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Psychological Influences on Consumer Behavior.pptx

  1. Psychological Influences on Consumer Behavior Jayden Frazier
  2. Consumer’s Needs,Wants, and Behavior – 3 Ideas • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs • Marketing Perception, Selective Comprehension, and Retention • Consumer Behavior
  3. 1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Five Levels: physiological, safety, social, esteem and self-actualization. This model addresses and combines the two ideas that consumers have psychological and physical needs. Our drive to meet these needs is motivation.
  4. Physiological- Most Basic Needs to Survive Safety- Need for Security and Protection Social- Needs for Friendship, belonging, and love. Esteem- Needs for Status, Respect, Prestige Self-Actualization- Needs to reach Full Potential More Detail: 5 Levels of Needs
  5. Marketing Examples of Maslow’s Idea • Ad for Fast Food- Physiological Needs • Home protection company ad- Safety Needs • eHarmony Ad- Social Needs • US Armer Ad- Self Actualization Needs
  6. 2. Marketing Perception, Selective Comprehension, and Retention • Perception- How people select, organize and interpret information to create a meaningful picture of the world. • Selective comprehension or selective distortion will occur as consumers try to make sense of information and interpret it in a way consistent with current beliefs and ideas. • Selective retention means consumers cannot retain information about all things or messages they are exposed to daily.
  7. 3. Consumer Behavior Learning through Experience for our brands.
  8. Four interrelatedVariables of Consumer Behavior • Drive • Cue • Response • Reinforcement
  9. More Detail: Four interrelatedVariables of Consumer Behavior Drive is internal motivation that is a call to action. Hunger as an example of internal motivation. A response is the action taken by the consumer to satisfy like the purchase of the burrito. Reinforcements are the person being either satisfied or dissatisfied with the result. In this case being satisfied would be having a full stomach and a smile.
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