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Tech 2 Tech welcome

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Tech 2 Tech welcome

  1. 1. WELCOME Tech 2Tech, Durham
  2. 2. Housekeeping »We will send a feedback survey by e-mail after the event.
  3. 3. Tech 2Tech Programme 10:30 Welcome & introduction Jeremy Sharp, Jisc 10:45 The Janet architecture & new Janet access infrastructure James Blessing & Rob Evans, Jisc 11:15 Building & preparing for the new Janet access infrastructure Neil Shewry, Jisc 11:40 Member experiences • Dr Lydia Heck, Durham University, The DiRAC project 12:00 Lunch 13:00 Member experiences • Michael Lancastle, Newcastle University, Intersite connectivity – Open Mic session. • David Conway, University of Sunderland, Cloud migration and infrastructure review. 14:00 Future services on Janet James Blessing, Tim Chown, Rob Evans, Jisc 14:45 Open discussion: utilization of Janet 15:15 Closing comments 15:30 Close & refreshments
  4. 4. The aims of today 1. To provide information on the network access programme 2. An opportunity to ask questions 3. To discuss and share challenges of the future Any questions / points please ask And / or Write them on a post-it and stick on one of the flipcharts
  5. 5. Working with Ciena Ciena are our equipment partner
  6. 6. A new Janet Access Infrastructure Jeremy Sharp, Janet Infrastructure Director
  7. 7. Current Janet Architecture London East 2 London Bristol South South West PSBA Wales Thames Valley KPSN Kent London East 1 NottinghamBirmingham West Midlands Yorkshire & Humberside Manchester North WestCumbria Northern Ireland Glasgow South East Scotland North East Scotland South West Scotland North East East Midlands EastERN London West Core PoP (Point of Presence) Regional network Transmission site Leeds JANET6 BACKBONE OVERVIEW – Oct 2015 14-May-2015 v06 / jas London Docklands Regional infrastructure National (UK) backbone shared datacentres Global Internet GÉANT peerings & gateways Access layer global NRENs
  8. 8. A new Janet Access Infrastructure Overall aim: to reduce complexity of Janet access infrastructure, including: Provide architectural coherence across the whole of the network > Standardise equipment > Overarching management platform > Some estate rationalisation > More use of fibre – Including future Openreach products – Increase self-provisioning Reduce capital and recurrent costs > Consolidate the supply base & reduce the cycle of re- procuring regional network telco contracts every 4-6 years Improve reliability of the Janet service Increase speed of connection provisioning (installation and upgrade) whatwewantwherewearenow Regional infrastructure National (UK) backbone Access layer National (UK) backbone Access layer
  9. 9. Building the new Janet Access Infrastructure > Components: > Regulated Openreach products (EAD, OSA,OSA Filter Connect, Exchange space) > Other telco fibre & col-lo: DPS framework > Optical/Ethernet switching equipment, support services: New Ciena framework > Other transmission requirements: New Janet telco framework > New access infrastructure introduced as existing regional network contractual arrangements expire over next 3-4 years. > Regions started: > South > SouthWest > East Midlands > West Midlands > London
  10. 10. Netsight 3 »A new Netsight has been developed »Netsight 3 › beta launch 1 July › General availability launch 28 July › Netsight 2 closure 27 September https://www.jisc.ac.uk/rd/projects/netsight3 10
  11. 11. jisc.ac.uk Questions Jeremy Sharp Janet Infrastructure Director Jeremy.Sharp@jisc.ac.uk