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Digi Learn: a practice-informed approach to recognition and development

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A presentation at Connect More in England (Manchester), 27 June 2019.


Chris Melia, senior learning technologist, University of Central Lancashire
Anna Byrom, senior lecturer in midwifery, University of Central Lancashire
Bryan Jones, principal lecturer in coaching and performance, University of Central Lancashire

DigiLearn is a digital recognition initiative that has been successfully rolled out across the academic community at the University of Central Lancashire. Centering around peer support and the interdisciplinary sharing of TEL best practice.

In this session, university colleagues will share the transformational impact of the initiative on: teaching practice, the student experience and professional development.

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Digi Learn: a practice-informed approach to recognition and development

  1. 1. A practice-informed approach to recognition and development Chris Melia Anna Byrom Bryan Jones @ChrisLearnTech @ACBMidwife @BryanJones15
  2. 2. 1/10 Time and support to innovate in their practice 1/10 Reward or recognition when developing digital aspects of their role 3/10 Guidance about the digital skills they should have as a teacher 3/10 Regular opportunities to develop their digital skills Jisc Digital experience insights survey 2018
  3. 3. The MEC - education.microsoft.com
  4. 4. A practice-informed approach to TELA practice-informed approach to TEL
  5. 5. ➢Break down divisional barriers ➢Disseminate consistent TEL messages ➢Encourage interdisciplinary conversation ➢Share best teaching and learning practices ➢A hub for peer support ➢Ever-expanding knowledge bank ➢Catalyst for digital enhancement Building a community of digital practice
  6. 6. DigiPath I. Complete 1/6 digital pathways DigiLearn Community I. Recognised contribution Microsoft Surface technology I. Attend an introductory workshop Microsoft Educator Community (MEC) I. Achieve Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) status ➢ Identify where you have adopted a technology-enabled approach in any three of the following areas: o Assessment and feedback o Resources and content o Communication and collaboration o Research and development o Strategy and leadership Prerequisite: Practitioner status DigiPath II. Complete 3/6 digital pathways DigiLearn Community II. Support and respond to colleagues Microsoft Surface technology II. Evidence where using your device has positively impacted practice Microsoft Educator Community (MEC) II. Achieve Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) status ➢ Write a guest post for the UCLan Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching (TELT) blog ➢ Write a detailed case study around a digitally-inspired approach to learning, teaching, research or leadership ➢ Present a digitally-inspired approach to L T R or L, at an internal event (course, School, Faculty or University level) ➢ Evidence where you have supported a colleague through successful achievement of their DigiLearn Practitioner status ➢ Upload a short video to the DigiLearn Flipgrid space - offering your support to colleagues Prerequisite: Advocate status DigiPath III. Complete 6/6 digital pathways DigiLearn Community III. Share technology-enabled practice Microsoft Surface technology III. Evidence how you are supporting colleagues in the use of their device Microsoft Educator Community (MEC) III. Share your MIEE submission link with the DigiLearn community ➢ Evidence how you are supporting colleagues in the adoption of innovative digital approaches to L T R or L ➢ Co-ordinate an event, activity or initiative at S F or U level, to share and promote technology-enabled practice OR feature in a TELT video case study ➢ External presentation or written piece around a digitally-inspired approach to L T R or L ➢ Evidence where you have mentored a colleague to support their transition from DigiLearn Practitioner to Advocate ➢ Reflecting upon your overall journey, how has DigiLearn positively advanced: teaching practice, the student experience, and your professional development Practitioner Advocate Champion
  7. 7. DigiBuddies and mentors
  8. 8. ➢ Contributes to the Faculty DigiLearn Community ➢ Is a confident user of Microsoft Surface technology ➢ Holds Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) status ➢ Has reflected on a number of their own technology-enabled approaches to learning, teaching, research or leadership ➢ Actively supports and responds to colleagues in the Faculty DigiLearn Community ➢ Demonstrates the use of Microsoft Surface technology to enhance their working practice ➢ Holds Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) status ➢ Shares digital practice internally through case studies, blog posts, presentations ➢ Buddies with colleagues to support their engagement with DigiLearn ➢ Supports DigiLearn events and initiatives at School and Faculty level ➢ Attends and contributes at Faculty DigiLearn Engagement Team meetings ➢ Champions best practice across the Faculty DigiLearn Community ➢ Supports colleagues in making the most of Microsoft Surface technology in their working practice ➢ Holds MIEE status and regularly updates their skills through the Microsoft Educator Community ➢ Shares innovative digital practice both internally and externally through case studies, blog posts, presentations and publications ➢ Mentors colleagues across all three levels of the DigiLearn framework ➢ Supports DigiLearn events and initiatives at Faculty, University and Sector level ➢ Works closely with the TELT team to support the ongoing development of the DigiLearn initiative ➢ Initiates and chairs meetings with the Faculty’s DigiLearn Engagement Team ➢ Holds membership with a University-level academic working group ➢ Actively contributes to the DigiLearn Sector Community Role profiles
  9. 9. 89%agreed their skills and/or knowledge had increased following participation in the programme 75%have been able to apply these skills and/or knowledge into aspects of their practice Evaluating DigiLearn
  10. 10. 83%felt their TEL support network had expanded following participation in the programme 68%felt more able to support others in relation to their technology- enabled practice Evaluating DigiLearn
  11. 11. Anna’s digital journey Student- centred philosophy +DigiBuddy approach Technology for making connections Pedagogy driven Disposition and curiosity
  12. 12. Anna: Value of DigiLearn Recognition and celebration of existing practice Building connections with colleagues across the university Platform for sharing within and beyond the course team Developing skills & venturing beyond comfort zone
  13. 13. Anna: Technology-enhanced practice ➢Responsiveness - social media ➢Meaningful conversation ➢Consistent assessment support ➢Learning communities ➢ Building authentic assessments ➢ Developing digital literacy ➢ Preparation for professional life
  14. 14. Anna: Impact on the student experience Performance Adaptability Self-efficacy Sustainability
  15. 15. Bryan’s digital journey Early adopter of technology in teaching Responsible for staff development Accessibility - distance and blended programmes Driving technology innovation within School
  16. 16. Celebration and sharing of digital approaches Bryan: Value of DigiLearn Encouraging discussions about delivery, not content Identifying areas of practice for improvement Connecting with colleagues across different disciplines
  17. 17. ➢ Vehicle for staff development and the sharing of best practice ➢ Model of delivery used with student cohorts ➢ Differentiating subject areas with baseline information ➢ Students able to work at their own pace and the appropriate level Bryan: Technology-enhanced practice
  18. 18. Bryan: Impact on the student experience Changing proxemics of the classroom Enhanced student engagement Information driven by the students Demonstration of independent learning
  19. 19. 84%“enables me to have an active voice in group discussion” 88%“provides direct access to tutor support” 89%“helped me build connections with fellow students” The student voice – Microsoft Teams
  20. 20. Assessment strategy Professional framework Curriculum planning work-ready graduate The work-ready graduate
  21. 21. ➢ Guest webinar series ➢ Shared case studies ➢ DigiLearn model, framework, role profiles and case study ➢ DigiLab knowledge share Collaborate with us – #DigiLearnSector
  22. 22. AByrom@uclan.ac.uk @ACBMidwife Thank you CMelia@uclan.ac.uk @ChrisLearnTech BJones1@uclan.ac.uk @BryanJones15