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Improving the Lives of 1 Billion+ People by Jack Morgan | UX Live 2018

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There are approximately 1.2 billion people learning a new language, and the majority are doing so in pursuit of a better life. As part of our mission to make education free for everyone, we studied millions of people spanning every country on the planet... until we made a shocking research discovery that forever changed the way we think about education.

Jack Morgan is a British designer and brand consultant based in the United States. Formerly the Lead Designer for Google’s education division, he designed the Google Squared and Google Digital Academy training programs, culminating in the launch of Google Academy London – a purpose-built facility located at 123 Buckingham Palace Road and dedicated to helping people improve their tech skills.

He has since produced an acclaimed documentary about Syrian refugees watched by over 1 million people and endorsed by the United Nations (Something Like Home), created a notorious craft beer brewery (Brewolingo) and designed a revolutionary adaptive AI Testing platform (DET).

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