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Javi cv professional

I would work within the laws and guidelines of the council, my priority would be safeguarding the most vulnerable in a situation and with the children's act, children's fights, Monroe report and every child matters paper influencing practice, intervention is essential from the earliest stage possible.

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Javi cv professional

  1. 1. JAVIER PABON Address: Matheson Road 5, W14 8SN ~ Registered HCPC:SW98841 ~ Phone: +44 07583 458472 ~ Email: Lute_844@hotmail.com Qualifications Masters in Family Mediation and Educational Innovation - 2011 - University Malaga, Spain Bachelor in Science of Education – 2011 - University Malaga, Spain Degree in Social Work – 2008 - University Malaga, Spain Day courses: Creative Play with Early Years; Introduction to SENCO, Policies and Procedures; Speech and Language; Safe Guarding in Early Years; Observations in Early Years; Personal, Social and Emotional Behaviour in Early Years (2013 and 2014) - Hammersmith and Fulham Council Secondary School subjects (1997-2004): Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, Spanish Literature, English Language, French Language, Introduction to Law, Philosophy, Economics, Mathematics, Physical Education, Art, Music, Ethics. – Licinio de la Fuente High School, Malaga, Spain Experience: Fulham Baptist Church, London: 16.01.2012 – Present My role is to help coordinate a group people with social problems (persons in need, families, and youth after school emotional support). Peques Nursery School, Fulham, London: 16.01.2012 - Present My role is to care for the needs of children aged 3-4years and help them develop. I am part of group of qualified nursery teachers working to meet the criteria of the early year’s foundation stage. Peques is a bilingual nursery (English and Spanish) where I have been able to develop my spoken and written English. I love working at this school, but I now feel it is time to fulfil my role as a social worker. Law firm, Coin, Malaga, Spain: January 2010 - November 2011 Law Firm’s Mediator (families and social needs). I thoroughly enjoyed this role and only left due to new job opportunities in the UK. Sierra de Mijas High School, Mijas, Malaga, Spain: September 2009 - September 2011 After-School Social Worker. My role was to mediate between children, families and school. This role allowed me to develop my professional experience and put into practice what I had learned during my University degree. I left this job once my studies were complete. Dulce Nombre de Maria (Youth Centre), Malaga, Spain: January 2008 - December 2010 My role was to mediate between children, families, social workers and lawyers. I would create plans and structures to help resolve difficult situations. I left due to wanting to develop my social work skills and practice in different areas. Escuela Hogar Virgen de la Fuensanta, Coin, Spain September 2007 - June 2008 Protection Officer: I liaised between children, the school, families and social workers. I would create structured plans to help resolve difficult situations and put in place protection systems for children and families in need.
  2. 2. JAVIER PABON Address: Matheson Road 5, W14 8SN ~ Registered HCPC:SW98841 ~ Phone: +44 07583 458472 ~ Email: Lute_844@hotmail.com Licinio de la Fuente, Coin, Spain (High School): January 2007 - September 2007 I worked as part of a team to set up a new project at the school designed to ensure child protection after school hours. It was amazing to work on this project with other people and to see it help and develop children and families within my home town. About me A hard-working professional with ambition and great social skills. I enjoy helping teams to carry out optimum and effective interventions in the field of social work. Skills and abilities include: • Working with, and assessing the needs and circumstances of individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities, establishing a good professional relationship in order to identify the most appropriate forms of intervention. • Planning, implementing, reviewing and evaluating social work practice. • Supporting people and enabling them to express their needs, views and circumstances. • Interacting with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to achieve change, to promote development and improve living conditions using methods and models of social work. Includes regularly following up changes in order to finalise the intervention. • Working effectively within systems, networks and interdisciplinary and multiorganizational teams in order to assist in the establishment of goals and objectives. • Experience in the field of personal interviews, meetings and group sessions, and intervention before an audience. • Establishing an empathetic relationship and communicating effectively with others, and especially with those showing specific needs. • Using active listening and being able to create a relationship with the life experience of service users, to properly understand their personal views, in order to overcome and adequately respond to a series of complex personal and interpersonal situations. • Knowledge and use of conflict management techniques at the interpersonal, group and intergroup level. • Using verbal and non-verbal cues to guide interpretation, whilst establishing professional relationships in order to identify appropriate interventions and clarify and negotiate the purpose of such contacts and the limits of involvement. • Experienced in using documentary media skills to design and document the processes of social intervention, including those to develop, submit and share stories and social reports. Ensuring records are complete, faithful, available and updated as collateral in decision making and professional valuations. • Establishing effective contact with individuals and organizations through the spoken and written work, using appropriate style, purpose and context of communication. • Managing a debate and evaluating the views and evidence provided by others. • Preparing and actively participating in decision-making meetings. • Participating in interdisciplinary and inter-institutional networks in order to establish cooperation agreements, and constructively address disagreements. • Applying communication technologies and information service delivery.