1. James Brackett Portfolio D&AD Awards Finalist and Advertising Award Course, Creative and Conceptual Thinker Designed for high profile brands as Penguin Books, MTV, Playstation, Dreamworks, Homebase, 3M, Tesco and The BRIT Awards Campaigns Web Installation Print Corporate Identity
  2. James Brackett Campaign | Da Vinci’s Demons | Promo Card, Emailer and Landing Page For the second series of Da Vinci’s Demons I focused on Da Vinci’s iconic wing creation to display the feel of the show, its breadth of characters and its high production values. I also coded the video landing page, emailer and optimised these for mobile viewing.
  3. James Brackett Print | Various | Title Treatments, Iconics and Promo Cards 50 x 11’ & 1 x 22’ The world is new, and we are too! Dinopaws_Showcase_2014_Brochure_PRINT.indd 1 17/02/2014 14:10 DOMINIC WEST and HELENA BONHAM CARTER 1 x 90’LOVE IS THE DRUG Burton_And_Taylor_Brochure_PRINT.indd 1 13/09/2013 10:32 Series 4 (8 x 50’) SERIES 3 AVERAGED 8.5 MILLION VIEWERS AND 30.9% SHARETO EASILYWIN ITS SLOT One brilliant detective,many mysterious murders Death_in_Paradise_Showcase_2015_Brochure_PRINT.indd 1 06/02/2015 15:25 1 x 118’ or 1 x 55’ & 1 x 55’ ROBBIE WILLIAMS LIVE IN TALLINN Robbie_Brochure_PRINT.indd 1 23/09/2013 16:13 Series 2 (8 x 50’) Ripper_Street_Showcase_2014_Brochure_PRINT_v2.indd 1 14/02/2014 13:11 12 x 30’ or 6 x 50’ If you think you know wildlife… think again The_Wonder_of_Animals_Brochure_2014_PRINT.indd 1 22/09/2014 15:50 T H E F I N A L C H A P T E R T H E A W A R D - W I N N I N G S E R I E S R E T U R N S Series 4 (3 x 90’) Wallander_Showcase_2015_Brochure_PRINT.indd 2 04/02/2015 11:35 s exploring how life Around h endures And depends on the er thAt AnnuAlly trAnsforms the mighty monsoon. 5 x 50’ series producer PAUL BRADSHAW ice Age giAnts, the incredible humAn journey executive producer JAMES HONEYBORNE AfricA A bbc/AnimAl plAnet/science chAnnel co-production 5 x 50’ These are some examples of the diverse range of Promo Cards I have designed at the BBC. The Iconics and Title Treatments I have designed need to get across instantaneously the main themes and feel of a show. I adapted the existing Wallander Title Treatment to lightly blur towards the end to signify the final series and the lead character’s battle with dementia. This is also reflected on the back, displaying the character’s battle with himself. starring KENNETH BRANAGH my week with marilyn, jack ryan: shadow recruit JEANY SPARK da vinci’s demons, tess of the d’urbervilles RICHARD MCCABE peaky blinders BARNABY KAY new tricks INGEBORGA DAPKUNAITE mission impossible, hannibal rising adapted by PETER HARNESS case histories, city of vice JAMES DORMER strike back, outcasts from the novels by HENNING MANKELL director BEN CARON skins, tommy cooper: not like that, like this producer SANNE WOHLENBERG executive producers ANDY HARRIES, PETER HARNESS, ANNIE FAURBYE FERNANDEZ, DANIEL GYLLING, KENNETH BRANAGH, MATTHEW READ, REBECCA EATON, ÅSA SJÖBERG, RALF IVARSSON (co-producer for film i skane),THOMAS GAMMELTOFT (co-producer for copenhagen film fund) A LEFT BANK PICTURES/YELLOW BIRD/TKBC SERIES FOR THE BBC CO-PRODUCED WITH MASTERPIECE,TV4, FILM I SKÅNE AND THE COPENHAGEN FILM FUND, IN COOPERATION WITH ARD DEGETO AND WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE YSTAD ÖSTERLEN FILMFOND AND THE DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY, SOUTH AFRICA Series 4 (3 x 90’) Also Available: Series 1-3 (9 x 90’) T H E AW A R D - W I N N I N G S E R I E S S TA R R I N G K E N N E T H B R A N A G H R E T U R N S F O R A N E W T R I L O G Y O F S T O R I E S F I