye Amy LO 26/01/2003 17.56 4e Pikine / Guediawaye CEM Djeedah Thiaroye Kaw Aichatou DRAME 29/05/2004 18.53 5e Rufisque CEM Abdoulaye SADJI Fatou Ndiaye KARE 31/08/1999 15.17 2nde S Rufisque Lycée Camp Marchand Rougui SARRE 17/09/2003 18.02 5e Saint Louis CEM Ngallele Fatou WADE 25/11/2000 17.71 4e Saint Louis CEM Pikine Rouguiatou BA 14/11/2001 18.41 4e Sedhiou CEM Fode Kaba Doumbouya Ramatoulaye DIEDHIOU 17/06/2003 18.24 5e Sedhiou CEM Amadou Mapathe Diagne Fatou NDIAYE 2/4/2003 19.35 5e Tambacounda CEM Gourel Diadie Tiguida KABA 1/1/2005 19.05 6e Tambacounda College Jean XXIII Aminata NDIAYE 16/09/2003 16.91 4e Thies Collège John Huffman Jr Ndeye Ngone SARR 15/01/2000 15.66 2nde S Thies Lycée Medina Fall Penda COLY 25/05/2004 18.13 5e Ziguinchor CEM Kabiline2 Mame Diarra SEYDI 23/03/2001 15.56 2nde S Ziguinchor Lycée Djignabo
  11. 11. Aichatou Dramé DAKAR Aida Faye KAOLACK Aminata Ndiaye THIES Amissatou Thiam FATICK Anta Gueye LOUGA Awa Diouf FATICK Awa Diallo KAOLACK Awa Diaw DAKAR Binetou Diallo DAKAR Binetou Sylla DAKAR Diabou Diop DAKAR Diogope Niane KAOLACK Emma K. Champagne KAFFRINE Fama Seye DAKAR Fatimata I. Sy MATAM Fatou Gueye LOUGA Fatou LAM KAFFRINE Fatou Saw KEDOUGOU Fatou Ndiaye TAMBACOUNDA Hawa Aw MATAM Hawa Masse KOLDA Halimatou Diallo KEDOUGOU Fatou Wade SAINT LOUIS Fatou Ndiaye Kare DAKAR Khadidiatou Doucoure DAKAR M. Diarra Seydi ZIGUINCHOR Mariama S. Bâ KOLDA Ndeye Amy Lô DAKAR Ndeye Fatou Sonko DIOURBEL Ndeye Ngone Sarr THIES Penda H. Diallo DAKAR Penda Coly ZIGUINCHOR Ramatoulaye Diedhiou SEDHIOU Rouguiatou Bâ SEDHIOU Rougui Sarre SAINT LOUIS Sokhna Diarra Bousso DIOURBEL Tabara C.Ndiaye KAOLACK Tiguida Kaba TAMBACOUNDA Khady M. Lô DIOURBEL Diary Sow DIOURBEL SICK SICK SICK
  12. 12. 7. CANDIDATES ACCROSS 14 REGIONS (3/4) Remarks: - Even though 2 candidates were missing (both were from Diourbel), we were able to have a representation of 14 regions accross Senegal. - We did not accept them as we were not confident with their Health check up, we then decided to move on with 38 candidates.
  13. 13. 7. CANDIDATES ACCROSS 14 REGIONS (4/4) Remarks: - Age range is between 12 to 18 years old and classes are between 5e to 1ere S. - Among candidates 30% did already travel out of their regions, for the rest, this is the first time that they meet people from other regions - Among candidates, 16% did visit Goree Island while 84% never visited Goree before - 100% of candidates did dream of joining Mariama Bâ institution one day, with no luck to be received ( Apart from the 2 candidates from Mariama Bâ)
  14. 14. 8. SESSIONS & TOPICS (1/5) Sessions UNBELIEVABLE But yes, we did !
