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Site structure deep crawl webinar

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Site structure is a vital part of any successful site. Crafting an optimal site architecture that provides logical navigation for visitors and enables Google to understand how your site is connected, is one the best ways to significantly increase your performance in search.

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Site structure deep crawl webinar

  1. 1. Structure Your Site for Success DeepCrawl Webinar @Jammer_Volts
  2. 2. What is Information Architecture?
  3. 3. ART SCIENCE ROLE PLAY @Jammer_Volts
  4. 4. Know Yourself.
  5. 5. What’s your vertical?
  6. 6. What’s your unique value proposition?
  7. 7. What’s your business goal? @Jammer_Volts
  9. 9. Every page has a goal. @Jammer_Volts
  10. 10. Macro Conversion Micro Conversion Complete transaction Sign up for email Phone call generation Download spec sheet Download white paper Add item to cart Utilize Chat Email for price Share content Play video
  11. 11. Know your conversions. Actively monitor them. @Jammer_Volts
  12. 12. Your users are on a quest.
  13. 13. User Intent Business Goals Effective IA @Jammer_Volts
  14. 14. Satisfy user intent. @Jammer_Volts
  15. 15. Know your customers
  16. 16. Do you give them what they’re looking for? What do you want them to do next? What brought them to your site? @Jammer_Volts
  17. 17. “I want to buy a toaster.” @Jammer_Volts
  18. 18. Classic Navigation
  19. 19. “I want to host brunch.” @Jammer_Volts
  20. 20. Conceptual Navigation
  21. 21. Optimized Silo Structure
  22. 22. Taking Action Making the next step clear and logical @Jammer_Volts
  23. 23. Know how your users speak. @Jammer_Volts
  24. 24. Give them a map. @Jammer_Volts
  25. 25. At any time users should know Where can I go? Where have I been? Where am I? @Jammer_Volts
  26. 26. * an accurate map.
  27. 27. Wide > Deep @Jammer_Volts
  28. 28. @Jammer_Volts
  29. 29. Prioritize consistency @Jammer_Volts
  30. 30. @Jammer_Volts
  31. 31. Make the next step clear. @Jammer_Volts
  32. 32. sous vide thermal circulator immersion circulator heated display case hot food merchandiser hot food display hot food station hot food unit hand wash sink hand sink handsink fish knife fillet knife fishknife sashimi knife cook's knife chef's knife cow knife cooks' knife chefs' knife tabletop countertop counter top cookie cutter cookie mold cookiecutter coffee brewer coffee machine coffee maker chafing rack chafing frame chafer rack chafter frame Know your synonyms
  33. 33. Saving Throws Turning dead end content into crossroads @Jammer_Volts
  34. 34. Build your site with a logical link structure. @Jammer_Volts
  35. 35. 1+ static text link for every page @Jammer_Volts
  36. 36. Avoid creating multiple copies with different URLs @Jammer_Volts
  37. 37. Match placement to user intent @Jammer_Volts
  38. 38. Leverage hub pages @Jammer_Volts
  39. 39. Match autosuggest to indexable pages @Jammer_Volts
  40. 40. Expand on options @Jammer_Volts
  41. 41. Don’t disrupt their journey. @Jammer_Volts
  42. 42. Good IA makes SEO easier. @Jammer_Volts