L M E D I N S O U T H A F R I C A , S W E D E N A N D D E N M A R K . W hen the first series of Wallander transmitted in 2008 critics raved over Kenneth Branagh’s sublime performance, the intelligent, thoughtful plots and the startlingly beautiful cinematography. Now Branagh is back for a dark, thrilling and emotional finale that contains some of the greatest challenges Wallander has ever faced. In The White Lioness Wallander is drawn into the case of a missing Swedish national while attending a police conference in South Africa. It is the start of a physical and emotional journey that leads him from the aching beauty of rural Africa to the intense poverty of its townships. Back in Sweden for the second episode, Wallander investigates the murder of a middle-aged woman. But as tensions escalate, the detective begins to sense he is being followed, but by demons that he cannot yet identify… As the series reaches its end, The Troubled Man sees Wallander in a race against time as he investigates the disappearance of his daughter’s father-in-law. Entangled in cold war politics and fractured familial relationships, Wallander must prevail against the odds if he is to safeguard his daughter’s future before it’s too late. Wallander_Showcase_2015_Brochure_PRINT.indd 3 04/02/2015 11:35
  4. James Brackett Event | David Beckham: Into the Unknown | All Printed and Screen Materials ©ANTHONYMANDLERDAVIDBECKHAMis represented by XIXENTERTAINMENT David_Beckham_Into_Unknown_2014_Press_Pack_BBCWW_PRINT.indd 2 29/05/2014 13:11 David_Beckham_Into_Unknown_2014_Press_Pack_BBCWW_PRINT.indd 3 29/05/2014 13:11 ANINTERVIEWWITH ANTHONYMANDLER “DavidandIsharealoveofmotorcyclesandformybachelorpartylastyear ItooktenofmyclosestfriendsonaroadtriptoNapaValley. Duringthetrip Davidtoldmehe’dneverdoneanythinglikethis–atripwithouthisfamily, justwithafewfriends. It’ssomethingthatmostofustakeforgranted,butwhenyou’reasfamousas Daviditisvirtuallyimpossibleanditcancauseyoutoretreatintoalimited spacethatyouknowissafe. Tryandimagineamomentinyourlife–maybe whenyougraduatedorhadtogiveabigspeech–whenalleyesareonyou andhowthatfelt. Thenimaginelivinglikethateveryday. Togosomewherereallyremoteformorethanjustafewdayswherenobody knowsyouissomethingthatDavidhasbeenunabletoexperienceforover 20years. Heisoneofmyclosestfriendsanditwasgreattobeabletocurate anexperiencelikethisforhim. Itwasimportanttomethatwecreatedanauthenticjourney. Ididn’twantthe audiencetofeelasthoughtheywerewatchingsomethingthatwasfabricated orthatitwasjustthefourofusmakingthetrip. Thereweretenofusonthe shootwhichincludedmembersofDavid’ssecurityteam. Iwantedtoexpose theprocessandfortheaudiencetoseeaproducerormaybeasafetyguy. Mythoughtwasifthere’sgoingtobetenpeople,Imightaswellshowthem. Ididn’ttellDavidmuchaboutthetripbeforeweleftaspartofthefilmwas theunveilingofthejourney. Wetalkedaboutthebiggerconceptssuchasthe searchforanonymity. Wevisitedsomeprettyremoteplaceswheretherelationshipbetweenthe tribespeopleandoutsidershasbeenverystrainedformanyyearsandfame, money,anysortofpowerhavenomeaningorinfluence. We’renotbeing judgedasfilmmakersorfootballers–wearesimplymenwhoareeither trustedornottrusted. ThatwasthepointthatIwantedtogetto,totakeDavid toaplacewherehe’sjudgedpurelyasaman. ThethingthatmakesmeproudestaboutthisprogrammeisthatI’vehelped Davidhaveajourneythathe’llneverforget;whereheexperiencedsomany thingsthathe’dneverexperiencedbeforeandthatIwasabletobethereto witnessit. Thatmakesmeproudasafriendandasafilmmaker.” David_Beckham_Into_Unknown_2014_Press_Pack_BBCWW_PRINT.indd 9 29/05/2014 13:11 David_Beckham_Into_Unknown_2014_Press_Pack_BBCWW_PRINT.indd 7 29/05/2014 