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Future of media.

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Future of media.

  1. 1. FUTURE OF MEDIA Mr. Annurag Batra Chairman & Editor-in-Chief BW Businessworld Media & e4m Group at IIT Delhi 3rd April 2016
  2. 2. Volume : 1 YouTube ISATION OF RADIO
  3. 3. 90% Of Total Music Streaming Is Happening Through Mobile Phones
  4. 4. Music streaming saw 100% increase between 2013 and 2014 Android platform saw increase close to 100% with regards to access of service on android alone 2014 saw 90% of total streaming access through mobile phones due to increase in mobile internet usage Bollywood music accounted for 81% of total music consumed. International music accounted for 10% of music consumed South Indian language music consumed was at 4%. Punjabi music consumed accounted for 2.2% Maharashtra had the largest share of streams and downloads
  5. 5. The top 5 brand devices through which was accessed were Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Motorola and HTC in that order Samsung Galaxy series were in 9 out of 10 spots with regard to device model used to consume music , while the only other device in the list was Motorola Moto G Advertisers were Airtel, Snapdeal, Vodafone, Ford, ITC, IPhone, HP, Unilever, Bacardi, Ask Me, We Chat, OLX, Canon, Quikr, Zee, Max Life, Maruti, Mcdowells and Cadbury. Arijith Singh is the most popular male Indian singer. Priyanka Chopra was among the top international artists. Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Happy New Year’ and Yo Yo Honey Singh’s ‘Desi Kalakaar’ with multiple entries to their credit are the two Most Popular Albums of 2014.
  6. 6. •Spotify •Google's Chromecast •Sony's PlayStation gaming console
  8. 8. Remain Optimistic About Mobile Ad Spend Growth... Print Remains Way Over-Indexed Relative to Time Spent % of Time Spent in Media vs. % of Advertising Spending, USA, 2014 Time Spent Ad Spend 50% 40% 30% ~$25B+ Opportunity in USA 20% 10% 0% Print Radio TV Internet Mobile Source: Advertising spend based on IAB data for full year 2014. Print includes newspaper and magazine. ~$25B+ opportunity calculated assuming Mobile ad spend share equal its respective time spent share. Time spent share data based on eMarketer 4/14 (adjusted to exclude outdoors / classified media spend). Arrows denote Y/Y shift in percent share. 16 %ofTotalMediaConsumptionTime orAdvertisingSpending Total Internet Ad = $50B Of Which Mobile Ad = $13B 41% 37% 24% 23% 24% 18% 11% 11% 8% 4%
  9. 9. Presumptive Credibility
  10. 10. New Normal World of Communication
  11. 11. The era of Wikileaks
  12. 12. Concentration of Media with Political Ownership
  13. 13. What’s common between Judiciary & Media? •They Preach to Others •High Moral Horse •Both want self-regulation, and do not want outside regulation.
  14. 14. Role of Media - Advocacy & Positive Direction
  15. 15. Intelligent media companies strive to provide both intellectual and comedy programs, groundbreaking and reflective articles, art house and popular movies. Not to be open minded in providing a full range of quality media would be a failure to serve the breadth and depth of the communities we live in. Lachlan Murdoch “ ”
  16. 16. The profit motive is not only fundamental to our ability to reward shareholders and pay employees; it's fundamental to excellent journalism. Far from corrupting the craft, profits enhance it. Expansion drives diversity and diversity protects and strengthens our craft. Lachlan Murdoch “ ”
  17. 17. Fastest Growing Media Group in Indian Market
  18. 18. Times of India Change India Campaign
  19. 19. Fitch Ratings: Negative Outlook
  20. 20. Lowest growth rate in a decade, except 2009 2011/10 25,594 cr + 23,646 cr 2010 2011
  21. 21. 2012/11 + 28,013 cr25,594 cr 2011 2012
  22. 22. Source: Pitch Madison Media Advertising Outlook 2012 Spends in INR crores 8311 9329 10354 11915 14505 17690 20717 18670 23646 25594 28013 12.2 11.0 15.1 21.7 22.0 17.1 -9.9 26.7 7.6 8.6 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 A 11 year Review
  23. 23. www.TheViewspaper.net
  24. 24. Shiv Dravid of TheViewspaper.net
  25. 25. www.governancenow.com
  26. 26. exchange4media.com
  27. 27. pitchonnet.com
  28. 28. impactonnet.com
  29. 29. samachar4media.com
