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Power point presentation on Industrial Automation

  2.  Introduction  What is Automation ?  Advantage & Application of Automation  Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)  PLC Programming & it’s Element  Advantages, Disadvantages & Application of PLC  Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)  SCADA Softwares  Components of SCADA  Conclusion  References 2 Presentation Outlines
  3. 3 Introduction  Industrial Automation is an automation tool that uses PLC-SCADA interfacing.  Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a small computer used for automation of real-world processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines.  Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a system that allows an operator to monitor and control processes that are distributed among various remote sites. SCADA is a system in which message or commands that are individual are sends to the external world.
  4. What is Automation The word Automation is derived from Greek words “Auto” and “Mation” AUTO- SELF MATION- MOTION Automation is a set of technologies that result in operation of machines without significance of human
  5. Automation tools:- Different types of automation tools exist • HMI- Human machine interface • SCADA- Supervisory control and data acquisition • PLC- Programming logic controller • Robotics
  6. Advantage of Automation:-  Accurate and consistent information  Reduce Cost  Faster fault identification  Maintenance of quality & quantity  Improved safety conditions  Improved availability  Increased production
  7. Disadvantage of Automation:-  Technology limits: Current technology is unable to automate all the desired tasks.  Unpredictable development costs  Security threats  High initial cost  Increase in unemployment
  8. Applications:-  Automated highway system  Automated manufacturing  Home Automation  Automated waste management  Industrial automation  Robotics  Laboratory automation
  9. PLC(Programmable logic controllers):-  A PLC is solid state device which perform sequential operation in industrial enviroment and replace timer,counter,relay etc. How it operates:- PLC is designed to :-  Read digital and analog input from various sensors.  Execute a user defined logic program.  Write the resulting digital and analog output values to various output elements,
  10. WHY PLC  To reduce human efforts  To get maximum efficiency from machine  Control machine with human logic  To reduce complex circuitry of entire system
  12. Communication Cable:- CPO3 PMO2 PLC software :- a)Communication software:- Rslinx b)Programming software:- Rslogix 500 (Small, medium) Rslogix 5000 (large) c)Virtual Plc Software:- Emulator 500
  13. PLC Programming and it’s Elements:-
  14. IF input 4 OR input 5 have power THEN energize output 0 | | I/4 | | I/5 ( ) O/0 Logical Continuity F T On | | I/4 | | I/5 ( ) O/0 Logical Continuity T F On Logical and Construction
  15. Areas of Application  Manufacturing / Machining  Food / Beverage  Textile industry  Aerospace  Printing industry
  16. Advantages  Replacing Human Operators  Beyond Human Capabilities  Fast  Easily programmed and have an easily understood programming language  Improves productivity  Improves quality
  17. o Initial cost are high o There’s too much work required in connecting wires o Unemployment rate increases o When a problem occurs, hold up time is indefinite o There is a difficulty with changes or replacement Disadvantages
  18. SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition)  SCADA is real time industrial process control system used to centrally monitor and control remote or local industrial equipment such as motor, valve, pump, relay, etc
  19. Why SCADA  Saves Time and Money  Less traveling for workers  Reduces man power need  Increases production efficiency of a company  Cost effective for power systems  Saves energy  Reliable  Supervisory control over a particular system
  20. SCADA Softwares  Wonderware INTOUCH  Allen Bradley RSVIEW32  Seimens WINCC  GE Fanuc CIMPLICITY  KPIT ASTRA
  21. Wonderware INTOUCH  Wonderware InTouch provides a single integrated view of all your controls and information resources. Intouch enables engineers, supervisors, operators and managers to view and interact with the working of entire operation through graphical representation of their production processes.
  22. Components of SCADA  Tags  Recipe  Security  Database Connectivity  Device Connectivity  Dynamic Representation  Alarms  Trends  Scripts 22
  23. Tag’s  It is the address of the memory location where signals are being saved.  We define a TAG in order to use it in the SCADA software (Intouch wondeware)  TYPES:  1) Analog  2)Digital  3)Strings
  24. Dynamic process graphic Real-time and historical trending Alarm Recipe management
  25. Security Device connectivity Script for logic development Database connectivity
  26.  The proposed model of Industrial Automation making machine is fully automated and is controlled by using PLC and monitored by using SCADA  The combination of PLC and SCADA provides an effective way to operate the compressor. It overcomes many disadvantages in a relay based system  It increases the safety and efficiency of the machines by turning off the machine incase of any abnormalities , Thus protecting the machine and increasing the life of the machine 26 Conclusion
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