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  1. Student Digital Champions at the University of Plymouth. The story so far… Emma Purnell and Hannah Miles Senior Digital Learning Designers. Digital Education
  2. Timeline 16th March 2020 Sept 2021 - first F-2-F opportunity Sept 2022 – the here and now
  3. Meet the Student Digital Champions Hannah Miles
  4. What do the Digital Champions do? Provide peer support, information and guidance Gather feedback from students about the digital experience Promote and raise awareness of the tools and technologies provided to support learning. Testing and reviewing tools with Digital Education Influencing strategy and policy
  5. Some of the detail
  6. Changing focus every few weeks
  7. Managing the day to day
  8. New this year – OneNote task management
  9. Working with Student Learning and services Where and who we work with - The Writing Cafe
  10. Where and who we work with - The Student Hub
  11. Campus pop up desks and events
  12. Student led training sessions
  13. Reviewing help and guidance
  14. Creating help and guidance
  15. New student led introduction to technology training session for this year
  16. Promoting the technologies available
  17. Gathering student feedback
  18. New for this year – Social Media push
  19. Conferences and possible publications
  20. Find out more