  30. 30. realtyplusmag.com
  31. 31. Franchise-plus.com
  32. 32. What should Media do? Live Your Childhood Dreams as professionals Don't be Cynical Collaborate with everyone Be The media yourselves Engage with/collaborate other Media Understand what constitutes good/positive content Impatience is good but Persevere
  33. 33. Volume : 2 India On Internet 2016
  34. 34. World Population: 7.3 Billion Global Internet users: 3.27 Billion India’s Population: 1.29 Billion Internet Subscribers: 402 Million Mobile subscriptions: 976 Million Mobile Internet Users: 210 million Smartphones: 651Million India’s Population 1.29 Billion We Are 402 Million Strong Internet Subscribe rs 402 Million Mobile Subscribers 976 Million Mobile Internet Users 210 Million Smartphone s 651 Million World Population 7.3 Billion Global Internet users: 3.27 Billion
  35. 35. India is projected to surpass USA by 2016 and set to become the 2nd Largest nation 500 million + internet users after china Internet Today and Tomorrow 402 400 300 365 730 500
  36. 36. And we are growing. How? 39% 79% 10% 7% 15%
  37. 37. Rural Male: Rural Female: Rural 81 Million 88% 12% Total Universe: 354 Million F r e q u e n c y o f A c c e s s Rural India to dominate next set of internet users Urban Male: Urban Female: Urban 219 Million 62% 38%
  38. 38. INTERNET USER DISTRIBUTION Active Internet Users In Top Cities Next In Line Cities The top eight metros accounts for 31 per cent of the overall user base. Mumbai and Delhi lead in the list of metro and jaipur and Surat lead in small town cities Small metros are witnessing a 60% jump
  39. 39. Advertising is changing their way to Digital 1. Globally, 25% of Total Advertising Spends in 2016 will be on Digital 2. The Total Spend will be $1775 Million. $942 Million on Desktop/Laptop and $833 Million on Mobile. Digital media spending has been booming as advertisers increasingly pouring money to keep up with changing consumption habits. Global Digital Marketing has the highest growth as compared to other sectors, 36%, GLOBALLY
  40. 40. Digital Ad Spend By Formats *Others: Mobile, Banner, Digital video, Classified, Lead Generation and Sponsorship India’s digital ad market spending will surpass $1 billion and a sizeable share of 35.2% will go to search *Source: eMarketer, March 2015
  41. 41. Lion Share of digital: Display Ads
  42. 42. India tops Google’s search for next big market India generates second highest traffic on Google search after the US. By early 2016, it is likely to overtake America on the number of active Android devices in use. India is also the country with fastest adoption of Chrome web browser
  43. 43. India is now the second largest market – after the United States – for YouTube, Facebook, and many other video platforms Video reached majority of web users of all ages, Youtube undeniably the category leader. India will rule the video platforms India is likely to become their largest market, bigger than the United States Online video duration (On the basis of Genre) 1. Social media averages at 2.4 mintues per video 2. Entertainment average at 4.8 minutes per video Video viewing on Pc’s Has doubled in the last 3 years and stands at 59 million viewers 3.7 billion videos 414 minutes per video Millenianls Form over 75% of video viewers and consume 64-65 videos per month Size of online video audience Has increased across tablets and smartphones by 30 % (12 month period)
  44. 44. India leads
  45. 45. 94% of users access the Internet through their mobile phones in Urban India Mobile is responsible for a big chunk of this internet growth
  46. 46. Percentage of time spent in different categories India has become the third-largest smartphone market in the world. The number of smartphone users is expected to reach 369 million by 2018. Smart Phone is the ‘Need of Today’ for all Generation.
  47. 47. Global 1. Estimated total market size for mobile app by 2016 will be $146 Billion 2. Annual worldwide app revenue projected by 2017 is $77 Billion WhatsApp Messenger Hike Facebook Messenger Google + Hangouts WeChat Top Im/Chat users in India India 1. 9 billion apps will be downloaded in India in 2015, more than 5X the number of apps downloaded in 2012 (1.56 billion) at CAGR 75 % 2. Mobile app usage in India grew 131 % Many needs. One App. One solution.
