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Microsoft, Bronze Silver Gold

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A mapping of Microsoft resources to the Jisc digital capabilities framework working closely with colleagues at the University of Leicester and Milton Keynes College.

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Microsoft, Bronze Silver Gold

  1. 1. Developing Digital Skills
  2. 2. Digital Capabilities A number of initiatives:
  3. 3. Bronze, Silver, Gold A number of initiatives:
  4. 4. A number of initiatives: Digital campus/ Personas
  5. 5. Resources and training A number of initiatives:
  6. 6. Using JISC /Microsoft Education networks - Expertise pooled JISC Digital Capabilities Microsoft Resources Bronze, Silver, Gold Personas The skills foundation Mapped up and down College / University Programmes
  7. 7. This presentation provides a quick and easy way of finding great professional development resources from Microsoft and understanding how they deliver aspects of the JISC digital capabilities framework. Our goal is to model a progressive pathway for each of the personas found in academic institutions and this first presentation is designed for lecturers, such as Abigail. Clicking on the Bronze, Silver or Gold icons below will take you to a friendly overview of that “level”. Hover over the icons in each “postcard” to click through to the associated digital capabilities or to the relevant courses and resources from Microsoft. (Home pages for all the Microsoft resources are here ) We hope our collaboration has produced a useful map and navigation for those designing professional development in UK colleges and universities and we’d love your feedback, to help us shape similar overviews for different roles. Designing Professional Development programmes for your college or university Nevin Moledina Penny Langford Shri Footring Clare Riley Leicester University Milton Keynes College JISC Microsoft
  8. 8. Office training, templates, quick tips and videos Set up Office 365 and get started A "get started" page for each of the apps A helpcentre with the basics for the online apps Five minute videos to lay out the basics “Just in time” videos to help with common queries Teaching with Technology Basics & Teaching With Technology 2016 Start with four key topics: assessment; using the internet; tools for collaboration and productivity tips for you Introduction to Inclusive Digital Literacy Equipping every young person (especially those with special education needs and disabilities) to be digitally literate Integrate One Note Class Notebooks with your LMS Integrate your classroom tools for streamlined work and seamless alignment Try these 10 tips “Ways to Amaze” SWAY 10 fun projects to try out your newfound skills and dazzle your colleagues
  9. 9. GDPR A-Z The A-Z guide of GDPR GDPR Kick Start A kick start guide on GDPR for Education
  10. 10. Windows 10 Anniversary Update Help students create, collaborate and show their learning in a variety of ways. Introduction to SWAY Create and share interactive class materials, presentations, projects, and more Getting started with One Note Digital notebooks to support education outcomes across disciplines and tasks Microsoft Forms: Creating Authentic Assessments Create surveys, quizzes, and polls, and easily see results as they come in Meet Microsoft TEAMS and Intro to Microsoft TEAMS Create collaborative classrooms and connect in professional learning communities Windows 10 and Classroom Agility Touch friendly interfaces and wireless display Introduction to Skype in the classroom Inspire the next generation through transformative learning over Skype. Introduction to Cloud for Leaders An overview of the cloud and cloud computing
  11. 11. 21st Century Learning Design A collaborative, practice-based set of 8 course to transform the design of enriching learning activities Technology Enriched Instruction Get to know the Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) construct Teacher Academy: Windows 10 Universal Apps, Microsoft Edge and using Cortana as a personal organisational tool Empower Students to do more with Office 2016 Create and collaborate: use the tools business expect of a modern workforce Accessibility tools: meeting the needs of diverse learners Make computers easier to use for everyone Training Teachers to author accessible content Creating accessible classroom content in Office 365 Learning Tools Sway Make text more accessible and hear printed text spoken out loud Features by Disability type across Windows 10 and O365 The A-Z of accessibility features in Microsoft Technologies The Inclusion in Action in Series Microsoft’s accessibility blog, making technology easier to see, hear and use Windows 10: create a world of tomorrow in your classroom Navigate the Windows 10 environment for todays learners Digital Inking with Surface Ideas and strategies for using technology seamlessly within your classroom Re-imagine the writing process with Microsoft in Education Explore the tools that help students throughout the writing process
  12. 12. Visualising Data with Power BI Learn Power BI, a powerful cloud-based service that helps data scientists visualize and share insights from their data Essential statistics for data analysis using Excel Gain a solid understanding of statistics and basic probability, using Excel, and build on your data analysis and data science foundation
  13. 13. One Note Teacher Academy Get an in-depth dive into the features of this core education tool Office 365 Teacher Academy Learn all the basic features of the Office 365 suite for Educators Microsoft in the Classroom 14 short modules, which each showcase a relevant classroom scenarios Creating a digitally inclusive learning community 6 modules create a digitally rich and inclusive learning community Amplifying student voice Amplifying and democratizing student voice in the modern classroom Skype Collaborations Learn how to collaborate with Skype and why collaborations are important Problem-based learning Explore what PBL is and how to implement a PBL in your classroom Building global citizens Changing times teach your students to be a global citizen Leading blended professional learning Support for designing and leading effective professional development at school sites using blended learning approaches Be recognised as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and join the MIEE community Exclusive program created to recognize global educator visionaries using technology to pave the way for better learning and student outcomes
  14. 14. PDLN Connect, Communicate and Collaborate Connect, communicate and collaborate with communities you create Microsoft Professional Programmes If you are tempted to explore artificial intelligence, machine learning, web development and other new technologies – do visit the Microsoft Professional Programmes website where you will find free courses with hands-on labs and expert instructors
  15. 15. Setting up a new LinkedIn account LinkedIn courses which will enable you to leverage the power of the platform, teaching you how to create a great profile and grow your network Creating a great profile Make the most of your LinkedIn profile Grow your network Grown your professional network effectively Search for jobs By harnessing the power of the LinkedIn platform, you can tap into an expansive network of professionals, companies, and groups in your industry and beyond. Microsoft Digital Skills Programme In a world being transformed by technology, developing your digital skillset is now more important than ever before. That's why we've created our digital skills programme: a company-wide commitment and effort to support the growth of digital skills in the UK. Browse the website to find free resources for digital literacy; the cloud and Artificial Intelligence
  16. 16. Become and MIE Trainer Become an MIE Trainer – learn about and share the latest research findings on effective professional development models Become a Skype Master Teacher Become a skype master teacher – collaborate with educators from around the world Facebook Master Publicist Badge - Earn by sharing 50 items from the Microsoft Educator Community to Facebook Twitter Master Publicist Badge - Earn by sharing 50 items from the Microsoft Educator Community to Twitter Skype Explorer Badge - Earn by completing 5 + Skype interactions
  17. 17. Digital Learning and Development Information, data and media literacies Digital identity and wellbeing JISC Digital Capabilities - Bronze ICT Proficiency Digital creation, problem solving and innovation Digital communication Collaboration and Participation Manage privacy settings and personal profiles Use the systems and technology that you need for work Work safely and securely Work effectively in a digitally ubiquitous world
  18. 18. Plan and deliver digital learning or services Jisc Digital Capabiltiies - Silver ICT Proficiency Digital creation, problem solving and innovation Digital communication Collaboration and Participation Interpret information for academic and professional / vocational purposes Collate and curate personal materials across digital networks Support students or customers to work in digital teams, groups and projects to produce shared outcomes or meet shared goals Digital Learning and Development Information, data and media literacies Digital identity and wellbeing Use the systems and technology which support creativity and collaboration Communicate effectively in a digitally ubiquitous world Work safely and securely Find curate and create digital resources Capture, analyse and present data
  19. 19. JISC digital Capabilities Gold ICT Proficiency Be agile in understanding and using evolving technologies Digital creation, problem solving and innovation Find curate and create digital resources Innovate for the future and inspire others Digital communication Collaboration and Participation Work effectively in a digitally ubiquitous world Continuously reflect on how you use digital technologies in your service delivery Digital Learning and Development Continuously reflect on your use of digital technologies for learning and teaching Information, data and media literacies Capture and analyse data to inform practice Digital identity and wellbeing Manage your personal and professional brand Work safely and securely
  20. 20. The Office Support Centre has videos / info / quick start info for the Office 365 suite The Microsoft Educator Community has contextual and scenario-based training for educators Microsoft Professional Programmes - Role-based training for the technical jobs most in demand Microsoft Digital Skills Programme free courses from basic digital literacy through to advanced cloud technology skills.