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Risk assesement

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Risk assesement

  1. 1. Risk Identified Shooting Location Responsibility Sickness/Injury All Actor/ Camera Man/ Director Date and time Clashes All Actor/ Cameraman/ Director Weather Outside None Strategy to overcome/ Prevention If any of the people who cover these roles are not available we will arrange another shooting datethat is appropriate for everyone. These risks although frustrating, cannot be overcome so this is the best solution to the issue Often there could be a case of shooting times clashing with personal arrangements between the people in the group. If this is to happen If the actor urgently needs to leave mid shooting we will ensure the same clothes are worn so that the movie seems realistic. The whole team will check the weekly forecasts to try and make shooting to the desired standard and mainly to make sure no one is in danger if the weather takes a turn for the worst. If rain occurs we will be unable to shoot as this could damage
  2. 2. Memory Card All Cameraman/ director Broken Equipment All Cameraman Low Battery All Camera Man vitalequipment. The cameraman and director will be in charge of bringing the SD card with them on all shoots and lessons so the whole group can keep up to speed with their work. If the cameraman and director do not bring the SD card we will organize another day to shoot. The cameraman is in charge of the equipment, this means if any equipment brakes they are responsible and hold the duty of finding another alternative. If the camera equipment brakes we will rearrange another shooting date and hire more equipment from Binkburn college. The cameraman is in charge of the camera being charged the night before every shoot to ensure the camera can run for as long as it can. This means if mistakes are made when shooting the camera can stay on if the shoot
  3. 3. lighting All Director Public interruption All Camera man and director takes longer than expected. The director is in charge of the lighting on shoots, he will decide wether the correct level of light us being used in the shots the cameraman is filming. The lighting outside or in the house may not meet our expectations so if they do not we will use artificial lights on shoot. Because of the storyline of our film, nobody can be seen apart fro the actor so this means shooting has to be done at times when people are not out on the streets. If anyone is seen or heard in the background the clip will need to be deleted. If the area if unexpectedly busy then another time and date for shooting will be arranged.