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HatiCon - Sapa India Presentation

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HatiCon - Sapa India Presentation

  2. 2. INTRODUCING HATICON GMBH 2 HatiCon is the world leader in the design and manufacture of aluminium based mounting systems Installed more than 6GW of solar projects worldwide Founded in Germany in 2006 100% owned subsidiary of Mounting Systems, Gmbh Registered offices in Guterfelde, Germany and California, USA
  3. 3. PRODUCT ADVANTAGE 3 Components that facilitate quick assembly & easy installation Patented ‘Click and Clamp’ Technology Height-adjustable clamps Ready-to-install components Premium grade aluminium for all components & stainless steel for posts and screws. All sizes of modules can be installed Adaptable for both Crystalline & Thin Film modules Customizable for Landscape & Portrait orientation For all wind & snow load zones
  5. 5. FREE FIELD MOUNTING SYSTEMS 5 Many different founding variations with adjustable tilt. Suitable for each ground type through different bearing blocks. Individually adjustable.
  6. 6. FLAT ROOF MOUNTING SYSTEM 6 For all types of flat roofs Triangles available with adjustable tilt (10-45 degrees) Various Flexible roof connections available.
  7. 7. METAL ROOF MOUNTING SYSTEM 7 Adaptable for all types of industrial & commercial roofs Light and pre-assembled mounting rails and brackets which minimizes use of metal
  8. 8. METAL ROOF – RAIL BASED SYSTEM 8 Advantages – Direct Loading on the Purlin through angle bracket and self-drilling screws. EPDM washer around drilled hole prevents possible leakage Can withstand wind speeds upto 200 km/hr. Angle Bracket Assembly shown in the below video.
  9. 9. EXTENDED EXPERTISE 9 HatiCon gets involved in every stage of the project from Conceptualizing to Planning. HatiCon provides customized solutions that are tailor made to a particular project and also a range of standard kits Verifiable structural calculations are provided for each project The components are pre-assembled and delivered to site HatiCon also extends inputs for assembly.
  10. 10. REFERENCE 10 Capacity - 129.6 kW Location – Vadodara, Gujarat Type of Module – Renesola 300 Wp Type of System – Rail Based Type of Loading – On the Purlins
  11. 11. REFERENCE 11 Capacity – 18 kW Location – Dadri, UP Type of Module – Vikram Solar 205 Wp Type of System – RCC Roof System Type of Loading – On Concrete Foundation
  12. 12. REFERENCE 12 Capacity – 850 kWp Location – Koface Arena, Germany Type of Module – Thin Film System Type – Rail Based System
  13. 13. REFERENCE 13 Capacity – 12.5 MWp Location – Milford, USA Type of Module – PV – 300 Wp Type of System – Free Field Array – 4*6
  14. 14. SAPA GROUP 14
  15. 15. INTRODUCTION 15 Sapa AS is a 50/50 joint venture owned equally by Orkla ASA and Hydro ASA and is headquartered at Oslo, Norway. Our purpose as a company is to shape a sustainable future through innovative aluminium solutions. Sapa, through its global reach and local presence, is providing aluminium solutions like extrusions, building systems and precision tubing.
  16. 16. Presence in more than 40countries 100+ production units 5 business areas NOK ~43 billion sales* World leaderin aluminium solutions 23,000employees* SAPA IN FIGURES * 2012 PRO-FORMA 16
  18. 18. INTRODUCTION 18 Sapa Extrusion India Pvt Ltd is headquartered at Bangalore, India. Integrated manufacturing facility including Extrusion, Surface treatment, Fabrication and Assembly situated at Kuppam (120 kms from Bangalore on Bangalore-Chennai highway)
  19. 19. SAPA EXTRUSION INDIA A TRULY INTEGRATED FACILITY AT KUPPAM 19 Two state of the art 8” extrusion presses with a combined capacity of 20,000 MT per annum First company to install BICS system in India to provide complete control of mechanical properties The plant has in house capability to provide a variety of surface finishes: Anodizing (To improve corrosion resistance) Powder Coating & Painting (For decorative finishes in virtually any colour) Sapa India strives to be a solution provider In order to provide customers with end to end solutions, Sapa has invested in various fabrication operations such as cutting, bending, punching, milling, machining, drilling etc
  20. 20. EXCELLENCE DELIVERED 20 Extensive process controls to ensure error free production Infra Red Thermal Cameras Ascona Profile Measuring System to check for dimensional accuracy Downtime Monitoring system to improve productivity Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine to check accuracy of fabricated components Use of 100% imported, virgin, homogenized billets ensure quality aluminium solutions ISO 9001:200 Certified Company Only plant in India to have QUALICOAT & QUALANOD certification for excellence in Surface Treatment
  21. 21. SAPA CATERS TO A DIVERSE & COMPLEX PORTFOLIO OF PRODUCTS 21 Electronics Textile Machinery Solar Motor Bodies Automotive Mass Transportation High End Building Systems
  22. 22. ALUMINIUM SOLUTIONS - SOLAR INDUSTRY Solar Module Frames Solar Mounting Systems Heat Sinks for Batteries 22
  23. 23. OUR EXPERIENCE IN THE SOLAR INDUSTRY 23 Sapa India has been working with various firms in the solar space since its inception Sapa has primarily been catering to two segments of the solar industry: Frames for solar modules Mounting systems for solar installation Sapa India began its fabrication setup to manufacture frames for the solar industry Sapa has a unique advantage in this industry as all three process required for solar frames manufacturing is available under one roof: Extrusion Anodizing (Silver, Black, Matt Finish through Acid Etching) Fabrication Apart from supplying to various module manufacturers in India, Sapa also exports frames to module manufacturers in North America
  24. 24. OUR UNIQUE OFFERING 24 Global Expertise State of the art Manufacturing Facility Experienced Design Team Dedicated Solar Team Extensive Sales Network
  25. 25. 25