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Pernix Letterhead

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Pernix Letterhead

  1. 1. Ed: Jan.1, 2010 Team Rangers, January 27, 2012 Pernix Therapeutics launched our new Gastroenterology Sales Division May 14th 2011 that resulted in both a North and South Division. Collectively the two divisions consist of 61 speciality GI representatives (31 North Representatives and 30 South Representatives). I’m proud to announce the first six months of total prescription sales for those representatives from Team Ranger (South Division). We have 7 out of the 61 Pernix Therapeutics Gastroenterology Speciality sales force representing our Southern Division in the top 10 of sales for Omeclamox-Pak. The following is a list of your 7, Southern Division/ Regional, top 10 sales leaderteammates. Ranking Southern Division Representative Territory 1 Rolando Saavedra Houston North-GI 3 Corey Hedgepeth Charlotte NC-GI 5 Jay Crozier Atlanta North-GI 6 Phill Crescimanno Orlando/Tampa-GI 8 Pat Parenton New Orleans-GI 9 Suzi Watts Houston South-GI 10 Christian Meighan Miami-GI Congratulations to the Houston representatives for having two members finish in the top 10 and also to all of those that represented Team Rangers success at the top of the charts. In addition I would like to recognize two additional members that finished in the top 20 and they were James Gonzalez at # 15 and Joe McCarthy at #19, great job! This has been a super start to getting Omeclamox-Pak launched into the market! Again, congratulations on all your success but more than anything I want to say thank you to all 30 members representing the drive and focus of Team Ranger. Cordially, Robert Sims Regional Area Manager Pernix Therapeutics