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Bn Cables | All New Products | 2021 | Visit Now.

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BNCables.com also provides tailored connective products using up to date technologies to ensure optimal performance. Our products are geared to meet the industry specifications. We believe in creating an atmosphere of cooperation and transparency that leads to long term customer satisfaction. Our employees are dedicated to getting the job done right the first time. BNCables.com has the capability to service clients all over the United States.

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Bn Cables | All New Products | 2021 | Visit Now.

  1. 1. BN CABLES 2021 Products
  2. 2. About Us BNCables.com is an industrial superpower in high- performance cabling and connectivity products. Our commitment is to provide high-quality innovative products and services. We started business in 2006 and have continued to demonstrate superior customer service and innovation across several markets ever since.
  3. 3. Our Category 6 Bulk cable STP solid pure copper maintains a strong signal and has an added layer of protection (shield) to significantly reduce cross talk interference. We carry spools of Cat6 network cable in lengths of up to 1000ft. CAT6 PLENUM SHIELDED (STP) PURE COPPER
  4. 4. UnShielded doors direct burial gel-stuffed cat6 copper cable is good on your out of doors voice, facts, video, and safety networking applications. Whether you are wiring your own home, office, or entire campus, we have the network solution that is proper for you. CAT6 OUTDOOR GEL FILLED PURE SOLID COPPER 1000FT
  5. 5. BN Cables Cat6 Networking Patch Panels have all the functionality and compatibility which are required, Our Patch Panels meets the EIA/TIA and ETL Standards, Available in 12, 16, 24, 32 and 48 ports. CAT6 NETWORKING PATCH PANELS
  6. 6. BN Cables Cat6 punch down keystone jacks have long term reliability, Our Superb Quality Rj45 Keystone Jacks are specially designed for easy installation, Our punch down jacks can fit in any wall plates & patch panels. Available in different colors. CAT6 PUNCH DOWN KEYSTONE JACKS PACK OF 50
  7. 7. HIGH PERFORMANCE NETWORK CABLE. This riser rated cat 6 lan cable is 23 AWG with 4 pairs (8C). The overall aluminum (AL) foil shield helps eliminate cross-talk and outside interference. Suitable for Fast, Gigabit, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet. Supports bandwidth of up to 550 MHz. CAT6 SHIELDED STP RISER (CMR), 1000FT
  8. 8. Keep In Touch
  9. 9. Thank You HTTPS://WWW.BNCABLES.COM/