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  1. 1. Become a Better Leader through Role Montage Jan M. Schmuckler, PhD RoleRole A Creative New Way to Discover the Within You MontageMontage Become a Better Leader through Role Montage Everyone has a role montage inside themselves, whether they know it or not. Role montage practice is an exciting new technique that allows leaders to access and discover the people (mentors and role models) who have inspired them to succeed. These inspiration sources include various people, both real and imaginary, they’ve encountered along the way, including various media sources that they’ve experienced, such as books, movies, cartoons, blogs, and television. This book provides a structured process you can use to document and describe the most important ideas and values that have meaning in your life and then incorporate this information into an idealized image of yourself. The pictures and patterns that you design through this process will help you develop important self-awareness capabilities for your professional and personal life. Role montage practice will ultimately serve as a guide that inspires and motivates your growth to become a stronger and more effective leader. Coaches and consultants will want to use this book with their clients to promote successful leadership. You will discover how to— n Learn and understand the values that influence you. n Comprehend (or grasp) your strengths and challenges. n Internalize the image of the leader you want to be. n Delve into what can make or hinder your leadership skills. n Take action to follow a positive leadership path. Rich with personal stories to illustrate the concept, each chapter ends with exercises that can be used individually or in groups to help build a solid foundation for future success. Everything you need is in this book to build your own role montage and apply your discoveries to your personal and professional life. Jan M. Schmuckler, former professor of organizational psychology and director of the Coaching Certificate Program at J.F. Kennedy University, developed the concept of role montage while writing her doctoral dissertation in 1978. For more than thirty years she has used the idea with her coaching and consulting clients. LAKESHORE PRESS RoleMONTAGERoleMONTAGEJanM.Schmuckler,PhD $14.95