  48. 48. 1. There is high growth in number of people using messaging services 2. 38% increase in number of daily user 3. 114 Million users access social media via mobile Social Media India Facebook: 125 Million, Linkedin: 39 Million Twitter: 32 Million Twitter 32 Million Facebook 125 Million Linkedin 39 Million Social, carrying the conversation. Globally Top 3 Instant messaging services 1. Facebook 2. WhatsApp 3. Yahoo messenger Top 3 Social Networks 1. Facebook, 2. Linkedin 3. Snapchat India
  49. 49. Online Gaming The gaming industry market in India today is close to USD 890 million in size and is growing at the rate of about 30 percent, according to a NASSCOM report. By 2016, India is projected to have 208.2 million mobile gamers, a 22.8 per cent CAGR from 2013. It is estimated that the mobile gaming segment size will jump to Rs 1,800 crore by 2017. Gaming apps make up 17% of total downloads Games topping the charts on Mobile
  50. 50. E-Commerce Everywhere. 1. 100 Million online shoppers in India by 2016 and 250 million by 2020 2. There is 35% compound annual growth rate 3. Every third shopping search on Google is fashion related and the queries on fashion are growing at 66 % year on year 4. $228 BILLION 5. The size of the Indian e-commerce market in 2030, according to Goldman Sachs estimates. 6. There is 72% increase projected from last year (average revenue per year) 2015 2016
  51. 51. Different sectors which contributes the India’s E-Commerce Growth Products that Generate Maximum Online Interest Electronics (34%) Apparel and Accessories (30%) Books (15%) Beauty and Personal Care (10%) Home and Furnishing (6%) Healthcare (3%) Baby Care (2%) Products that Generate Maximum Sales Apparel and Accessories (84%) Electronics (71%) Beauty and Personal Care (64%) Books (62%) Household Products (61%) The frequency of sale Apparel and Accessories category (34%) Beauty and Personal Care (33%). (This makes these categories all the more profitable due to repeat purchases)
  52. 52. Ecommerce is the new investment in Indian Market Funding of $150 million Valued at $1 billion Raises $50 million Valuation of about $300 million Funding $50 million Valuation of about 1000 crore
  53. 53. M-commerce Ranks 2nd Globally In Online Shopping Through Mobile
  54. 54. Campaigns that touched hearts
  55. 55. Govt. of India #Selfiewithdaughter Objective: Increase awareness about pre- natal sex determination and female foeticide in the state. Results: The sex ratio in his village is improving as the centuries-deep prejudice against girls begins to change. Idea: Sunil Jaglan, the sarpanch of Bibipur village in Jind district, calls upon parents from across Haryana to click selfies with their daughters and share them with him on the social messaging app, WhatsApp.The selfies were udged by a delegation of 30 women sarpanches and aanganwadi worker. The best three entries were awarded trophies, certificates and a cash prizes.
  56. 56. Star Sports #MaukaMauka Objective: Promoting India's matches in the Cricket World Cup, 2015 Idea: Results: The campaign built on the back of legendary India-Pakistan rivalry caught the imagination of the entire country. It succeeded in creating hype around the biggest tournament in the game of cricket ensuring that the event (World Cup) games became a big part of people's life as it was happening. The idea evolved as the event progressed, the content for subsequent ads was created based on results The "mauka" campaign hit over 30 million views making it the most viewed advertisement series during the World Cup.
  57. 57. Mantra #AnoukBoldIsBeautiful Objective: To connect to the core target and drive a strong brand association Idea: Myntra has rolled out a series of 3 ad films, each 3 minutes long, each broaching up social acceptance issues around women. The three films focus on issues like ‘homosexuality’, ‘single-parenting’ and ‘staying single’. Results: The Whispers’ portrays a segment of Indian society that is forever indulging in gossip around a single mother. The Visit’ is the story of a lesbian couple who had been hiding about their relationship with their parents. Films have raked in more than 180K to 200K views each and much appreciation for the brand. It also fits in with what Anouk, the brand stands for. “Your choices make you bold, your boldness makes you beautiful. Anouk celebrates the ‘Bold’ you.” The films end with a text blurb asking viewers to download the Myntra app to preview the Anouk collection. The Wait’ is the story of a single girl sitting alone in a bar
  58. 58. #TouchthePickle Objective: Results of the campaign: The campaign had dual benefits. On one had, the influencers on Twitter and Facebook started conversation around the taboos. Whereas on the second half, there were celebrities conversing on the same issue, which gave the campaign the much deserved outreach The campaign received a widespread welcome from the women all around the world for showcasing and bringing the issue across to the social media Idea:
  59. 59. Maggie #WeMissYouToo Objective: Taking the brand closer to its consumers, mostly young audience and drive a strong brand association Process: Social media has been brimming with love letters to Maggi since the ban and Maggi has finally responded. Maggi India came up with a new advertisement professing its love for the country, saying #WeMissYouToo. The 52-second advert has struck a nostalgic chord with most of India's youngsters. Maggi also had a tie up with a famous e-commerce website ‘Snapdeal.com’ and came up with the idea of selling maggi welcome kit which was a box containing around 12 packets of Maggi, 2016 Maggi calendar, a Maggi fridge magnet and a Maggi welcome back letter. Results: Snapdeal sold out the first batch of 60,000 Maggi Welcome Kits within 5 minutes of Maggi Flash Sale going live today. Nestle India sold 3.3 crore units of Maggi in the first 10 days of its relaunch. The Snapdeal offer is christened ‘Dil ki Deal’ and the hashtag ‘DILKIDEALWITHMAGGI’ started trending on twitter after the sale was resumed
  60. 60. Volume : 3 TRENDS AS WE SEE FOR 2016