  15. 15. 8. SESSIONS & TOPICS (2/5)
  16. 16. 8. SESSIONS & TOPICS (3/5)
  17. 17. 8. SESSIONS & TOPICS (4/5)
  18. 18. 8. SESSIONS & TOPICS (5/5) - Remarks : - Sessions were between 30 – 45 minutes - We had 5 BEST IN CLASS MENTORS who did receive signature from the entire participants + Staff + Other Speakers
  19. 19. 9. SPEAKERS – Rankings (1/4) 46people did grab the attention of participants – In response to the question « Which of the speaker did impress you the most? » – If not part of the Staff, all speakers are known Entrepreneurs / Business Owners. Adama Mbengue (Staff) Alassane Dia (YALI) Alioune Badara Mbengue Aminata Diop Aminata Sow Anthioumane Ly (Staff) Astou Manel Fall (Alumni) Boubacar Mbengue (staff) Christine Djafa (YALI RLC) Coura Fall Dr Mamadou Sy (YALI) El Hadj Bâ (YALI) Elimane Kane Eva Marie Coll Seck Fanta Diallo (Alumni) Fatou Bintou Thiam Fatou Samake Thiam Seynabou Thiam Sidy Ndao Tata Docteur (Staff) Thierno Niang Thierno Souleymane Agne Francine Pipien Ibrahima Bâ (YALI RLC) Ibrahima Mikael Thiaw (YALI RLC) Jaly Badiane Korka Diaw Landing Biaye (YALI RLC) Leonie Diouf (YALI RLC) Maina Mamadou Bâ (YALI) Mame Bineta Gaye (PAYLP) Mame Mbayame Dione Mandiaye Gningue Marieme Diop (YALI) Mouhamadou Lamine Diakhate (Leuz) Nathalie Diagne (YALI) Ndeye Absa Gningue (YALI) Ndioro Ndiaye Oumar Faye (PAYLP) Pape Maha Sarr (Leuz Melody) Penda Diouck (PAYLP) Pr Penda Mbow Ras Maha Diop Selly Raby Kane (YALI) Seydou Niaré (YALI RLC)
  20. 20. 9. SPEAKERS – Rankings (2/4) Most Ranked as #1 speaker * Ndeye Absa Gningue was not part of the Speakers Ranking Speaker #1 Astou Manel Fall #1 Astou Manel Fall #1 Boubacar Mbengue #1 Christine Djafa #1 Dr Mamadou Sy #1 El Hadj Bâ #1 El Hadj Bâ #1 El Hadj Bâ #1 El Hadj Bâ #1 Fatou Samaké Thiam #1 Fatou Samaké Thiam #1 Fatou Samaké Thiam #1 Fatou Samaké Thiam #1 Fatou Samaké Thiam #1 Ibrahima Bâ #1 Ibrahima Bâ #1 Ibrahima Bâ #1 Jaly Badiane Ranking Speaker #1 Jaly Badiane #1 Korka Diaw #1 Korka Diaw #1 Korka Diaw #1 Landing Biaye #1 Landing Biaye #1 Leonie Diouf #1 Maina #1 Marieme Diop #1 Marieme Diop #1 Ndeye Absa Gningue #1 Ndeye Absa Gningue #1 Ndeye Absa Gningue #1 Ndeye Absa Gningue #1 Ndeye Absa Gningue #1 Ndeye Absa Gningue Ranking Speaker #1 Pr Penda Mbow #1 Seydou Niaré #1 Tata Docteur #1 Thierno Souleymane Agne - Fatou Samake Thiam is most ranked #1 as a speaker then El Hadj Bâ (YALI), followed by Ibrahima Bâ (YALI RLC) & Korka Diaw (Owner of Korka Rice)… COMMENTS
  21. 21. 9. SPEAKERS – Rankings (3/4) Top 10 Most Ranked speakers * Ndeye Absa Gningue was not part of the Speakers Ranking Speakers Points 1 Ndeye Absa Gningue (YALI) * 54 2 Eva Marie Coll Seck 43 3 Marieme Diop (YALI) 43 4 Selly Raby Kane (YALI) 38 5 Astou Manel Fall (Alumni) 37 6 Ibrahima Bâ (YALI RLC) 34 7 Maina (Singer/ Musician) 33 8 El Hadj Bâ (YALI) 31 9 Thierno Niang 27 10 Francine Pipien 27 Ndeye Absa Gningue Founder of JEADER Pr Eva Marie Coll Seck For. Minister of Health, Act. Conseler of the President of Republic Marieme Diop Former Consultant PSE Selly Raby Kane Stylist Astou M. Fall Co Founder of Consulting Ibrahima Bâ Chef in a Restaurant MAINA Singer El Hadj Bâ Owner of SUITE Thierno S. D. Niang Writer Francine Ndiaye Blogger/Influencer
  22. 22. 9. SPEAKERS – Rankings (4/4) Top 10 Most popular speakers Ranking Speakers #People who mentioned them 1 Eva Marie Coll Seck 14 2 Marieme Diop (YALI) 14 3 Astou Manel Fall (Alumni) 13 4 Ndeye Absa Gningue (YALI) * 10 5 El Hadj Bah (YALI) 8 6 Sidy Ndao 8 7 Dr Mamadou Sy (YALI) 7 8 Fatou Samake Thiam 7 9 Ibrahima Bâ (YALI RLC) 7 10 Thierno Niang 7 * Ndeye Absa Gningue was not part of the Speakers Fatou Samake Thiam Owner DYNAPHARM Thierno S. D. Niang Writer Ibrahima Bâ Chef in a Restaurant Dr Mamadou Sy Doctor Sidy Ndao Founder of DAUST Robotics El Hadj Bah Owner of SUITE Ndeye Absa Gningue Founder of JEADERAstou M. Fall Co Founder of Consulting Marieme Diop Former Consultant PSE Pr Eva Marie Coll Seck Form. Minister of Health, Act. Conseler of the President of Republic
