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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE #7, 1st main, 2nd cross, Chikkabommasandra, Yelahanka new town, Bangalore-65, M. Jayadev Mob: 9900219289 Mail: mjayadev0902@gmail.com PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: • 8+ years of experience in Reverse logistics, Transport/Cargo & courier Industry • Worked with Bonanza portfolio pvt ltd for 1+ years Oct 05 –2007 • Worked with DHL as a warehouse incharge for 3½ years Aug 07- 11 • Worked with Overnit Express as a Asst.Manager Operations for 3+ years, Mar 11- June – 14 • Worked with First Flight Couriers Ltd as Deputy Operation Manager since July- 14 – June-15, • Working with Amazon Transport Services Pvt. Ltd., as Team lead from June-15 To feb-16 OPERATION  Having practical, in-depth knowledge of operation, Consignment booking, Marking, Preparation of all documents, dispatching, receiving of consignments and timely delivery. Development of delivery vendors, with entire Region  Meeting delivery deadlines, Improving services, continuous improvement  Knowledge of Sale Tax Forms, applicable in different states.  Knowledge of Infrastructure & Utilization and hiring all types of Vehicles.  Having thorough knowledge of freight rates, Area of Operation and availability of Trucks, Market knowledge, Arrange for out sourcing if necessary.  Applying the knowledge to serve the customer efficiently.  Keeping the Personal Contacts with the Key man of the industrial unit, working close to him to get business and solving Operational problems. HUB MANAGEMENT  Worked in HUB, Knowledge of proper stacking, handling of material, Rate and Route adjustment and taking Safety measures, monitoring In bound – Out bond  Development & monitor Vehicle Vendor & feeder/ National route & Control cost  Providing warehouse & Logistic service to customer, Usage of material handling equipments, Maintaining milk run & Schedule time table.  Educating vendors, drivers and handlers. FLEET MANAGEMENT • Knowledge of different types of Vehicle (Truck,Trailor,) for different applications. • Involved in procurement of Vehicles, Finance, Fabrication, Registration with concerned authorities (RTO) • Knowledge of Statutory Renewals.
  2. 2. • Driver Management – Monitor around 45 vehicles & 57 drivers. Driver plays a key role in customer order fulfillment verification of driving license,. Giving training about communication, on time delivery, Journey plan, Defensive driving technique, product knowledge, Briefing of safety rules & regulation. Basic first Aid training, emergency response knowledge, health awareness training, mind set change & vehicle Dynamics. • Doing the effective operation of the fleet, optimize the utilization of Vehicles & ability to keep the vehicle always in good condition. Safety of the vehicle, repairs, Maintain & upgrade. CORE COMPETENCIES • Having thorough knowledge about Preparation of Rates, Preparing quotations. • Preparation of Business Planning, Goal Setting, Generating different reports and MIS to top Managements. • Managing Human resources including training. • Visit, Close monitoring of branch activities to control over the Revenue Leakage. • Visit to Customers, Handling customer complaint and feed back. • Handle efficiently the critical customers. & maintaining corporate customers and big client who are giving big volume business per month. • Good power of negotiations, Co-operation, Co-ordination, Communication, self Motivation, Motivating sub ordinates, planning, Analysis, problem solving skills Keen to learn new things / technology, Adoptability and ability to get the work done, enjoy working under pressure. Ability to establish harmonious interpersonal relationship and leader ship qualities. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS • New Branches opened provide new customer base all over Karnataka • Stream line the deliveries , strike rate up to 97 % , sales improvement by 100% • Get expose to vehicle tracking system, & petro cards. • Aware and implement operation activity Healthy, Safety, Security and Environment Policies. EDUCATION • M.B.A (Finance) 2003 – 2005 in Oxford College of engineering. • B. Com ( National College) 2000 - 2003 • Computer Knowledge in MS-OFFICE. & Tally ERP 9, SAP (FICO). PERSONAL DETAILS • Date of Birth : 21st July 1979 • Languages Known : Kannada, Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil. • Present Remuneration : (C to C) Rs. 5.13000/-p.a.
  3. 3. (Jayadev)