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How to Be a Hero to Your Sales Team

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HubSpot's David Weinhaus gave a special presentation to the Austin HubSpot User Group on how marketing can use simple sales enablement solutions to give sales the support they need.

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How to Be a Hero to Your Sales Team

  1. 1. How to be a Hero to Your Sales Team with Simple Sales Enablement Solutions #saleshero David Weinhaus Manager, Partner Sales Learning & Development @HubSpotAgencies @davidweinhaus
  2. 2. Pop quiz Inbound marketing drives...
  3. 3. When inbound drives...
  4. 4. Who feels the heat?
  5. 5. What one word (or phrase) best describes your sales team? __________ (p.s. - it’s anonymous :-) Slido.com - code: 2243
  6. 6. Marketers love marketing… But sales reps need love too :-)
  7. 7. Source: Qvidian
  8. 8. Duh! But sales has been slower to catch up than marketing
  9. 9. Marketing could use a little love too Are you on the sidelines? In the huddle? Or a hero to your sales team?
  10. 10. How to Become a Hero with Simple Sales Enablement Solutions
  11. 11. “I need more good leads!!” Sales reps have challenges
  12. 12. Most sales teams miss the really easy stuff
  13. 13. Has anyone bought from a salesperson in the last 60 days at work (or considered it)?
  14. 14. Who would you buy from?
  15. 15. Quick Tip - Bring in a photographer for headshots
  16. 16. Help your reps be proud of and promote their Linkedin profile
  17. 17. Sales people don’t like big initiatives A word on how to ‘sell’ sales teams “Let’s redesign the reps’ LinkedIn pages so they can take advantage of social media and boost their profile online!” “Are they open to dropping a link in their email signature?” “Would the sales team like to see which prospects are checking them out online?” Sales people like quick actionable wins that help them sell “Would it be helpful to get some professional headshots and spruce up the profiles?”
  18. 18. Let’s take it up a notch
  19. 19. Introducing personalized rep landing pages
  20. 20. Personalized landing pages helps rep stand out Be personal, unique, and helpful.
  21. 21. All part of a hero’s job Helping your reps walk with a little more #swagger
  22. 22. “I need more good leads!!” Sales reps have challenges “I need help following up with my leads”
  23. 23. Ask a rep “Do you follow up with your leads?’ They’ll say “Of course” …….but dig deeper
  24. 24. Sales Reps like low hanging fruit
  25. 25. When reps are scrambling they often turn to closed lost opportunities
  26. 26. Consider a closed lost nurturing campaign
  27. 27. Hooray! Our campaign got a click-through. What happens next?
  28. 28. Guess what often happens?!
  29. 29. Consider a campaign triggered off page views For pricing, product, about us, and other high leverage pages Meetings Link
  30. 30. Don’t stop there - alert the rep via email
  31. 31. All part of a hero’s job Helping your reps turn closed lost opportunities into #moredeals
  32. 32. “I need more good leads!!” Sales reps have challenges “I need decks, case studies, and more, ugh! “I need help following up with leads”
  33. 33. I do. It’s not very good, but go for it! Hey, anybody have a presentation deck I can use? The typical sales team content creation process
  34. 34. Some content you can create to help the sales team...
  35. 35. Content from the HubSpot Sales Enablement Team Case studies Presentation Deck Competitive comparisons “2-pager”
  36. 36. Use HubSpot Sales Pro feature ‘Documents’ to make collateral shareable and trackable Trackable by content Trackable by viewer
  37. 37. How to sell the sales team Get a seat at the table!
  38. 38. Make it rain for your sales team!
  39. 39. “I need more good leads!!” In Summary “I need decks, case studies, and more, ugh! “I need help following up with leads”
  40. 40. QUESTIONS?
  41. 41. THANK YOU
  42. 42. TYPICAL CLOSED LOST OPPORTUNITIES Call me back in 6 months Um, okay. (yeah right!) We are going to go with a competitor Ok, see ya (though I won’t!) (Silence) (Hmm, oh well. Where are some new leads?!)
  43. 43. A word on how to ‘sell’ sales teams “We are going to create some great Closed Lost Campaigns. Can you follow up with the leads that click-through? “It’s for a subset of reps who want to re-ignite high potential older deals. “We are thinking of running a pilot Closed Lost Campaign” “We’ll need a little help following up with leads when they click through, but we’ll do the work getting them engaged to begin with” “Who are the best reps to take part?” Sales people don’t like being told what to do But, they don’t like being excluded