  23. 23. 9. SPEAKERS – IMPACT (US Alumni) US Alumni 33% Speakers from Goree 11%Staff 17% VIP Entrepreneurs 39% Split of Speakers accross 90 sessions - Remarks - 33 % of the sessions were run by US Alumni - Sharing expertise & « giving back to the community » - 5 Countries represented : Senegal, Seychelles, Republic of Tchad, Cameroon & Benin - 50% of Speakers among US Alumni were Male - 50% of Speakers among US Alumni were Female
  24. 24. 9. SPEAKERS – IMPACT (US Alumni) YALI – Young African Leadership Initiative (2014/2015/2016/2017) YALI – Regional Leadership Center (5/6/7) Pan Africa Youth Leadership Program (PAYLP 2017) Information Research Center (IRC) International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) | Exchange Programs Fulbright Foreign Student Program 2 1 412 10 1 African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) - 2011 1
  25. 25. 10. IMPACT Key elements Strategy GOREE ISLAND - + 120 people did take the ferry to Goree Island - We drove affluence at the Trade Fair held @Goree Island (More sales for Exhibitors) PARTICIPANTS - Personal Development & Leadership skills - Identification of Personality Types & career path - Internship opportunities offered by the partners SPEAKERS - Self assessment on their capacity to inspire / coach young leaders - Community Service / They are the main actors in the Mini ME process. Duplicating themselves in couple of minutes was impossible, but few were able to be top of Mind and inspire those girls to an extent that they consider them now as Models. - US Alumni did have a networking platform, allowing YALI RLC & YALI fellows, or PAYLP, to meet with each other. During briefing session with Speakers, they had couple of minutes to share business cards. MARIAMA BÂ - With the Budget we spent on renting the Amphitheater and the IT room, the school will be able to renovate one part of the rooms in the dorm and build new classes - A donation was made by the delegation of the Ministry of Health and that is thanks to this activity PARTNERS Building a platform : www.juniorentrepreneurs.org for mentorship will allow all partners and participants to be connected
  26. 26. 11.HIGHLIGHTS For one week, we’ve had Mouhamed Sy, the famous guide of Goree Island as a guest. He even learnt how to write his name with SCRABBLE quizz.. YALI RLC Ibrahim Bâ, glad to meet with YALI FELLOW Selly Raby Kane #networking Donation from the Ministry of Health in regard to the activity
  27. 27. 11.HIGHLIGHTS The Agribusiness Session was hosted in the house of Maha Diop. Bread from Goree is made in this house and particular fact is that almost all species of plants from Senegal are available here. Sponsorship of an entire day consuming cereals and products harvested in Senegal with M. Pierre Ndiaye Sidy Ndao from the Dakar American University for Sciences & Technology was here. Kids did learn robotics! BOOTCAMP TV- Every evening after Dinner, kids would view News – unique moment where they would watch TV during the camp, wih journalists interviewing speakers. RESTITUTION Sessions will happen the day after, right after Breakfast with each Session nominating 2 members who will share the story of the speaker who visited them the day before, and share what they’ve learnt with other teams.
  28. 28. 11.HIGHLIGHTS Mrs Korka Diaw (23 Dec.) Mrs Ndioro Ndiaye (26 Dec.) Mrs Penda Mbow (27 Dec.) Mrs Eva M. Coll Seck (28 Dec.) - 4 amazing women did take the ferry to share their work/life experience with the girls _ Amazing moments of mentorship.
  29. 29. 11.HIGHLIGHTS We did receive a visit from Hanan Al Hroub who won the GLOBAL TEACHER PRIZE 2016. She is from Palestine.
  30. 30. 11.HIGHLIGHTS
  31. 31. 12. PICTURES Date ALBUMS HIGHLIGHTS 20th of Dec. Click HERE Press Conference at Musee de la Femme 23rd of Dec. Click HERE Visit of Mrs Korka Diaw among other speakers 24th of Dec. Click HERE Birthday Party Celebration + Visit of Mister Elmina H. Kane 25th of Dec. Click HERE OLYMPIADES Competitions starting + Ethnic & Cultural Projects 26th of Dec. Click HERE Visit of Mrs Ndioro Ndiaye among other Speakers 27th of Dec Click HERE Visit of Pr Penda Mbow among other speakers + «BAYDUNDEE » Day 28th of Dec. Click HERE Visit or Mrs Eva Marie Coll Seck among other speakers 29th of Dec. Click HERE Visit of Mrs Hanan el Hroub from Palestine among other speakers 30th of Dec. Click HERE Farewell _ End of Bootcamp
  32. 32. 11. NEXT STEPS