  61. 61. Increased need for organic, tailored, personal content. Future is all about serving the right material to the right people at the right time in the right place “Content is the new ad” “Content is the new creative” “Content is the new SEO”
  62. 62. YouTube 14,74,483 lakh 131,772,214 (Subscriber base) (million views) YouTube 13,10,362 lakh (Subscriber base) 124,483,452 (million views) Twitter 13,18,986 (followers) Twitter 21,71,010 (followers) Youtube leads in sharing content. Creating conversations, engagement and quality feedback is the key to engage your consumer. Importance is given to engaging and user generated content. Content is driving Digital world to new heights. AIB and TVF maintains YouTube channel that shows their comedy sketches and parodies on topics such as politics, society, and the Hindi film industry, and much of their reputation was founded on their online presence. Content needs to be Sharable, Innovative and New Valuation Valuation
  63. 63. E-commerce everywhere Brands gauge the desire of each consumers by analyzing their online behavior. Future will provide mobile payments options. Custom targeting will have a large-play in the future
  64. 64. E-commerce goes Physical Think bigger than just selling offline, think of it more like creating the trend. Amazon is opening its first physical bookstore, 20 years after the world’s biggest online retailer started selling publications on the internet. Amazon Book Store opened at University Village in Seattle. Amazon is following in the footsteps of Apple as well as traditional bookshops. Apple has opened shops across the world to sell technology, and it also uses the physical locations to bolster its brand. he Seattle store, Amazon Books, will be a physical extension of the company website, combining the benefits of online pricing with traditional book shopping, the company said in a statement. It offer as many as 6,000 top-rated titles, culled from Amazon.com customer ratings, sales, pre-orders and other factors. Lenskart and Pepperfry are two other Ecommerce players who have opened their physical store.
  65. 65. Internet Of Me Me is important today. Its about individuals. With each turn of the innovation wheel, old- school products are getting smarter, connected to web. From thermostats to refrigerators, entrepreneurs are reinventing most everything. There is huge opportunity for wearable technology. Glasses, watches, apparel, you name it. Entrepreneurs are reinventing most everything. Soon you and your pets will wear the same technology
  66. 66. Niamos is a connected device that specifically maps the social media interactions in the real world, identifying & following the customers wherever they meet the brand. It features a real-time and historical big data analytics stack to help brands in designing the marketing strategy for increasing the customer base and not just the numbers on social media platforms. It also aims at interacting with the customer and giving the value for every walk-in. Device operates on ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) and ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) technology. An inbuilt wi-fi connection makes NiAmos an impeccably accurate local interaction machine. -
  67. 67. Rise of OTT content With the growing appetite for video content, over the top (OTT) service providers like Hotstar and SonyLiv are seeing rapid growth. The active OTT video subscriber base is expected to rise from the current 15 million to 105 million in 2020. Shift towards OTT content means that even marketers will shift their advertising spending onto digital. With the growing penetration of data services across India, content consumption is surging across consumers. It also provides us the ideal platform to reach a larger subscriber base and offer a very compelling array of content.
  68. 68. STAR India, the country's leading TV network, launched Hotstar in 2015. On Hotstar, STAR signed Indian comedy group All India Bakchod as a pull to get younger viewers who were not going to log on for just sports. The app currently has close to 30 million downloads so far. Sony Pictures Network India jumped on the bandwagon and launched SonyLiv, its OTT arm. Hungama, Spuul, BoxTV and Ditto TV are also part of the crowded market.
  69. 69. Thinking global instead of local Your Competition is no longer just local. Small thinking needs to be discarded. The world can now be reached with a tweet, an email or a blog post that is shared on social
  70. 70. The c Campaign was launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. As over a thousand global and domestic business leaders and top global companies from countries including the US, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Poland, Australia, China, Italy, Germany, and France attended the event in-person, even more engagement happened online pegging on the beguiling hashtag – #makeinindia. There were live updates on Twitter and Facebook, post event reactions on YouTube, and a live blog set up on a micro-site. While the public interest and the industry participation peaked, the online activity broke new grounds with participants from over 100 countries making #makeinindia trend with over 10,000 tweets per hour during the live event and more than 1 billion impressions. #MakeInIndia
  71. 71. Mobile is now your first screen You are moving from local to global and 60% of internet users will be co aming online in the next 5 years will be accessing your website via a smartphone. Think Smart. Go Mobile Less is More.
  72. 72. Players will be contributors Come 2016 and gamers won’t just be watching future developments, instead, they’ll be contributing to it. Games will allow players to construct their own levels and decide the final direction of quests in-game and then share them online.
  73. 73. Annurag Batra Chairman & Editor-In-Chief BW Businessworld Media Group & e4m Group Anurag.batra@businessworld.in abatra@exchange4media.com Facebook: facebook.com/anuragbatrayo Twitter: twitter.com/anuragbatrayo

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