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How to Get Started in Mobile Marketing

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How to Get Started in Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. How to Get Started in Mobile Marketing Jamie Turner Author, Speaker and Founder of BKV’s 60 Second Marketer Follow Jamie on Twitter @AskJamieTurner
  2. 2. Introductions• Co-author of How to Make Money with Social Media and Go Mobile• Regular guest on CNN’s HLN on the topic of social media and mobile media• Consult with small, medium and large businesses on how to use social and mobile to grow sales and revenues
  3. 3. Contact Rina Cook at 404-233-0332 or Ramon Larkin at 913-648-8333
  4. 4. Contact Jerry Gentemann at 404-233-0332
  5. 5. Let’s Kick Things Off The hashtag for today’s event is #GoMobile
  6. 6. 60SecondMarketer.com/GoMobileChapter The hashtag for today’s event is #GoMobile
  7. 7. Mobile Media Facts and Figures
  8. 8. Mobile Media Facts and Figures• There are 6.8 billion people on the planet. 4.0 billion own a mobile phone. Only 3.5 billion own a toothbrush• The growth rate of the iPhone was 10 times faster than the growth rate of AOL• Gartner Group predicts that by 2013 the number one way people will access the internet will be through their mobile devices
  9. 9. Mobile Media Facts and Figures • Mobile coupons generate 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons • 70% of all mobile searches are acted upon within an hour vs. 30% of all traditional searches • Research indicates that if someone leaves home without their wallet, they keep going. If they leave without the mobile device, they turn around
  10. 10. How Businesses are Using MobileMarketing to Grow Revenues
  11. 11. How Businesses are Using MobileMarketing to Grow Revenues• Mobile Web Sites• Short Message Service (SMS)• Multimedia Message Service (MMS)• Mobile Display Ads• Mobile Paid Search• Location-Based Marketing: LBS, NFC, Bluetooth and LBA• Apps• 2D Codes• Mobile Email• Tablet Computing
  12. 12. How Businesses are Using MobileMarketing to Grow Revenues Google RIM Apple Microsoft 39% 20% 28% 9% Source: GS Statcounter
  13. 13. How Consumers Use Smartphones 0 25 50 75 100 Check and send email (82%) Read news articles (56%) Look up directions (69%) Listen to music/radio (45%) Watch online videos (41%) Play online games (39%) Manage finances and bills (34%) Look up sports information (38%) Use a social networking website (63%) Source: The Mobile Movement Study
  14. 14. How to Set Up a Mobile Website
  15. 15. Mobile Website Standard Mobile
  16. 16. Mobile Websites: The Essential ThingsYou Need to Know• Automated Systems • GoDaddy• Plug-and-Play Systems • Mobify • Mobilizer • HubSpot• Third party agencies or design firms • Mobilize Worldwide • BKV
  17. 17. 60SecondMarketer.com/GoMobileChapter The hashtag for today’s event is #GoMobile
  18. 18. Mobile Websites: The Essential ThingsYou Need to Know• Get inside the mind of your customer -- they’re mobile• Analyze your customer’s though sequences• Reduce the number of design elements• Design for speed• Design for multiple devices• Visit WebsiteGrader.com to test your mobile site The hashtag for today’s event is #GoMobile
  19. 19. SMS and MMS
  20. 20. Short Message Service• The most common phone- based activity among U.S. cell phone users of all ages• Used by American Idol, the American Red Cross and others• Used by CNN, Mashable and ABC News for push notifications• Used by doctors to remind patients of appointments• Used by airlines to update people on flights
  21. 21. Short Message Service• According to CTIA.org, text messages are read within 4 minutes of receipt, as opposed to 48 hours for email• Wikipedia reports that there are 4 billion texts sent daily, compared with 2.9 billion Google searches daily• The data from an SMS or MMS campaign is easy to track, making ROI calculations a piece of cake
  22. 22. Multimedia Message Service • What can you send via MMS? • Images • Text • Audio • Animations • Video The hashtag for today’s event is #GoMobile
  23. 23. 5 Key Elements of an SMS/MMS Campaign• The Keyword: The word users text in to the shortcode. Typically 8 characters or fewer• The Short Code: The 5-digit code (or phone number)• The Call-to-Action: Test your way to success by running an A/B split test (e.g., “free trial” vs. “free audio book”)• Supporting Media: The ad, poster, commercial that promotes the campaign• Response: The follow-up message
  24. 24. Mobile Display Ads
  25. 25. Mobile Display Ads• Planned and bought through an ad agency or via mobile advertising network• Popular networks include iAd (Apple), Millennial Media (Independent), Ad Mob (Google) and others• Sold on a Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or Cost Per Thousand (CPM) basis
  26. 26. Mobile Display Ad Options• User clicks ad, which then uses GPS technology to identify location and direct them to nearest store Source: MobClix
  27. 27. Mobile Display• User is encouraged to add company contact information into their contact list Source: MobClix
  28. 28. Mobile Display• Users are encouraged to email promotional offers to themselves and to friends Source: MobClix
  29. 29. Mobile Paid Search