13:11 PROGRAMMESYNOPSIS After22yearsplayingfortheworld’sgreatestfootballteamsDavid Beckhamhasretired. Forthefirsttimeinhisadultlifehehasthe freedomtodowhateverhewants–andtomarktheoccasionhe’s goingonanadventure. He’schosenBrazil,onmotorbikes,andistravellingwiththreeofhis closestfriends. AnthonyMandler,world-renownedphotographerand videodirector;DerekWhite,anexperiencedmotorbikeriderwho’llget themoutofamechanicalfix;andDaveGardner,hisbestfriendsince theywere14yearsold. FirststopisRio. ItonlytakesminutesforDavidtobespottedbyfans andpaparazzi. Withthemotorbikesgivingthemaspeedygetaway andthecrashhelmetcreatingtheanonymityDavidcraves,they escapetoafavelacalledVidigal. Passingafoot-volleyballgamedownonSaoConradobeach,David can’tresistthetemptationandplayswiththelocalsuntilthesungoes down. Theycan’tbelievetheirluck. ThenextdaytheyflytoManaus,tropicalgatewaytotheAmazon,and maketheirwaydeepintotheAmazonwhereDavidisunknown. Theyenjoythefreedomofthebikesontheopenroadbutareoutof theircomfortzonewhennightfallsandtheyhavetobeddownin hammocks,inprettybasicconditions. LeakycanoestakethemdeepalongAmazontributarieswheresixfeet (1.8metre)longanacondaslurkinthewater. WhileAnthonyandDerek takealeapoffaithandjumpin,DavidandDavekeeptheirkitonand watchfromthesidelines. Thefurthertheytravelintotherainforest,themoreDavidrelaxesand reflectsonhissurroundings. Hehasn’tdoneanythinglikethisbefore, butembraceswhatthejunglehastooffer. Hegoesfishingwiththe localsandcampsoutunderthejunglecanopy,becomingadabhand atmakingafireandfilletingfish. Afteralmost800miles(1290km)ofboatandbiketravelthegroup reachatinyairstripthatwilltakethemdeepintothejungletoaremote territorywherefewWesternershavebeen,tomeettheYanomamitribe. ForDavidandhisfriendsthistripisarealitytheyhavenever knownbefore. David_Beckham_Into_Unknown_2014_Press_Pack_BBCWW_PRINT.indd 4 29/05/2014 13:11 DAVEGARDNER ©FREDDIECLAIRE David_Beckham_Into_Unknown_2014_Press_Pack_BBCWW_PRINT.indd 10 29/05/2014 13:11 ANINTERVIEWWITH DAVIDBECKHAM Can you tell us about the film and how it came about? ThefilmissomethingI’veneverbeenabletodobeforenow. WhenAnthony andIfirststartedtalkingaboutitwewantedtogotoaplacewhereIhad actuallybeenbeforebutinadifferentdirectionandthiswashowwecame upwithgoingtotheAmazon. I’mabigmotorbikeriderandsoaretwoofmythreefriendsthatcame withmeonthistrip,soitwasthekindofjourneythathadnoschedule. Mywholelife,mywholecareerhasbeenabouthavingaparticularschedule thatI’vealwayskeptto,sowejustwantedtobeabletojumponthebikes anddowhatwewanted whereverwewanted. Itwasimportanttoalsofind somewherewhereIwasunrecognisable,andwefoundthat. Itwasareally specialjourney. Wemetsomeincrediblepeoplealongtheway,sawsome amazingthings,allinacountrythatisthehomeoffootball. How much did you know about the plan before you set off? Anthonywastotallycluedupaboutthewholeplan,hejustdidn‘tbriefus verywell,especiallyDerekwhocamewithasuitcaseof‘goingout’shirts! Hewasn’texpectingtocamp,hewasn’texpectingtogointothejunglesoit wasawholesurpriseforhim. DaveandIwerebetterpreparedbutAnthony stilldidn’ttellusmuchwhichisactuallywhatIwanted. Obviouslyhebriefed usslightly,butthingslikestayinginhammockseverynight,sleepinginthe jungle,thingsweweregoingtosee,peopleweweregoingtomeet,that wasatotalsurprise. What were the main challenges of the trip? Themainchallengesofthetrip? Howlonghaveyougot?! Thefirst challengeformewasgettingcomfortableinahammock. I’vebeenina hammockbeforewiththekidsorwithVictoria,butsleepinginahammock thatwasgoingtobeyourbedfor12days,thatwasawholedifferentthing. Ican’tlie,myfirstnight’ssleepinthehammockwasterrible,Ihadabout30 minutessleep. Abouttwodayslatersomeonedecidedtoexplainhowbest