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18½ Sure Fire Ways To Reach Any Decision-Maker

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How much time do you spend chasing crazy-busy executives who never answer their phone? The fact is, it takes an average of 8 attempts to reach a decision-maker. But what if there were ways to contact them more quickly and easily? In this free guide you'll discover proven tactics for getting the attention of any executive.


1. Creative mailers that will get an immediate response
2. Little-known messaging tactics that will get you noticed
3. How to use humor to make a connection
4. The best times to call executives

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18½ Sure Fire Ways To Reach Any Decision-Maker

  1. 1. 
 About The Author Jake Atwood is the Founder and CEO of BuzzBuilder. He is also a nationally- recognized keynote speaker and sales strategist who has trained more than 50 of the Fortune 500’s sales teams. About This Guide The strategies in the ebook are not just textbook theory. Every idea has been field tested and proven . However, that doesn’t mean they’ll work the same for you. We’ll let you decide which ones you like best.
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 Identify Your Best Leads Connect With Executives Nurture Cold Prospects BuzzBuilder automates your prospecting and helps you set appointments without cold calling
  3. 3. If you’re already working with other companies within the decision-maker’s industry, use voice mail or email to mention the impact you’ve made. “Hi Wendy, we’ve been working with XYZ Company on new ways to speed up their production time and I have a few ideas about how your company could also accomplish this.” Name Drop Competitors 1
  4. 4. Most decision-makers like to include others in the decision. These could be people in the same department but could also include other departments as well. Identify 3-4 key people and then mention the others you’re also contacting. “Hi Joe, I thought I’d get in touch with you, Mary Williams, and Bob Smith to discuss…” Name Drop Other Executives 2
  5. 5. It’s hard to believe that most salespeople don’t send hand- written cards… especially because they ALWAYS get opened! Send a card explaining why you’d like to meet and then follow up with a call or email. Send A Personalized Card 3
  6. 6. Executives run on a different schedule than salespeople do. They like to be in the office when there are no distractions. This means you’ll have better luck reaching them before 8:00am or after 5:00pm. Call Early & Late 4
  7. 7. Cold email campaigns are statistically more successful than cold calling. Send one or more emails prior to your phone calls. Use one of our proven cold email templates to craft the perfect message. Send An Email 5
  8. 8. It doesn’t always need to be business as usual. Send something humorous or playful to get the executive’s attention. For example, we know a top-performing Sales Rep who sends a bag of popcorn with a note attached that says, “Can I pop by?” Send Something Corny Tip: Make sure you also follow up with a phone call or email. 6
  9. 9. In our free guide called 20 Shocking Sales Statistics, we found that it takes at least 8 attempts to finally get a decision-makers’s attention. Most salespeople give up after making only 2 attempts. The lesson: Keep trying! Make 8 Touches 7
  10. 10. Tailor your approach to the executive’s current needs. Is there an initiative or trend you can impact? Use tools like Google News, Newsl, and InsideView to research your key accounts. Leverage Trigger Events 8
  11. 11. She’ll likely refer you to the appropriate person. When you call or email this person, leverage the fact that the CEO’s office referred you. Call The CEO’s Assistant 9
  12. 12. Talk to people inside the executive’s department, or try calling one of their Sales Reps (just call the main number and ask to be transferred to the sales department). Find A Champion Tip: Jot down 3-5 questions you can ask the champion that would prepare you for a call with the executive. 10
  13. 13. You don’t need to pay for InMail to reach executives on LinkedIn. Send a LinkedIn request to people and follow up with a LinkedIn email once they accept. Use LinkedIn Tip: For more LinkedIn Strategies, download Top Secret LinkedIn Tips & Tools. 11
  14. 14. Remember that people make decisions based on emotion. In your emails or voice mails, make sure you convey confidence and belief in your solution. Humanize The Situation “Bob, I certainly don’t expect you to make any changes at this point. All I’m asking for is a brief call and I’m confident my ideas will be worth your time.” 12
  15. 15. If you think that your calls are being screened by caller ID, use *67 to hide your number. You can also call from your cell phone so they’ll see a person’s name on their called ID instead of a company name. Call From A New Number 13
  16. 16. Cell phone numbers are no longer well-kept secrets. In fact, a lot of executives list their mobile number to their email signature. If your call goes voice mail, press 0 to get redirected to the operator and then ask for the mobile number. Call Their Cell Phone 14
  17. 17. Anything sent in an Express Mail envelope gets opened. Best of all, you don’t need to pay the expensive Express Mail prices. Instead, purchase faux express envelopes that can be mailed at standard USPS postage rates. Check out services like XpressEnvelopes.com Send Express Mail 15
  18. 18. Has a gatekeeper ever asked you the dreaded question, “What is your call regarding?” Then you’ve lost control of the conversation and made it easy for your call to get blocked! Learn new ways to work with gatekeepers. We suggest TheProspectingExpert.com Work With Gatekeepers 16
  19. 19. Join the associations and LinkedIn Groups where you can connect with decision- makers. I once heard of a Sales Rep who learned that one of her prospects was on the Board of Directors for a local charity. She made a modest donation and then leveraged this fact to reach him… and close the sale! Attend Executive Functions 17
  20. 20. Sometimes you’ve “gotta be bold!” If all else fails, mention to the executive (in a voice mail or email) that you’ll send a calendar invite for a brief 5- minute conversation. When you schedule it, add a description about the purpose of the conversation and then send a meeting invitation. Send A Calendar Invite 18
  21. 21. Ok, so this might not be an official tactic, but it’s an important lesson when trying to reach crazy-busy executives. Putting forth a little extra effort could pay huge dividends. Give yourself the “edge” by simply making more attempts than your competitors do. Be Persistent 18½
  22. 22. Identify Your Best Leads Connect With Executives Nurture Cold Prospects BuzzBuilder Helps You Reach More Decision-Makers & Generate More Appointments