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Psychology of Social Media (conducted while at AMP Agency)

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Presented by the AMP Agency team at FutureM on September 14,2011

Event Description: Join AMP Agency for a look into the evolution of social media – where it is today, emerging technologies and channels, and what’s to come in the years of innovation ahead. The event will combine an exclusive first-look at findings from AMP’s latest research study, the “Psychology of Social”, and an in-depth panel discussion with leading social experts discussing “what’s next?” in social media. Panelists will explore topics such as “the various triggers that lead to successful consumer adoption of new social channels”, “predicting the future of social” and “how brands will need to adopt to achieve success in the future of social media marketing”.

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Psychology of Social Media (conducted while at AMP Agency)

  1. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SOCIAL AMP Agency & friends1
  2. Insights inspired. Results driven.2 @AMP_Agency
  3. The Research
  4. Research Goal Question: What drives and motivates such strong affinities for social media? Original Hypothesis: Due to the high degree of interaction, consumers are developing an emotional bond with social media.4
  5. Social Media Usage 35 hours of footage uploaded every minute 750MM users; 180 domestically 125 years worth of reading 5+ billion photos 10MM users in 2 weeks One new user every 2010: 75MM users second 2011: 175MM users5
  6. 6 Mobile conversation map via AT&T
  7. Native Americanmigration map7
  8. Facebook friend connection map via Facebook
  9. The Ingredients Consumer Trend Assessment Consumer Research Developmental Neuropsychologist Stanford Psychology Psychologist The Psychology of Social9
  10. Classic Psychological & Sociological Theory Maslow Bowlby Harlow Ainsworth • Hierarchy of Needs • Attachment Theory • Maternal Attachment Theory • Separation Theory • Patterns of Attachment Theory10
  11. New Psychological & Sociological Theory Dr. A. Jackson, Neuropsychologist Brain function Dr. L. Farley, Developmental Emotional function Psychologist Dr. A. Jordan, Professor of Behavioral function Psychology11
  12. What Drives Their Connections? Social media is a contributing factor to mental and emotional health, and helps satisfy three main need states: Identity Connection Attachment Establishment Self-esteem12
  13. Why is Connection So Important? Why do I need No this person or brand for “survival”? Yes • Common experience “Feel good” • Common interest How does this reasons • Idolatry relationship serve my needs? Utilitarian • News or updates Reasons • Exclusive offers13
  14. How Connections are Formed Social media connections are driven by a basic human need: developing relationships for emotional or utilitarian benefit Legacy Need State: Initial Social After Effect: Social Media Connection Media Trial Attachment Usage Immediate emotional need Long term emotional wellness14
  15. Connections as Social Media Experiences Short term need: Establish connections • Share experiences • Learn about others’ lives • Establish community presence • “Collect” friends/followers • Look at pictures or videos Long-term Need: Become Attached • Get details on products, events or life’s happenings • Read news and updates • Remain “in the know” • Look at pictures or videos • Share personal perspectives or comments15
  16. Meaningful Social Media Targeted content is the key to building immediate connections and long term attachments16
  17. Content that Drives Connection Consumer Type Purchase Drivers Content Needs User feedback, Emotional Personal ratings, rankings, Decision Makers Recommendations reviews, sharing, personal profiles Offer details, Rational comparisons, End Benefit Decision Makers rankings, feedback, special offers User feedback, Skeptics Reputation comparisons, rankings, reviews17
  18. Assessing the Impact of Social Media
  19. Building a Meaningful Social Media Presence Affect vs. Effect19
  20. Affect Vs. Effect Affect Have an influence on Effect A result or change20
  21. The Future
  22. The Future of Social Media The future is all about satisfying connection need states. Knowing proximity to Location based services “survival unit” Need: Deeper emotional Constant Social media and physiological communication convergence connection Harmonious Social media integration social experience22
  23. Location, location, location – We’re just scratching the surface of the capabilities of many of these location-based tools – Brands and businesses continue to integrate location based services into their physical locations – Where you “are” will become “where you should be” and “where you are going” as tools become increasingly proficient at predicting your behaviors23
  24. Facebook iPhone 524
  25. Continued Social Convergence – Emotional and physical connection to our devices leads to continued convergence of technologies – Social connections further infiltrate all aspects of our media diet – Social profiles, location based services, and mobile payments converge to create one-step-from-purchase lifestyle25
  26. 26
  27. Social gets a seat at the table – Earned media will (and in some instances already does) carry more importance to senior executives as they begin or further understand the power of WOM – The direct access to consumers that social offers continues to give brands unparalleled opportunities to create connections, and influence consumers, partners and prospects27
  28. Social gets a seat at the table How do you currently learn about new products? How do you want to learn about new products?AMP Pulse Survey results, 201128
  29. Want a copy of the Whitepaper? psychofsocial@ampagency.com29