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EQuip! for IT Asset Management

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the eQuip! ITAM solutions manage the life cycle of assets, track history and usage, chain of custody, and retirement of assets

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EQuip! for IT Asset Management

  1. 1. eQuip! for IT Asset Management (ITAM) E-ISG Asset Intelligence (www.e-isg.com) February, 2016
  2. 2. IT Asset Management (ITAM) – What Is It?  IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a set of business practices that incorporates IT assets across the business units within the organization.  IT Asset Management joins the financial, inventory and contractual responsibilities to manage the overall life cycle including tactical and strategic decision making. --International Association of Information Technology Asset Managers (www.IAITAM.com)
  3. 3. ITAM – Cross Functional Collaboration in the Life Cycle
  4. 4. ITAM – Key Pain Points in Current Organizations  Perform inventory audit – when was the last time you performed the inventory audit? How easy was that?  Track the location of IT assets  Track chain of custody – how easy was that?  Reconcile with Accounting for depreciation calculation  Reconcile with Fixed Asset Management on active assets  Reconcile on software licenses  Retire IT assets – all the forms and requirements
  5. 5. Excel Sheets Don’t Support ITAM ITAM Needs Do Excel Sheets Meet the Needs  Track chain of custody No  Track Linked Assets (e.g. printer + desktop +cable) No  Update location when there is a transfer or move event No
  6. 6. Fixed Asset Management system Doesn't support ITAM ITAM Needs Does the Fixed Asset Management system Meet the Needs  Track usage and condition history No  Track the location history for tax purposes No  Have the most up to date list of active assets No  Track individual assets bought in one purchase order (e.g. the individual status of 10 laptops bought in one purchase order) No
  7. 7. ITAM – Connect with other Systems ERP IT Discovery tools • Monthly Asset Retirement Reports • Monthly depreciation on IT devices • Life cycle analysis on IT devices
  8. 8. Value from the Right ITAM Tool Source of Value from Investing in the Right ITAM Tool $$$$  Reduce labor hours spent in locating missing assets $7,200/annual -- On average, one FTE spent one day/month to locate missing assets  Reduce the loss of assets $75,000/annual -- On average, 15% of IT laptops are missing or go unaccounted  Reduce the overpayment of personal property taxes or insurance premium on assets no long in active service $16,125/annual -- See a detailed calculation on next page Total $98,325/Annual – for a medium sized IT organization
  9. 9. Value from the Right ITAM Tool Assumptions: Number of assets 1,000 Average cost/asset $500 Total costs $500,000 Total costs of assets lost or unaccounted for $75,000 15% of total Estimated Federal Tax Income Overpayment $13,125 $37,500X35% Potential Property Tax Overpayment $2,250 $75,000 X3% Potential Insurance Overpayment $750 $1 per $1000 in replacement value Total Loss per year $16,125
  10. 10. How E-ISG can Help  Provide Commercial Off the Shelf Software eQuip! for IT Asset Management  Meet all ITAM needs  Connect with IT auto discovery tools  Low cost  Fixe price -- including on boarding, SaaS subscription and ongoing support  Call 1-866-845-2416 ext. 2 to schedule a demo  Or visit www.e-isg.com to schedule a demo