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Induction cooking

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Induction Cooking for the urban Indian homes.

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Induction cooking

  1. 1. Induction CookingFor the Urban Indian Homes
  2. 2. What is Induction Cooking? How Induction Cooking Works: The Induction Cooktop elements electronics power a coil (the red lines) that produces a high-frequency electromagnetic field (represented by the orange lines). That field penetrates the metal of the ferrous (magnetic-material) cooking vessel and sets up a circulating electric current, which generates heat. 1. Induction coil in the cooktop 2. Induction Cookware base(Ferrous Material) 3. Heat is transferred to the content 4. Nothing outside the vessel is affected by the field 5. Induction Cooktop plate is not heated 5 Cooktop
  3. 3. What is Induction Cooking? (contd.) Induction is a third method, completely different from all other cooking technologies- it does not involve generating heat which is then transferred to the cooking vessel, it makes the cooking vessel itself the original generator of the cooking heat. For more on the principle of induction cooking visit http://theinductionsite.com
  4. 4. Advantages of Induction Cooking Induction cooking is far more efficient than LPG, PNG or direct electric radiant heating. There is no flame employed in induction heating. The cooktop is not heated. The cookware bottom which is made of magnetic material ( steel, ferritic stainless steel or good old cast iron) is heated by the electromagnetic field set up by the cooker. Efficient heat generation and transfer. (LPG-35% efficient, Induction- 85% efficient) No flame or radiant heat. You may cook in a kitchen with a fan or AC. (No perspiration during summer.) Safe cooking. (Even children can try basic cooking ) Cooking with an induction cooktop or range is simply the best way to cook, for professionals in a work environment or just for the average household.
  5. 5. Popular CooktopsSingle Double
  6. 6. Cookware The cookware made of multi-ply stainless steel offer the best advantages of induction cooking. Normally either a 3-ply or 5-ply stainless steel and Aluminium materials are employed. Al is sandwiched between austenitic and ferromagnetic stainless steel. (Example- 304 S.S. inside and 403 S.S. which is magnetic at the base). Aluminium cookware is not suitable for induction cooking, However, hard anodised(preferred) or Teflon coated Aluminium cookware with magnetic steel as base is suitable. Good old Cast iron cookware(if available) is the best option for induction as well as for healthy cooking.
  7. 7. Cost Urban young families are seriously planning to go for Induction Cooking in view of the high cost and cap on LPG cylinders. They are convinced of the favourable aspects of safety, efficiency and convenience of induction cooking. Calculations show the cost advantage of Induction Cooking. The comparative cost depends on the following: - Use of LPG cylinders or PNG (which is more economical than LPG). - The electrical energy rates at different slabs and of the utility supplier (BEST, Tata Power or REL) - A one time purchase of suitable cookware
  8. 8. 80 cm Induction Hob - Cooking zone ceramic
  9. 9. Feedback If you are already a user of Induction Cooking, please provide a review and offer your comments and suggestions. Viewers are welcome to discuss this topic and offer your comments and suggestions on this presentation. Please go through the pages from the website – http://theinductionsite.com