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BayNexusBrochure 2014-04 EN

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BayNexusBrochure 2014-04 EN

  1. 1. www.baynexus.com A leader in RFID and Mobile Solutions
  2. 2. About BayNexus A Leader in RFID and Mobile Soluions Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, BayNexus has pioneered the integration of industrial-grade RFID readers and barcode scanners into the industry’s smallest form-factor to help various enterprises meet the ever increasing demand for real-time, mobility, efficiency, and productivity. With ongoing e-pedigree initiatives, RFID and barcode-enabled mobile devices will play more and more important roles in the logistics of modern businesses. CEO and Founder Jason Jun Liu, Ph. D., holds multiple patents on RFID-related technologies and has led BayNexus into a variety of industries. In particular, the healthcare industry is using BayNexus solutions to reduce clinical errors, improve asset management, and implement real-time services that ensure patients receive the best possible care. BayNexus’s primary product, Smart Digital Assistant (SDA), is leading the industry in compact multi-input handheld devices for healthcare applications. We are pleased with our collaboration with BayNexus to implement our medical management system with RFID technology to prevent accidents. — Mr.Setoyama Ryuhei Honorary Director of Sanraku Hospital in Tokyo,Japan www.baynexus.com hReads and writes RFID hLaser barcode scanner hWireless connectivity hLaser barcode scanner hWireless connectivity hWireless connectivity
  3. 3. Is it a barcode scanner or RFID reader? It’s BOTH!! And more!! Our handheld SDA includes both RFID and barcode interfaces to provide a mobile platform that readily supports healthcare applications. The SDA is also equipped with wireless interfaces such as WiFi, Bluetooth and GPRS. With the power of the Andriod 4.0 OS and our user-friendly SDK, third-party applications can be easily integrated. BayNexus’s latest SDA model is BN-HH-G02. Key features: h HF/UHF/2.4GHz RFID: Reads and writes at the RFID frequency band of your choice. h 1-D & 2-D Barcode: Scans Linear, Data Matrix, and QR barcodes. h WiFi + BT + GPRS: Equipped with WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0, and GPRS/ HSPA. h Android 4.0 OS: Open platform allows endless possibilities for application development. Proprietary drivers and the SDK will be provided for interfacing with the equipped RFID reader and barcode scanner. A smart device that not only scans barcode but also reads and writes RFID tags!
  4. 4. Mobile Nursing Information System Equipment Patient Medicine Nurse Information flowing in a hospital information system (HIS) can be easily delivered to nurses through our mobile SDA platform. It fits perfectly into a nurse’s hand or pocket, and the multi-input capability (RFID, barcode, voice, etc.) removes the need to carry multiple devices (no more “tool-belts”). Secure IP Network barcode/RFID Barcode/RFID Barcode/RFID barcode/RFID WiFi A pp l i c ation Mobile Nursing Information System Hospital Information System Our mobile nursing information system, of which BayNexus’s SDA is a pivoting integral part, greatly reduced clinical errors, and greatly improved nurses’ productivity. — Dr.Jiren Huang President of Wuxi No.3 People’s Hospital,Jiangsu, China www.baynexus.com
  5. 5. With the market’s growing need for tracking and tracing at smaller and smaller packaging levels, our SDA’s asset management features help our customers optimize their daily operations and manage inventory in real time. We at Fujian Medical University Center successfully implemented an RFID-based asset management solution using BayNexus’s SDA to account for our valuable and mobile assets. RFID/Barc ode WiFi Assets SDA Inventory Database Asset Management Interface Hospital Asset Management A pp l i c ation
  6. 6. RFID Wristband RFID Badge Smart Cabinet Passive RFID Passive RFID with barcode Medicine cabinet with RFID reader and antenna integrated Comfortable/non- disturbing reading distance Comfortable reading distance WiFi-enabled for communication Comfortable wearing Different sizes Configurable Disinfectable and reusable Custom design Custom design BayNexus’s products will improve the efficiency of healthcare operations and help eliminate errors. — Dr.Baoluo Li HL7 China Chairman In the pipeline... www.baynexus.com In addition to our SDA, we offer industry-grade RFID- enabled tags and badges. Our product line continues to evolve and soon BayNexus will be offering smart cabinets and smart desktops to complement our best- in-class RFID and barcode reader solutions. Please contact us for more information about our product roadmap.
  7. 7. Our success story BayNexus has provided solutions to healthcare organizations around the globe. Early adopters such as Sanraku Hospital, Wuxi No. 3 People’s Hospital, and Fujian Medical University Center have successfully implemented systems based on our SDA and other RFID products. We also work with system integrators to facilitate implementation within hospital information systems. Client list: h Sanraku Hospital,Tokyo,Japan h Wuxi No. 3 People’s Hospital,Jiangsu, China h Daishin Dental CAM Center, Osaka,Japan h Sinopharm Midland Hospital Management Co., Ltd., Henan, China h Jinhua Central Hospital, Zhejiang, China h Xishuangbanna People’s Hospital,Yunnan, China h Shaoxin Central Hospital, Zhejiang, China h Fujian Medical University Center, Fuzhou, China
  8. 8. United States & Canada 2223 Westmoreland Street, Falls Church, Virginia 22043 Phone703 260 1008 fax 801 383 4573 Email: info@BayNexus.com baynexus.com China & Rest of the World B303-307, 530 Building, Tai Hu International Science Park, Wuxi, P.R.China 214135 Phone/Fax +86 510 8538 7912 Email: info@shilingtech.com shilingtech.com Finalist for Best in Show RFID Journal Award - 2013 Scan QR Code or visit our website for updates on products and developments. Innovation Award 2013 China Digital Medicine Forum Innovation Award