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Famous Czech products by Bára Proňková

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Famous Czech products by Bára Proňková

  1. 1. Famous Czech products
  2. 2. Olomouc Cheese  The first written mention dates from the 15th century , and it was food for the poor villagers. Name Olomouc cheese then created thanks to the markets in Olomouc , where the cheese sold . The production started in Loštice Josef Wessels and his son Alois in 1876. In 2010, cheese gained within the European Union PGI ( Protected Geographical Indication ) . Today in Loštice annually produces over two thousand tons of the cheese .
  3. 3. Czech beer  Czech beer is one of the most famous beer in the world. The oldest Czech brewing tradition was monastery in Břevnov, which was built in 993. Each brewery has its own recipe, time and temperature of fermentation , the place where they ferment and type of fermentation.
  4. 4. Czech porcelain  The first Czech porcelain factory was founded in 1792 in Upper Austerlitz , the second one two years later in Klasterec , then Birch and Kysibl year 1803. Additional porcelain factory can be found in Loket , Chodov , Prague , Dalovice , Žacléř and other. At the end of the 18th century in northwestern Bohemia were several attempts to produce porcelain because it was known to have found in the deposit of kaolin.
  5. 5. Verzatilka  The company was founded by Joseph Hardtmuth in České Budějovice. He founded a factory for the manufacture of pencils . Franz Hardmuth later launched the yellow colored pencil High quality, he called the Koh- i- noor by famous Indian yellow diamond (Koch -i- nur = Mountain of Light) .
  6. 6. Remoska  It is an electrical appliance that is found in many Czech households . The first prototypes appeared in the years 1953-1955 and types of modernized production runs successfully today. First thermos bottles were structurally very simple control without heating and without thermal insulation of the pan . The product has been very successful one for its simplicity and effectiveness.