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James Pore's Resume

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James Pore's Resume

  1. 1. JAMES PORE 6674 Prue Road Apt. 10308 San Antonio, TX 78240 (210) 325-1327 ç jamespore43@gmail.com QUALITY INSPECTOR Dedicated, driven, and self-motivated individual with extensive hands-on experience ensuring supervised projects comply with regulatory and company guidelines. Keen eye for detail with a proven ability to ide- ntify underperforming areas and recommend improvements that promote operational efficiency. Continu ously analyzes products to confirm specification adherence. Strong team player with a track recordof thri ving both independently and in team-oriented, collaborative environments. Areas of Expertise: Construction Inspection • Compliance Management • Quality Control / Assurance • Records Maintenance Cross-Functional Collaboration • Efficiency Optimization •Interpersonal Communication • Data Analysis / Research • Team Building • Inventory Control EXPERIENCE GE Oil and Gas, Schertz, Tx July 6th, 2015-Present Quality Control Inspector Contractor. Inspects and critiques all aspects of the USLNG project on a mechanical level to make sure qu ality standards are on par with ASME B31.3 and any/all of GE’s in house Specs. and Procedures. This inclu des welds, Isometric and General Arrangement drawings, valves, pipe, etc. Works hand and hand with oth er processes of the project such as NDE and Data Entry to make the overall quality of the product a unifie d and complete goal. Gained a trusted relationship with Shell; the customer of the project, who has recogn ized work ethic and integrity. ROD AND TUBING SERVICES, Dilley, TX Oct 2012 –May 2015 Inspector / Yard Hand/Inventory Key contributor involved in cleaning, inspecting, and servicing tubing to maintain compliance consistency with established workplace standards. Additionally, managed all pipe inventory and related work orders. Preformed visual inspection and NDE to ensure products were up to the proper Spec., as well as Hydrost atic testing  Utilize expertise as a Certified Forklift Operator to coordinate forklift needs.  Maintained plant’s inventory in a timely manner. SOUTHWEST EXTERIORS, San Antonio, TX May 2010 – Jul 2011; May 2012 – Aug 2012 Carpenter Interfaced directly with customers to determine housing needs for replacement siding materials while si multaneously delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction.  Measured, cut, replaced, and repaired siding based on customer specifications. EDUCATION & TRAINING TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY, Kingsville, Texas Coursework in English and Psychology Level One/Level Two Inspector- Visual (RTS, GE) Level One/Level Two Inspector – Mag Particle, Visual, UT Thickness (RTS)
  2. 2. Forklift Certification Safe Land Card Letters of Recommendation: