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Setting Up A Limited Company for Nurses

Handy tips to setup and manage a Limited Company

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Setting Up A Limited Company for Nurses

  1. 1. Agency Nurses www.reachaccountant.uk Key Benefits and Cost Savings for using Reach Accountant for Accounting Online A Software With A FREE Virtual Accounting CHATBOT On Facebook Messenger
  2. 2. ● For an Agency Nurse operating as a Limited company ● Who have been spending beyond 400GBP every year for Accounting Software + Bookkeeping Service ● Reach is an Accounting Software + Chatbot as a Virtual Accountant ● Which will help you complete your bookkeeping & accounting auto- magically for £75 per year without the help of an Accountant by just chatting with it What is Reach Accountant? MUMBAI
  3. 3. See How ReachRobo Chatbot works...
  4. 4. Cost savings by upgrading from Plain software to Reach ESTIMATED REACH Cost of Software like Quickbooks, Sage One or Xero @ £15/month £180 £75 Accountant / Bookkeeping Services @ £35/month £420 Filing with HMRC and Corporation Tax £250 £250 Filing of Year End Tax Returns with HMRC £250 £250 TOTAL COST PER BRANCH £1110 GBP 575 TOTAL COST SAVING/ YEAR GBP 525 Note: £75 per annum for the first 25 Customers only
  5. 5. Key Functional benefits by upgrading to Reach NOW REACH Real time understanding of Business Profitability NO YES Time spent for book keeping HIGH LOW Possibility of losing the paper receipts for expense claims HIGH LOW Providing immediate Receipts for Services NOT POSSIBLE POSSIBLE
  6. 6. Be An Early Adopter Of Tax Digital With
  7. 7. Industry Trends
  8. 8. Chatbots are replacing the Mobile Apps 2005 Cloud Software 2010 Mobile Apps 2015 Chatbots
  9. 9. More Info? www.reachaccountant.uk Find us on Facebook @ReachAccountantUK To chat with our ingenious REACHROBO