tosleepinahammockandafterthatitwasgreat. Notshoweringorwashing –I’macleanpersonsothatwasprettytoughforme. Andthenriding thebikes. I’musedtoridingbikes,butnotinthatterrainorinthatkindof weather,sothatwasdifficult. Beingawayfromthefamilywashardtoo. I wantedtotakethistripwithmyfriendsanddosomethingthatI’dneverdone before,butbeingawayfromthekidsandVictoriawasachallengeforsure. Was the experience everything you’d hoped for? ItendedupbeingeverythingthatI’dhopedforandmore. It’sanexperience thatI’ddefinitelydoagainbecauseitinvolvedbeingawaywithfriends,on motorbikesandbeinginaplacelikeBrazil. IloveBrazilingeneral,butto seeitthewaywesawit–I’ddoitagain. Now that you’ve seen the film,what are you most proud of? Thatwecameoutofthejunglealive! AndthatIgottoseemoreofmy friendsthanI’deverseeninthewholetimeI’veknownthem. SeeingDave really,reallystruggle–thatwasapleasurablepartofthetrip! Theseare friendsthatIwantedtohaveonthisjourneywithmeandIknowtheylovedit andIknowthey’ddoitagain. Itwaseverythingwe’dallhopedfor. Were there any particularly scary or funny moments that took place that are maybe not in the film? There’shoursandhoursofscary,funnymomentsthatdefinitelycouldnotbe broadcastontheBBC! Someofthelanguagewasslightlycolourful–not frommyselfofcourse,Idon’tsweartoomuch–butfromtheotherguysit was. Themomentwesteppedoffourbikesandsetfootinthejunglestands out. Wewereliterallythreemetresintothejunglewhenwecameacross atarantulaandthatwaslike“OK,we’reinitnow”. Andthere’samoment whenwestartwalkingintothejungleandyoucanseetheatmosphere changewithinme,Derek,DaveandAnthony. Youcanseeourfaceschange, oureyeschange. Allofasuddenwe’rehearingmonkeysandourguidesare tellingusaboutthejaguarsandthatstartedworryingusalittlebit. Itwas startingtogetdarkaswellsoweliterallyhadtosetupcamp,puthammocks up,getafiregoing. Thatwaswhenweallrealisedwewereinitforreal. Can you tell us about the tribe you visited on your Amazonian adventure? ObviouslyoneoftheexcitingpartsofthetripwasmeetingtheYanomami tribe. Theyhadneverletcamerasintotheirvillagebeforesoitwaskind ofnerve-wrackingwhenwefirstarrivedthere. Thatforuswastheexcitingpart,goingintothatkindofatmosphere,knowing thatwewereinaplacewherethepeopledidn’tknowanythingaboutfootball andtheydidn’tknowanythingaboutme.Oneofthetribesmanturnedround tomeandsaid:“Whatdoyoudo? Whatdoyouhunt? What’syourjunglelike whereyoulive?” Itwasarealeyeopenerandwhenheaskedme:“So,what isfootball?”Itriedtoexplainitinthebestpossibleway. Ididn’texplainit verywell,tobehonest,astheonlytimethatI’veeverhadtoexplainfootball beforeisprobablytomywife. Butvisitingandbeingallowedintothetribe wasahugehonour. David_Beckham_Into_Unknown_2014_Press_Pack_BBCWW_PRINT.indd 8 29/05/2014 13:11 Everything for the David Beckham title was designed with his iconic image in mind. The Title Treatment gave precedence to his name and the brochure was designed to be simple and let the images be the hero of the piece. Text came in from only one side to keep the focus always on David and the incredible photography.
  5. James Brackett Online | Doctor Who 50th | Social Media The idea for the Doctor Who 50th was to have a Top 11 countdown, for 11 days, to symbolise the 11 doctors. The brief was to simply have something that people would want to pass on. After numerous agencies tried to give the brief a go the Doctor Who Team were unhappy with the results. I was given 2 hours before they went live with the first one. My idea tied into the visual style of the ‘Social TARDIS Website’ and so had a two fold effect of promoting the show in a simple stylistic way and driving traffic to the revolutionary website.
