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10. Say No to Self-Sabotage The Power of No: 12 Things to Say “No” To Today

10. Say No to Self-Sabotage
Think of your life as a train station. You are on the platform and you see
a train approaching. You really want this train to be your train.
But this train is not meant to stop here.
Sensing that the train is not stopping, you jump onto the tracks,
to the horror of all the people around you.
Meanwhile, the train that is meant for you, the one that is your train by divine design, is right behind this
one. Only you cannot see this because you are too busy causing unnecessary drama.
To say no to self-sabotage, get out of the train tracks and accept the flow of life. Let
the train continue, wish it well as it leaves, and trust that yours is coming.
That’s all it takes.

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