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The Dirty Laundry of Domestic Violence

The Clothesline Project

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The Dirty Laundry of Domestic Violence

  1. 1. The Dirty Laundry of Domestic Violence The Clothesline Project
  2. 2. The Clothesline Project  The Clothesline is about women reclaiming their lives and finding the courage to survive.  It exposes a side of life that for too long has remained a silent and destructive force.  The goal is to create change on all levels: personally, politically and culturally.  It makes clear that violence against women is not acceptable.
  3. 3. About JFS Founded in 1892, Jewish Family Service is home to Project DVORA and a range of human services. Project DVORA strives to create the conditions in the Jewish community that support loving, safe and respectful relationships and to build capacity in the community to respond to domestic abuse. JFS helps vulnerable individuals and families in the Puget Sound region achieve well-being, health and stability. Jewish history and values guide our work; therefore, we provide effective services to people of all backgrounds and also have a responsibility to meet the particular needs of Jewish individuals and families in the region. Learn more at jfsseattle.org or (206) 461-3240. Statistics are from “30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics That Remind Us It’s An Epidemic.”