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Csr Partnerships How To Choose The Right Organizations

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Sponsorships are an effective way to demonstrate your cause-related commitments. Learn how to choose the right organizations with which to partner.

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Csr Partnerships How To Choose The Right Organizations

  1. 1. Thursday, November 3, 2011Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake Conference
  2. 2. Jaya Bohlmann, Diana Mayhew
  3. 3. Jaya K. Bohlmann, MA, Diana MayhewAPR President,Corporate National CherryCommunication and Blossom FestivalDesign Consultant
  4. 4.  Importance of CSR Overview of Cause Marketing Strategic selection of organizations to sponsor and partner Criteria for “good” sponsor partners Managing the partnership Adding Value to Your Sponsorship ◦ Tips to engage your employees via event sponsorship ◦ Maximizing sponsorship-driven visibility
  5. 5.  Consumer trust in companies has hit an all time low
  6. 6.  81% of consumers say companies have a responsibility to address key social and environmental issues beyond their local communities; 93% of consumers say companies must go beyond legal compliance to operate responsibly; and, 94% of consumers say companies must analyze and evolve their business practices to make their impact as positive as possible Source: Cone Communications
  7. 7.  Stakeholders expect organizations to live up to their stated values and to act on those values, especially in their communities (local, national, global) ◦ Corporate Social Responsibility has been linked to brand loyalty, increased consumer base and a wider recruitment pool Organizations MUST DEMONSTRATE their your mission and values ◦ How you act is much more important than what you say!
  8. 8.  How is your CSR program different from others? How are you embodying your CSR programs as an organization? Are you for real? Does your CSR program align with your corporate mission? Are you involved with your causes or just writing checks?
  9. 9.  Targeted cause or issue (make a difference) Internal buy-in (executives, employees) Realistic budget, resources and timeline Clear goals (what difference do we want to make? Who do we want to impact?) Roadmap for tactical accomplishment NGO/influencer/third party partnerships Cause marketing and outreach Measurement, metrics, effectiveness Consistent, creative, targeted communication
  10. 10.  Cause marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and a for- profit for mutual profit Sponsor profit: greater favorability with consumers and, potentially, increased sales Organization profit: Funds, branding/visibility
  11. 11.  93% would buy a product associated with a cause; 65% have already purchased a cause- related product in the past 12 months. A popular cause: 94% would buy a product that has an environmental benefit; 76% have already purchased an environmental product in the past 12 months. Source: Cone Communications
  12. 12.  Merck increased its total giving to $1.2 billion in 2010, up from $923 million the prior year, via philanthropic programs Cause sponsorships to total $1.55B+ this year ◦ (among all types of sponsorships –sports, etc) Sponsorships are key to demonstrating CSR
  13. 13.  Credibility of the organization enhances your credibility Opportunities to learn from the experts about your cause Build a network within that cause area Understand the subject matter better Events create visibility opportunities Increases your effectiveness on behalf of the cause
  14. 14. A Checklist
  15. 15.  Respected and established Board of Directors and Executive teams are experts, have a track record in the cause and organization Financials are stable Have a donor and supporter base Are able to attract funds and additional supporters Shared values (authenticity) Access to desired markets and audiences Are sponsor-savvy and friendly Desirably located (among your key audiences and business geographies)
  16. 16. A Best Practice SponsorOrganization
  17. 17. • The National Cherry Blossom Festival, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the beauty of nature and international friendship through year- round programs, events, and educational initiatives that enhance our environment, showcase arts and culture, and build community spirit.
  18. 18. • Each year, the Festival produces the nation’s greatest springtime celebration in honor of the 1912 gift of trees from Tokyo to Washington, DC.• The 2012 Centennial Celebration will honor 100 year anniversary of the gift of trees with a 5-week unprecedented tribute to the Festival’s history complemented by world-class events. CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION March 20 – April 27, 2012 nationalcherryblossomfestival.org
  19. 19. In 2011:• Over 1 million attendees• Festival tourists generated over $126 million for the city• 7 week public relations and marketing campaign valued at over $15 million• Significant media coverage throughout the world with an estimated 175 million Nielsen audience domestically
  20. 20. • Aligning goals• Determining the objectives• Customizing packages• Building Personal relationships• Setting expectations• Reporting Results
  21. 21.  Prominent placement throughout collateral Media coverage
  22. 22.  Exposure at events Business networking Access to VIPs (community and government)
  23. 23.  We are passionate about the Festival and what it represents We engage our Board Constantly grow our network of contacts We are patient (build relationships over years) We are persistent We understand it needs to make business sense for your company We are business people ourselves
  24. 24. Organization SponsorReport results Pay attention and hold them accountableCommunicate consistently Track results to your goalsBe accessible Don’t overwhelm or demand (know your place)Assign team members to clients Ask for creative solutions to your business needsAsk good questions and Meet deadlineslisten/rememberProvide high quality promotional Provide materials, messages,and publicity materials executivesBe organized Attend meetings and all events within your commitment
  25. 25. Engaging Employees andMaximizing Brand Visibility
  26. 26.  Volunteering – teams or individuals Employee/executive attendance (especially at hosted events) Publicize internally via newsletters, intranet, company blogs Ask/coordinate employee efforts on various related online communities and blogs; ◦ give them tools, photos, videos, message guidance, encouragement to do so Choose program areas in your sponsorship that are yours exclusively Do your part to help make the overall event successful (sell tickets, reach out to your network, provide testimonials)
  27. 27.  Do your own media outreach, including social media Send press releases about your sponsorship; follow up with more information as the event date gets closer Create corporate blog posts about your involvement; get guest bloggers to support and enhance your posts Take photos and videos of all events and post them to your organization’s Facebook, Twitter, corporate blogs and other social media platforms Invite your media contacts to attend events
  28. 28. Lessons You Can Use Today
  29. 29.  Align your CSR strategy with business goals and implement among audiences and in communities that make sense for your business Choose the right cause strategy for you – products or events Select partner organizations with the right attributes Maximize your sponsorship-related visibility Engage your employees related to the sponsorship (morale-boosting, publicity) Measure results and communicate
  30. 30. DISCUSSION
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  32. 32. Jaya.bohlmann@verizon.netdiana@downtowndc.org