  30. 30. Is Mobile Paid Search Right for You?• Traditional paid search is perfect for lead generation, e-commerce and products that require in-depth research• Mobile paid search is perfect for quick information on low-consideration products or services• 70% of searchers complete their task within 1 hour, compared with 30% for desktop (MobileMarketer)
  31. 31. Mobile Paid Search• Less competition than with traditional search• Local queries are the norm -- movies, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.• Click-to-call and click-to- map are important• Voice search is now available for all major search engines• 60 Second Marketer comes up as 62nd Marketer
  32. 32. Essential Things to Know About MobilePaid Search• Voice search is increasingly important• Use Google’s mobile keyword tool (not their regular keyword tool)• Separate your regular desktop search from your mobile search campaign• Be sure to add mobile-oriented terms to your keyword list: Locations (e.g., “Pizza Hut Locations”), Addresses (e.g., “Wal-Mart Location Peachtree Street”), Zip Codes (e.g., “UPS store locations near 30342”) and Urgency Terms (e.g., “Plumbing Emergency)• Target different ads by carrier to see if users act differently
  33. 33. Location-Based Marketing:Location-Based Services, Near FieldCommunications, Bluetooth Marketingand Location-Based Advertising
  34. 34. Location-Based Marketing Overview• Location-Based Services • Bluetooth Marketing• Near Field Communications • Location-Based Advertising
  35. 35. Location-Based Services
  36. 36. Tips on Using Location-BasedServices• First of all, claim your business• Reward first-time visitors• Change deals often• Promote group check-ins. The more in a group, the better the deal• Interact with customers. Make them accomplish a small task (Origami napkin) to redeem• Promote to those checking-in nearby
  37. 37. Near Field Communications
  38. 38. Location-Based Advertising• Uses Geo-Fencing to figure out where you are• SMS, display ads and paid search ads can be targeted by location• Subway in the U.K. used location-based SMS to provide discounts to customers who walked by their store
  39. 39. Location-Based Marketing: TheEssential Things You Need to Know• Address consumer confusion• Provide clear opt-in instructions• Explain what to expect• Test the campaign before deploying• Make it worth their while
  40. 40. Mobile Apps
  41. 41. Mobile Apps•A mobile app is not a mobile website• An app is a software program that lives on your smartphone• A mobile website is a website that lives on a server in “the cloud”
  42. 42. How Apps Are Used 75.0 50.0 25.0 0 Games (64%) Weather (60%) Social Networking (56%) Maps (51%) Music (44%) News (39%) Entertainment (34%) Banking (32%) The hashtag for today’s event is #GoMobileSource: Nielsen
  43. 43. Augmented Reality Apps
  44. 44. How to Develop an App for YourBusiness• For a customized experience, use a mobile app development company (Mobilize Worldwide)• For a plug-and-play experience, use AppMakr, GENWI, Mippin, MobBase, MobiCart, MyAppBuilder or RunRev
  45. 45. 2D Codes
  46. 46. 60SecondMarketer.com/GoMobileChapter The hashtag for today’s event is #GoMobile
  47. 47. 2D Codes• 2D codes can be used to deepen relationship with audience• Come in many formats: QR Codes, Datamatrix, EZ Code, Microsoft Tag, SPARQCode and ScanLife• 2D code reader can be downloaded from SPARQ.it
  48. 48. 2D Codes1. Marketer generates 2. Marketer deploys 3. User scans 2D code 4. User driven to 5. Marketer collects data 2D code 2D code promotion
  49. 49. 2D Codes• Q: Where have you scanned a QR/Bar 50.0 code with your mobile phone? 37.5 Printed magazine or newspaper (49%) Product packaging (35%) 25.0 Website (27%) Poster or flyer or kiosk (24%) Business card or brochure (13%) 12.5 Storefront (13%) TV (12%) 0Source: comScore MobiLens June 2011
  50. 50. 2D Codes• 2D codes can drive people to websites, to phone numbers, to contact information and even to text messages
  51. 51. Let’s Generate a QR Code
  52. 52. 2D Codes
  53. 53. 2D Codes
  54. 54. 2D Codes
  55. 55. 2D Codes
  56. 56. 2D Codes
  57. 57. 2D Codes
  58. 58. 2D Codes
  59. 59. 2D Codes
  60. 60. 2D Codes
  61. 61. 2D Codes
  62. 62. 2D Codes
  63. 63. 2D Codes
  64. 64. 2D Codes
  65. 65. 2D Codes Jamie’s Neanderthal Jamie’s High School Exhibit Photo Yearbook Photo
  66. 66. Google Googles
  67. 67. Google Googles
  68. 68. Contact Rina Cook at 404-233-0332 or Ramon Larkin at 913-648-8333
  69. 69. Contact Jerry Gentemann at 404-233-0332
  70. 70. Mobile Media Action Plan• Step #1: Mobilize your website• Step #2: Watch how your competitors are using mobile media• Step #3: Start using mobile media yourself• Step #4: Read everything you can about mobile media (start with MobileCommerceDaily.com)• Step #5: Claim your business on location-based applications• Step #6: Run a mobile ad campaign
  71. 71. Mobile Media Action Plan• Step #7: Create a 2D or QR code promotion• Step #8: Design an iPhone or a Smart Phone app• Step #9: Encourage interactivity• Step #10: Integrate• Step #11: Track your results• Step #12: Test your way into success
  72. 72. Contact MeTo Download:60SecondMarketer.com/blogGoogle Searches:Jamie Turner60 Second MarketerFollow me here:60SecondMarketer.com/blog@AskJamieTurnerContact me:Jamie.Turner@60SecondMarketer.com404-233-0332

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