  6. James Brackett Event | Doctor Who Vision Day | Campaign My brief was to present the Audience Insights for Doctor Who in a way that would be engaging in a day long meeting/ session about the future of Doctor Who. I built 2 metre tall lifesize sets that demonstrated when and where key audience segments watched Doctor Who, so decision makers could immerse themselves in the target audience behaviours. A printed bookcase and sidetable highlighted viewing and buying habits. I also created some infographics displaying stats for key areas. Social Media, YouTube and Netflix. As a nostalgic take away, I also designed a Doctor Who chronology which doubled as an interactive piece where participants could write down ideas for the future. Social Media 3.7 million fans on Average 1,589,732 Circa 1 million fans Like / Comment / Share content every week Doctor Who 50th activity reached 20 million + Peter Capaldi announcement reached 5.3 million Outperforming industry and competitor benchmarks Like Share Comment and fans grow 50-80k every month with 190k for Nov 2013 Daily average reach of Unique Facts posts posts Next Month DecNovOctSepAug 500k fans on Post 865k fans on DW_Audience_Insight_Social_Media_A0_PRINT.pdf 1 27/11/2013 18:07 FansFans FansFans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans FansFans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans FansFansFans Fans Fans Fans Fans Fans 2.1 million videos about Doctor Who 83%of Doctor Who content is viewed when the show is not on air only around 500 are from the BBC 207 territories on YouTube compared to 94 territories on simulcast On the 50th weekend, fans watched in Facts 500 2.1m +6000% By sharing our original content with some of these fans over the 50th weekend The brand was exposed to 6000% of our own subscriber base 207 94 OFF AIR ON AIR DW_Audience_Insight_YouTube_A0_PRINT.pdf 1 27/11/2013 18:15 Since 2011 Doctor Who has had over 188m views on US In the US, of DW viewers (last 12 months) 26% watch on TV vs. 32% on Another 37% may watch on Netflix but not as their primary way… 25% of US households are subscribers 188 million 2011 2012 2013 andFacts 6.5% of UK households are subscribers 26% 32% 37% In UK, Doctor Who is the 4th most requested programme ever on 4 th DW_Audience_Insight_iPlayer_A0_PRINT.pdf 1 27/11/2013 19:01 CHRONOLOGY 1963 – The first episode 1963 –The Daleks first appear 1971 –The Master first appears 1969 – The Time Lords are first mentioned 1974 – Sarah Jane Smith appears 1966 –The Cybermen first appear 1973 – First Target novelisations appear 1970 – Bessie appears (the Doctor’s car) 1975 – Davros 1964 – Merchandise begins – The Daleks, the Annual, 1973 – Gallifrey is first mentioned – The Time Warrior 1970 – Into Colour with Jon Pertwee 1974 –Tom Baker appears 1966 –The first regeneration 1974 – Seven Keys to Doomsday – FIRST LIVE ON STAGE 1973 –The Three Doctors (first multiple Doctor story) 1979 – DoctorWho Magazine first appears 1983 – FirstVHS 1979 – First American Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles 1990s – New Adventures keep the story going 1987 – Sylvester McCoy first appearance 1999 – DVD releases begin 1983 – DoctorWho Celebration at Longleat 1981 –Tom Baker hangs up his scarf 1996 – He’s back and it’s about time – The TV Movie 1989 –The show is put on indefinite hiatus... 1983 –Twenty years – The Five Doctors 1979 – City of Death achieves Doctor Who’s highest ever ratings 16m 1993 – 30Years is marked with a CiN special in 3D… 1988 – 25 years of Doctor Who 2003 – Scream of the Shalka… 1984 – Colin Baker first appearance 1999 – Big Finish keeps the dream alive 1990s –VHS sales continue 2013 Jan: launches Jun: Charles and Camilla in TARDIS Oct: Missing Episodes announced Nov: Brand film released via global social channels – achieves almost 5.5 million views onYT Nov:#savetheday UGC website launched Nov: Google homepage takeover Nov:The Day of the Doctor simultaneously broadcast in 94 countries and over 1500 cinema screens at 19.50 GMT. Achieved Guinness World Record for largest ever simulcast. July: Geek Week onYou Tube:Alex Day video shoot on the TARDIS Feb: FB hits 3m Jun: Doctor Who Trivia Book is a Sunday Times Best-seller Mar:Royal Mail stamp collection launched Aug: Peter Capaldi announcement live streamed to UK, Aus, US and Canada July: 6 week interactive installations at Heathrow airport 2005 The Show returns Companion Show – Doctor Who Confidential launches Torchwood is first mentioned Ninth Doctor regenerates to the Tenth David Tennant and Billie Piper turn on the Christmas lights in Cardiff Torchwood launches Sarah Jane returns… then gets her own show 2006 The Sarah Jane Adventures launches Kylie guest stars in Christmas Special, Voyage of the Damned 2007 April: 1st HD – Planet of the Dead July: Doctor Who goes to San Diego Comic Con for the first time 2009 July: