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Role of an individual in conservation of natural resourses

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describes the role of an individual in conservation of variable natural resourses

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Role of an individual in conservation of natural resourses

  2. 2. NATURAL RESOURCES A natural resource can be defined as any component of the natural environment that can be utilised by man to sustain his life and promote his welfare
  3. 3. Some resources such as air,water,food,and land are important because with out them life can not be sustained. They are called as life supporting systems Other resources fulfil our needs But the amount of natural resources per year began decreasing Rapid rate of consumption may lead to complete depletion or loss of natural resources
  4. 4. REASONS FOR RAPID RATE OF CONSUMPTION OF NATURAL RESOURCES 1.POPULATION INCREASE •About 80 million people are added every year to the worlds population •Global population may double every 30 years or so •This exponential growth of human population is causing a grate pressure on our resources and resulting a steady impoverishment of biological systems
  5. 5. 2.INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Fundamental change in mans relationship with the nature began with scientific and industrial revolution Growth and development through science, technology and industrial expansion This marked the beginning of the exponential rate of consumption of natural resources
  7. 7. 1.INDIVIDUALS ROLE IN WATER ECONOMY The measures to conserve water resources include Not keeping water taps running Check water leak and repair Adopt minimum water use patterns  installing water saving toilets that use optimum water per flush
  8. 8. Adopting rain water harvesting devices in your house to conserve water for future use Collect waste water in your home and use it for watering kitchen garden Filling water in washing machine to the level required for the cloths to be washed Watering lawn and kitchen garden plants in the evening to minimise evaporation losses and not watering them in the mid day Cooperate beach clean up activities in coastal areas Save wetlands ,lakes,ponds,wells,etc.
  9. 9. Observe march 22 as world water day Observe February 2 as world wetland day Join youth water team or any such NGO engaged in water conservation
  10. 10. 2.INDIVIDUALS ROLE IN FOREST CONSERVATION The measures to conserve forests ,save trees, and planting new trees include- Not felling the trees in forests ,farms,roads,or houses if they are green Not uprooting the existing trees while constructing a house but planting fast growing plant species in open area of the house Planting ornamentals,herbs,shurbs,or suitable trees in and around the house  maintain lawn and garden in open place in your house ,if possible
  11. 11. Participating in community plantation programmes Encourage mass scale tree plantation programmes Cooperate with NGOs engaged in saving trees Plant trees generously in barren fields Tag tree plantation with year ceremonies such as birth day, marriage anniversary etc. Observe July 1-7 as vanmahotsava week
  12. 12. •Observe December 11 as mountain day – mountains being a souses of fresh water •Encourage ‘adopt a tree programme’ ie, ‘each one tree one’ •Observe march 21 as forest day •Discourage using paper for correspondence and promote use of paper
  13. 13. 3.INDIVIDUALS ROLE IN CONSERVATION OF MINERALS Some of the measures to conserve minerals are •Minimise the use of minerals which are likely to be depleted or exhausted •Minimise use of jewellery to conserve scarce minerals •Recycle and reuse minerals and glasses •Buy durable products that lasts long •Buy efficient vehicles •Repair and reuse bicycles •Use recyclable utensils
  14. 14. 4.INDIVIDUALS ROLE IN FOOD SECURITY Some of the measures to achieve food security are Sustainable use of food and not wasting it Eating only as much as required for sustenance of life Consuming local and seasonable vegetables and so as to save energy on their transportation, storage and preservation
  15. 15. Buy only organically grown food Discourage packed ,canned and preserved food Shift from non vegetarian to vegetarian Observe October 16 as world food day and November 21 as world fishery day
  16. 16. 5.INDIVIDUALS ROLE IN ENERGY CONSERVATION AND SAVING ENERGY Some of the measures are Turning off lights ,fans, or other electric appliances when not in use Replacing tube lights with CFLs and LED s Construct buildings in such a way that maximum amount of sunlight can be obtained Try to dry cloths in sunlight instead of drier of washing machine
  17. 17. Using solar cookers for cooking food Buying energy efficient appliances, always checking energy consumption figure Minimise use of automobiles by using bicycles, public transport, carpooling etc. Trying to reside near the place of work, if possible Keeping vehicles tuned for low consumption of fuel Checking fuel consumption data while buying a new vehicle Following the advice given by petroleum conservation research association
  18. 18. Wearing adequate woollen clothes during winter instead of using heat convector Growing deciduous trees at proper place out side the house. they will cut off intense heat during the summers ,cut off electricity consumption and will provide a cool breeze Observe December 14 as world energy conservation day
  19. 19. 6. INDIVIDUALS ROLE IN SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND SOIL PROTECTION Some of the measures are Reducing use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides to check soil pollution Using bio fertilizers Using biological control measures for pest control Avoid over irrigation without proper irrigation to prevent water logging
  20. 20. Discouraging monoculture practise in agriculture Adopting mix cropping Adopting drip irrigation to avoid washing out soil nutrients Observing December 23 as world farmers day Observing June 17 as a day to combat desertification and deserts Observe November 21-27 as national land resource conservation week