Conservation International READ 142 Project 1

Saving the Environment Non Profit Organization,[object Object],By: Janette Montalvo,[object Object]
Overview,[object Object],	This foundation goes beyond just caring for the environment. It takes everything and everyone into consideration. Changing dispositions towards environments.  It has specialists and professionals looking into how the environment affects communities and not just nation wide but also internationally. Whether it is its food, culture or health, they are making a connection between our environment and the people to take initiation.,[object Object]
Mission,[object Object],Building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, CI empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity, for the well-being of humanity.,[object Object]
Inputs,[object Object],As a non profit organization, many of our resources come from generous donors who contribute to this insightful organization,[object Object],Grants also play a tremendous part in the organization, especially having a down fall in the year 2010,[object Object],url:,[object Object]
Outputs,[object Object],As an international and national organization its outputs to the communities vary.,[object Object],Our offices are in more than 30 countries, for example, Guatemala, China, Madagascar, Peru etc.,[object Object],We are partnered with more than 1,000 partner organizations, for example, FIJI Water, Starbucks, PepsiCo etc,[object Object],We have thousands of projects worldwide including Carbon Fund, Marine Program, Global Conservation Fund etc.,[object Object],Our scientists, economists, communicators, and educators are at work in 40 and plus countries ,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object]
Get Involved,[object Object],To be a part of such a world changing organization there are different and even personal forms of contributing. ,[object Object],1. Donating ,[object Object],One time,[object Object],Monthly gift,[object Object],In honor of someone,[object Object],To save a mile,[object Object],To protect an acre of land,[object Object],2. Joining the fundraiser events,[object Object]
My Connection,[object Object],Do you ever notice the trash on the side of the freeways? Or in your neighborhood park? Most people do. Yet, those same people with unscrupulous behavior are the reason it is there. If everyone just contributed a little to diminish the negative impact we are leaving, it would be greatly effective. I believe this organizations values and goals are in the right place. They are doing what others are not. ,[object Object]
Critical Thinking,[object Object],Organizations are created to bring the best out of people. This one in particular helps to solve problems and to form a well-reasoned fair-minded judgment such as taking care of our environment for healthier foods. Also, being more self conscience and to self regulate yourself to be willing to engage into this movement of protecting our environment. ,[object Object]
Critical Action,[object Object],There are many ways to engage yourself into this organization to take informed actions. Such as becoming a monthly donor or volunteering to such organizations. And  by doing this you also tend to engage in the final step of critical thinking by taking action to help the cause of this organization. ,[object Object]
Making a Connection,[object Object]
Community Need,[object Object],Meeting communities qualitative needs is what this organization is about. To name a couple of needs are:,[object Object],Reaching services for health or education in rural areas of the world,[object Object],Attaining fresh water in areas where it is undrinkable ,[object Object],Helping those who harvest their own food and have a lack of knowledge of hunting, therefore affecting the environment ,[object Object],Having plenty of food that is safe to eat,[object Object]
Specific Program,[object Object],For this organization to fulfill its goals and missions, it has to have different programs to achieve specific solutions needed.,[object Object],For examples:,[object Object],Carbon Fund-Their goal is to dissipate and slow the destruction of tropical forests to end slow carbon pollution in the air,[object Object],Center for Environmental Leadership in Business (CELB)-helping businesses that are not large who help ecosystems and well being of humans,[object Object]
Specific Programs continued…,[object Object],Global Conservation Fund (GCF)- supports the development, growth and protection of both needy and healthy areas around the world ,[object Object],Population, Health, and Environment Program-to curtail the effect humans are making on resources that are necessary in high priority areas,[object Object],Url:,[object Object]
Lets not continue this …,[object Object],Fund the Conservation International ,[object Object],Organization ,[object Object]
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Conservation International READ 142 Project 1

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