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Xpert AML Brochure

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Xpert AML Brochure

  1. 1. .com Customer Onboarding Manager Xpert AML is a true end-to-end compliance system. It manages all aspects of the anti-money laundering cycle beginning with customer onboarding (COB). It allows you to capture the customer account opening information comprehensively, as well as a dynamic initial risk rating questionnaire, straightaway making your institution regulation compliant. IDetector Conduct ID & address verifications that are convenient for customers, take care of data privacy issues and fully comply with regulatory requirements. Customer Due Diligence Manager Enables you to conduct the crucial steps of the Know Your Customer program (KYC), Customer Identification Program (CIP), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), dynamic Customer Acceptance workflows, and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), fully integrated with a CRM sub-module to properly register comments, attachments, customer contacts, and take care of document management within one application, streamlining and automating the entire process. Sanction / Watchlists Manager Monitors and analyzes each customer, in real time or batch, against local and international negative lists such as OFAC and PEP, thereby detecting high-risk clients and preventing the financial institution from doing business with them. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - FATCA Manager Enables financial institutions to easily manage and comply with FATCA requirements that include simplification of investigation tasks to potentially reduce operational spend and a sophisticated network analytics capability that understands complex ownership structures. Xpert AML is an integrated, modular, scalable, and highly flexible risk management and anti-money laundering solution, suitable for organizations of all sizes. Xpert AML automates all processes - from beginning to end - that are needed for the prevention and control of money laundering activities and terrorist financing while duly complying with local and international regulatory requirements. Xpert AML can be implemented at your financial institution facilities using a software license model or can be costly-effectively deployed across your company through our cloud-based software as a service (SaaS), hosted on our secured and SSAE16 certified data center. Risk Manager IDetector COB Manager Case Manager Alert Manager AML Monitoring AML Analytics AML Reporting Links Analysis CDD Manager Watchlists Manager FATCA Manager Front-End Modules Back-End Modules Reporting and Analytics Modules
  2. 2. Remittance Wire Wire transfer Cash Wire transfer Wire Transfer Wire Transfer Check Wire Transfer Wire Transfer Cash Remittance Wire Transfer Cash Wire Cash Marrón 8 CIF5588 Construction Lending Ana C German CIF4877 CIF7821 CIF9514 CIF6301 CIF2901 CIF7201 Gonzalez CIF6745 CIF0911 CIF2311 BeneficiaryCIF7400 CIF2301 CIF3271 CIF2063 CIF4502 CIF7801 Juan William CIF8945 CIF7834 CIF5301 CIF8401 Market LLC CIF2011 Freight Forwarder CIF8723 CIF2501 CIF3601 Gustavo Patricia Omar Consulting Firm 1 CIF0912 CIF7791 CIF7823 CIF1001 Export Corp. 2 Remittance 2 Export Corp. 3 Warehouse 2 Consulting Firm 2 Remittance 1 Financial Advisor Export Corp. 4 Warehouse 1 TV Production Inc. CIF0912 CIF2321 CIF6301 CIF9401 CIF8912 CIF8301 GarciaConsulting Firm 3 Consulting Firm 4 C LTDA valS.A. ACR Cred Bank Ca Brod Inte Brut Ganc CIF6733 CIF7301 Financial Institution main customer INSURANCE CORP. 1 Insurance Corp 2. Link Analysis Powerful link analysis and network visualization capabilities assist in identifying complex fraud and money laundering patterns and relationships between seemingly unrelated customers, entities and accounts. Visualize the flow of funds between remitters and beneficiaries to provide a more complete view of account and relationships activities. AML Monitoring Contains multiple risk-based detection models specialized by industry and products, along with comprehensive analytic capabilities based on rules and scenarios with multiple filters, and geographical risk factors, easily configured by the end-user. This risk-based approach allows you to identify suspicious behavior and possible money laundering activities while analyzing the financial behavior of customers, counterparties, external parties, and account trends through every transaction across the enterprise. Alert Manager Streamline the monitoring processes and enhance the alert management and ad-hoc investigation, with role-based dashboards, alert prioritization, and automated workflows with flexible criteria to increase investigation efficiency. Ensure analysts focus on the highest risk activities, reducing workloads, avoiding false positives and the ability to create manual alerts. Case Manager Xpert AML also includes case investigation management capabilities that provide institutions with a complete, holistic and contextual investigation platform that is standards-based and seamlessly integrated with downstream workflows to simplify the process of generating and filing regulatory reports. Risk Manager A user-defined AML risk scoring and classification module that automates from beginning to end the scoring process of clients, starting with the initial risk rating for on-boarding customers, then a continuous monitoring of customer’s demographic changes and financial behavior, ending with a final overall customer risk assessment. AML Reporting Regulatory Reporting tool encompasses the aforesaid requirements of creating, populating, and validating regulatory reports that can be electronically uploaded to the regulators. AML Analytics Business Intelligence and analytical reporting providing 360 degree views for better compliance management performance. General Features Xpert AML has been designed and built using state-of-the-art cross platform architecture. Its highly configurable functionalities support multi-currency, multi-language, multi-subsidiary, and multi-customer segmentation to accommodate your needs.