Guinness World Records recognises Doctor Who as the ‘most successful sci fi series in the world’ – Award received by Russell T Davies at SDCC Jan:The Tenth Doctor regenerates to Eleventh Doctor 2010 March: DW moves from SYFY to BBC America: First major outdoor campaign – bus sides in NY Oct / Nov: Doctor Who Live:The Monsters Are Coming UK arena tour Nov: Matt Smith appears on US talk show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson Nov: 1st US shoot (and PR) – Impossible Astronaut Dec: Big Bang mention Dec: Doctor Who Facebook page launches Feb: Doctor Who Experience opening at Kensington Olympia 2011 Aug: 1st Motion Comic – Let’s Kill Hitler Sept:Amy and Rory leave Doctor Who and we first meet Oswin/Clara 2012 March: First modern Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff July: Eleventh Doctor sonic remote launched at Comic Con Feb: Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular launches in Aus July:Achieved the front cover of Entertainment Weekly in US July: Doctor Who Experience moves to Cardiff THE FUTURE 2014 - 2018 MODERN ERA CLASSIC ERA First episode that was shot overseas – The Fires of Pompeii Journey’s End is broadcast in Trafalgar Square 2008 First Doctor Who Prom at Royal Albert Hall AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Space Cadets Very high and energised fan segment. In-depth knowledge and like to show off that knowledge. David Tennant is their favourite Doctor, because of his quirkiness and energy. Donna is their favourite Companion, because of her independence and wit. Knowledgeable of the latest tech devices and ways of accessing online content (legally and illegally). High disposable income to buy for self and gift. Love every type of merchandise from games to homewares. Enjoy going to events to share and celebrate their passion for Sci-Fi and Doctor Who They may not conform to popular trends, they like that Doctor Who is less mainstream. SUMMARY WHO THEY ARE Youngish Whovians skewing under 30. High passion for all things Sci-Fi. High passion for Doctor Who. Very active in social media and keen to share their thoughts with other fans. WHERE THEY ARE USA: 19% Aus: 16% UK:11% Biggest in America. WHEN THEY WATCH Most likely to timeshift. Frequent Doctor Who viewers. Interact with social media while watching to share their thoughts. HOW THEY WATCH More likely to watch via freestreaming, downloads or Netflix, as opposed to traditional TV, more than any other segment. Will watch on any platform. Most likely on laptops and mobile devices. SUMMARY Very family friendly collection of media. They don’t buy for themselves, gifting is key.They follow the latest trends and popular gifts. They like the fact that it’s Nostalgic and British They own most mainstream gadgets. General use of social media, but not linked to Doctor Who. Newspapers and Magazines still play a role for them SUMMARY WHO THEY ARE Young families with children at home. Have their own lives but “TV Family Time” is an event that brings them together. Passion for Doctor Who is low, their enjoyment is derived from their kids’ enjoyment. WHERE THEY ARE USA: 16% Aus: 21% UK:16% Biggest in Australia. WHEN THEY WATCH Appointment viewing, the shared event brings them together. They watch scheduled TV as the shows first broadcast. HOW THEY WATCH TV SUMMARY AUDIENCE INSIGHTS Family Time Lords
  7. James Brackett PROGRAMMETREATMENTS NHOpenDay_2014_Catalogue_PRINT.indb 1 30/05/2014 17:33 LandsoftheMonsoon©PaulWilliams2014 NHOpenDay_2014_Generic_Banner_PRINT.indd 1 30/05/2014 09:59 5 NATURAL WORLD NaturalWorld is the BBC Natural History Unit’s remarkable strand of one-off wildlife documentaries.The strand has been running for over 30 years, with more than 500 films to its name, and in that time, winning multitudes of awards. Natural World tells intelligent and emotional in-depth stories that connect viewers with the natural world, with fresh insight into wild animals and places. Our cast is chosen from the planet’s most amazing animals, and those who know them best.Their stage is picked from the most wonderful wild places on earth and we tell their stories through the highest quality natural history photography.We leave our viewers feeling closer to nature, connected to the natural world, as well as understanding its marvels a little better. Our films are produced over the course of a year, often with camera operators living on location for months at a time. In the current run, our film Penguin Post Office had an intrepid cameraman living in a post office on the Antarctic Peninsula for five months in order to get to know a colony of Gentoo penguins and their postal worker neighbours. Our stories are intimate and up-close with great animal characters like Stoffel ‘the escape artist’ honey badger in Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem and Lily ‘the famous’ black bear in Lily, A Bear’s Life.When there is a person in our films they’re in the action, living closely with their beloved animals, sharing strong emotional bonds, like Rodrigo Medellin and his beloved tequila bats in The Bat Man of Mexico. Our films are rich in animal behaviour and they challenge perceptions, as demonstrated in the incredibly powerful Africa’s Giant Killers.We also tell some important stories about some of the planet’s most threatened wildlife, from frogs facing extinction in Fabulous Frogs to trying to unravel the secret lives of endangered pygmy hippos in Operation Pygmy Hippo. Our films really can make a difference. EPISODES Africa’s Giant Killers In this stunning blue chip real life drama,Africa’s largest herd of elephants and a fearless pride of young lions come face to face in an epic fight for survival. Rarely do their worlds collide, until now. This is no chance conflict – nature has played its part – first filling and then draining the Savute Marsh in Botswana. Drought has left the elephants weakened and, with the lions desperately hungry, the dawn of the giant killers has arrived. Beavers Behaving Badly The expression ‘busy as a beaver’ perfectly catches the industry and enterprise of this loveable rodent when in its natural habitat. But if a beaver moves into the human environment, its talent for felling trees, building dams and stripping vegetation is a recipe for conflict.Wetlands conservationist Drew Reed is charged with keeping the peace between people and beavers in the picturesque surrounding of Jackson Hole,Wyoming.This film follows Drew through a season as he struggles to stop ‘beavers behaving badly’. Fabulous Frogs Prepare to be taken on a journey through the weird and wonderful world of frogs, shedding new light on these charismatic, colourful and frequently bizarre little animals. By revealing the latest science and using cutting edge technology, the hidden world and natural history of frogs is displayed like never before.We see the key aspects of the frog’s life, portrayed through a mix of specially shot and spectacular BBC archive footage from across the world. Seeing so many species of frog emphasizes the plethora and array of differences there are across the frog kingdom and their incredible adaptations to life. Duration: 9 x 50’ Series Editor: Roger Webb Delivery: 2014 Get closer to nature NATURAL HISTORY OPEN DAY2014 Africa’s Giant Killers NHOpenDay_2014_Catalogue_PRINT.indb 5 30/05/2014 17:33 THURSDAY 12 JUNE Natural History Open Day – presentations by producers Venue: The Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Bristol BS1 5TX Time: 09.00 – 16.30 Please note, timings are subject to change. 09.00 Reception 09.30 Welcome 09.40 Shark 09.55 Beyond Human 10.05 Natural World 10.35 Coffee Break 11.00 One Planet 11.20 This Wild Life 11.35 Atlantic 11.55 Wild Japan 12.10 Wild Alaska 12.25 Wonders of Animals 12.40 Lunch 13.45 Tigers AboutThe House 13.55 Dynasty The Journey 14.15 Lands of the Monsoon 14.35 End of in-house session 14.40 Coffee Break 15.15 Introduction to Indie session 15.15 The Hunt 15.40 Close session Dinner hosted by BBC Worldwide Venue: Bordeaux Quay, Canon’s Road Bristol, BS1 5UH Time: 18.30 EVENT INFORMATION Lands of the Monsoon © Paul Williams 2014 ©GeorgeSanker/ Dynasty 5 x 50’ A BBC production NHOpenDay_2014_A0_Boards_PRINT.indd 9 02/06/2014 13:53 ©JesseWilkinson/SilverbackFilms The Hunt 7 x 50’ 1 x 50’ in 4K A Silverback Films production for BBC, co-produced with BBC Worldwide, BBC America and ARD NHOpenDay_2014_A0_Boards_PRINT.indd 6 02/06/2014 13:51 Event | Natural History Open Day | All Printed and Screen Materials I was in charge of all designed materials for the ‘Natural History Open Day’, from Title Treatment to Hotel Gallery Spaces (and directing the On-Screen assets). The concept was to use the tree, leaves and butterfly shapes as a container for some of our titles that had potentially had photography at low resolutions. This would allow the final assets to be more stylistic with the photography provided. The morphing shapes also allowed me to create a feeling of movement across the artwork, bringing the nature to life.
  8. James Brackett Event | BBC Showcase | All Printed and Screen Materials Showcase Schedule Monday 24 February 10:00–11:00 Factual Entertainment ShowcaseTheatre 1 11:00–12:00 Digital Session: TV vs Digital (panel session) ShowcaseTheatre 1B 12:00–13:15 Science ShowcaseTheatre 1 14:00–15:15 Natural History ShowcaseTheatre 1 15:30–16:30 Children’s Riverside Balcony 16:00–17:15 Comedy ShowcaseTheatre 1 L I V E R P O O L 2 O 1 4 Schedule Projections_Port_v2.indd 1 17/02/2014 11:50 BBC Showcase is a 3 day sales event to ‘Showcase’ our programmes to the world. I designed a huge range of assets for the event from Promo Cards to Menu Cards, 3 metre high wall art to limited edition mugs.
