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Lean Analytics: A short summary

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I gave this presentation about the Lean Analytics book at the Lean Startup Meetup in Karlsruhe.
Follow my blog for updates: http://jan-koenig.com/blog/
Or Twitter: https://twitter.com/einkoenig

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Lean Analytics: A short summary

  1. Jan König Lean Startup Meetup Karlsruhe@einkoenig 22.04.2013
  2. source: O’Reilly
  3. book contentadditional stuffgroup discussion?
  4. Book Parts1 Stop Lying to Yourself2 Finding the Right Metric for the Right Time3 Lines in the Sand4 Putting Lean Analytics to Workwon’t be covered tonight
  5. Stop Lyingto Yourself1
  6. Data? Lean Startup?I just go with my gut feeling.(too) many people
  7. watch it here: http://www.ted.com/talks/tali_sharot_the_optimism_bias.html
  8. Follow the Lean model, and itbecomes increasingly hard to lie,especially to yourself.
  9. Instincts are experiments.Data is proof.
  10. Do hosts withprofessionalphotographyget more business?image by mark sebastian / flickr
  11. Gut instinctProfessional photography helps Airbnb’s businessConcierge MVP20 photographers in the fieldTest resultsTwo to three times more bookings!
  12. You are not building a product.You are building a tool to learnwhat product to build.
  13. Finding theRight Metric2 for right now!
  14. Good Metrics?image by kevin dooley / flickr
  15. image by flopper/ flickrcomparativeimage by wikia.com
  16. understandableimage by Jeff Kubina / flickr
  17. rate or ratioimage by Gabe Photos / flickr
  18. changes the way you behaveimage by will ockenden / flickr
  19. image by 55Laney69 / flickrThe One Metric That Matters
  20. 1 answers the most important question you have2 forces you to draw a line in the sand3 focuses the entire company4 inspires a culture of experimentation
  21. Should you really focuson one metric?
  22. Restaurant’s Effectiveness MetricsDelivery Usage Customer Satisfaction Possible InterpretationCrazy! Time to look at other metrics toimprove your business.Source: Klubeck, “Metrics”, page 149fGreat food and a loyal, but very smallcustomer base. Maybe a bad location.“The only game in town.” Or a productcustomers need but don’t want.OK, something is wrong here. Youknow that.with Triangulation
  23. Restaurant’s Effectiveness MetricsCustomer Satisfaction Possible InterpretationgoodSource: Klubeck, “Metrics”, page 149fgoodbadbadwithout TriangulationDelivery Usage Customer Satisfaction Possible Interpretationfocus on
  24. ratio =staff costsgross revenuesimage by Giorgio Montersino / flickr
  25. What Business are you in?E-Commerce SaaS Free Mobile AppMedia SiteUser-GeneratedContentTwo-SidedMarketplaces
  26. What Stage are you at?Empathy Stickiness ViralityRevenue Scale
  27. What is your OMTM?
  28. Lines inthe Sand3
  29. One of the most challengingthings for a startup to do:find a relevant number againstwhich to compare yourself.
  30. Some interesting bottom linesGrowth5% (revenue or active users)Engaged Visitors30% monthly users10% daily usersMailing List Effectiveness20-30% open rate5% click-throughs
  31. image by Robert Scoble / flickrShould you ask forbilling information upfront?
  32. Trial usersSubscribersChurn 1st perriodEnd to end2%50%up to 40%0.6%10%15%up to 20%1.2%
  33. Questions?