  9. James Brackett Campaign | MTV | Magazine, Newspaper Strip and Radio Advert MTV2 / NME Awards TourRadio ScriptWe hear the roar of a crowd, an amplifier fades up and we hear the sound of a guitar tuning up. We hear a voice speak into the mic: Lead Vocals: Testing, testingAnother uproar from the crowd. The voice continues: Lead Vocals: Good evening Brixton!, More guitar noises,The crowd noise rises to fever pitch. We hear the click of drum sticks and into the mic we hear:Lead Vocals: 1, 2... 1, 2, 3!Then just as the first chord is being played we hear the sound of the plug being pulled, and the music abruptly cuts out. We hear the sound of Zane Lowe's voice over: Sorry, but MTV2 is the ONLY place you can now catch Maximo Park, Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists and Mystery Jets playing live on this year’s sold out NME Awards Tour.The NME Awards Tour Live, this Wednesday at 9pm, exclusively on MTV2.[Alternate Version: The NME Awards Tour Live, tonight at 9, exclusively on MTV2] For MTV there was quite a fast turn around, and these projects needed to be to press in one day. They were brainstormed in the morning and created for print in the afternoon.
  10. James Brackett Campaign | MTV and Sony PSP | PSP and Online PC Game with Integrated Social Network Site This was proposed as a joint venture between MTV and Sony PSP to promote both brands equally. The idea was to create a random ‘Bastard Child of Sound and Screen’ from your favourite media. You give five of your favourites for each section so the computer has more chance of matching a body part from it’s database to your preferences. These creations will then be able to do battle with each other with the aim of making the best ‘Bastard Child’. As an added incentive, special MTV DVDs and PSP games would come with promotional codes that would alow you to unlock a special move or body part for your character. The Social website would be a place where you can do battle with your creations and view everyone else's. Here you can write down all your favourite media and see who else has similar interests to you. This will aid people in finding books that might be of interest to them through films that they had in common with another person. They would also be able to leave other people recommendations for what to read, watch or play. 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. 6.
  11. James Brackett Campaign | The BRITs and Tesco | POS and Branding Event Tesco collaborated with The BRITs to promote their dedication to their instore and online music services. As part of this I created store posters, flyers, shelf talkers, badges and much more.
  12. James Brackett Campaign | 3M | Logo, Animation, Website and Downloadable Content 3M Worldlywise was an educational project about climate change. Teachers could download lesson plans and worksheets as well as having an online world and resource which they could explore and work through with their students. Everything was built from scratch, from the concept through to the logo, animation, illustration and html coding. 3M
  13. James Brackett Web | Danish Bacon | Concept and Story Boards for Game This was a concept for an online game that could be recommended and passed onto friends, and would in turn promote Danish Bacon as the best bacon on the market and ‘The Perfect Hangover Cure’. The idea was to entice customers into the online cafe you had built, using the decor and location of your cafe to sell as many bacon sarnies as possible. Each day you would have a certain allocation of Danish and normal bacon and although you could keep giving people more and more of the normal bacon their sickness gauge would slowly build. Only Danish bacon would return the gauge back to zero and avoid a sickness disaster in your cafe. After someone had been sick in your cafe you could clean it up, but this would take time and no new customers would come into your cafe until it was clean again. Hungover customers in the cafe, and approaching the cafe entrance would also be ill until the cafe was clean again. Bonus Hot Women would only eat Danish bacon sarnies but would pay extremely well for them. 1. 3. 2. 4.
  14. James Brackett Web | Danish Bacon | Online Advert for Danish Bacon Game This was a concept for an online rollover/interactive advert to drive traffic to the Danish Bacon Cafe Game. The static advert has a ball bouncing from side to side in someone's head and asks the viewer if they are hungover. When rolled over the mouse controls the tilt of the head and allows you to play pong for a few seconds. If you successfully win the game we hear the sound of the ‘Danish Bacon Sizzle’, some munching and we see the Danish branded bacon pop up in the person’s head and bat away the hangover inducing ball. We end with the tag line and a call to action to play the game and cure more people of their Hangovers. 1. 3. 2. 4.
  15. James Brackett Installation | Port of London | Educational Interactive Installation This was an installation piece designed for the Port of London Authority. It uses objects to show how much of a product is Imported and Exported as a percentage. This was used for educational purposes with schools and could be adapted into an interactive puzzle too.
  16. James Brackett Corporate Identity | Hi-Score for Playstation | Logo and Branded Packaging Hi-Score wanted to aim their brand at children and parents alike. They wanted to create low cost fun games for the whole family to play. This logo was created to appeal and excite both audiences and demonstrated the ethos of reaching greater heights and getting higher scores.
  17. James Brackett Corporate Identity | Hi-Score for Playstation | Corporate Stationery This letterhead focused on a slightly more playful and childlike aspect of games. It was based on a sort of ‘Collect Them All” game every child played when they were young, whether it was stickers or Pokemon. The set of stationery all work together to form the full picture.
  18. James Brackett Corporate Identity | Hi-Score for Playstation | Corporate Stationery This letterhead is focused again on the playful and childlike aspect of games and collecting. Each business card is almost like a visual charade of a different film or game related to space.