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  2. CHOSEN RPA MISSION: To help companies like Nuance understand the digital transformation journey by providing the guidance needed to obtain reduction in processing time and costs.
  3. INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION JOURNEY • Nuance Goals • RPA Breakdown • Current Solutions, Capabilities and Accomplishments • Advisor Tool • Deployment & Timelines • Please ask questions throughout as needed
  5. ROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION TWO TYPES Attended • RDA • Run on the desktop alongside a human. • Dramatic savings while having a major impact on improving CX. • Find the 5 pieces of data across 4 applications that allow verification of a customer and put them in clear view automatically Unattended • RPA • Runs in a server room without humans. • Potential 100% ROI. • Check to see if insurance claim is a duplicate – deny if yes; approve and pay if no.
  6. 7 INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION JOURNEY Fixed Automation (Rule-Based) Evolutionary Processes (Judgment-Based) INTELLIGENT ENTERPRISE Robotic Process Automation Machine/Deep Learning ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Virtual Agents/ Chatbots PROCESS AUTOMATION Chosen RPA
  7. Financial Automation: • Up to 70% FTE Reductions • Up to 40% Handling Time Reductions • Up to 100% Error Reduction • Up to 16 M Cost Savings Health Automation: • 3-5 minute Time savings per insurance verification (us • Up to 100% Claims status and eligibility checks (use cas • Up to 20% Decrease initial denials (use case) • Up to 100% Pre-auth capture volumes (use case) • Up to 90% Reduction in Average Handling Time on claim Benefits Rev Cycle Finance Call Center Supply Chain IT and Security HR Contact Center Automation: • Up to 15% Productivity Improvement • Up to 80% of Cases Automated • Up to 40% Reduction in Service Request Rejections • Up to 94% Reduction in AHT • Up to 78% Error Reduction • Up to 90% Quality Increase • Up to $18 M Cost Reduction Supply Chain Automation: • Up to 40% FTE Reductions • Up to 80% Handling Time Reductions • Up to 100% Error Reduction • Up to $9 M Cost Savings • Up to 40% Productivity Improvement Highlights from Chosen RPA’s direct case studies from areas like the provider business CASE STUDIES, USE CASES AND BENEFIT HIGHLIGHTS IT Automation: • Up to 60% Cost Reductions • Up to 32% Reduced Help Desk Volume • Up to 50% Productivity Improvement • Up to 60% Improvement in Incident Response Time • Up to 30% FTE Reduction HR Automation: • Up to 60% Cost Reductions • Up to 32% Reduced Help Desk Volume • Up to 50% Productivity Improvement • Up to 60% Improvement in Incident Response Time • Up to 30% FTE Reduction
  8. RPA TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW - HEALTH RPA is the use of software to ‘mimic’ the actions humans perform on a computer Repeated Manual Tasks High Volume Tasks Rule-Based/No Human Judgement Low Exception Volume Error Prone Searching, Updating, Reporting Matching, Comparing, Merging Data Extracting Data from Web or Email When is it relevant? Use Cases 85-95% Claim Status Performed 50% Reduction in Avg. Handling Time Captures Credential Lapses Prior to Service 60% Reduction in Avg. Handling Times for ROIs 90% Reduction in Avg. Handling Times 75% Reduction in Claims Search Time Authorization Submissions Claims Eligibility and Status Checking Denials Management Charge Auditing/Posting/Pricing Physician Credentialing Health Information Management Claims Processing Claims Image Searching Improve Patient & Employee Satisfaction 24/7 Virtual Workforce Increase Efficiencies No Complex Integration 90% Pre-Auth Volume Capture Reduced Denial Backlog & Turnaround Time Reduce Costs BENEFITS
  9. Copyright © 2019 Accenture. All rights reserved. 10 REVENUE CYCLE TRANSFORMATION OVERVIEW The RCM continuum is labor intensive with significant opportunities for intelligent operations and transformative and innovative processes enabled through automation, AI and analytics. Customer Service / Correspondence Management Analytics / EMR Gap Reporting Coding Scheduling Appointment Reminder Check In Denials Management Pre-Bill & DNFB Edits Claim Scrubber Edits Financial Clearance Registration Clinical Care HIM/ Coding Billing AR Management Scheduling Claim Submission Transcription/ Scanning Registration Inhouse Collection Charge Capture Record Completion Release of Information CDI Audits Care Coordination Pre-Registration Utilization Management Insurance Follow Up Payment Variance Analysis Late Charge Processing Credit Balance Resolution Eligibility / Authorization/y/Benefit Verification Financial Counseling – Pre Service Patient Liability Collection – Pre Service Patient Liability Collection – Time of Service Financial Counseling – Time of Service Labor Intense LEGEND Digital / Automation Transformation Medical Necessity Review Medical Orders Mgt Referral Services Pre-Cert/ Authorization Bed Management Guarantor Statements Payment Processing Collection Bad Debt Processing Guarantor Account Follow-up Fin. Assistance, Charity, and Bankruptcy Revenue Integrity Charge Master Maintenance Pricing Late Charge Processing Pre-Bill Charge Audits Deficiency Tracking Enterprise MPI
  10. Copyright © 2019 Accenture. All rights reserved. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY
  11. DEPLOYMENT Complexity Process Steps Number of Applications (Including Citrix) Screens Number of Fields Exception Count Surface Automation Fields Approx. Duration Simple 1-15 Steps 1-2 Applications 1-4 Screens 20 0-3 0-5 6-7 weeks Medium 16-25 Steps 3-4 Applications 5 – 10 Screens 40 4-6 6-15 8-10 Weeks Complex 26-35 Steps 5-6 Applications 11-20 Screens 60 7-10 16-20 10-12 Weeks
  12. IMPLEMENTATION & SUPPORT NEEDED 1. Prepare RPA 2. Solution Design 3. Build RPA 4. Test RPA 5. Stabilize RPA 6. Constant Improvement • Solution Architect • Business Analyst • PM (SPOC) • IT Security Team • Process Owner • Support - COE
  13. Commercial In Confidence 14 ROI & Payback Period
  14. THANK YOU, MR. HOFFMAN We will make a great team!

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  1. Here is what I’ve set out to accomplish and a few of my clients that might look familiar. My story –However, its not always that black & white. A behind the scene deeper dive into operations is needed. A light went off in my head and I quickly noticed that every organization needs to be making the same decision for themselves. Chosen RPA was born! I’ve set out to be the trusted RPA consultant to make healthcare quality better for everyone. 94% of CIOs expect workforce to include robots by 2025 Accenture $150B 2026 has published that AI can create $150B in annual savings by 2026. That’s 38% revenue increase per health system. The most important thing to consider isn’t the short-term gains of implementing AI, but the long-term risk of not implementing AI. And that’s why I’m here today.
  2. Upfront contract Opening / Rapport Building Matt, what are you hoping to accomplish today? In order for me to be more precise and to help you reach your goals, can you walk me through making a decision like this? What is the next step? Purpose:  I see myself more as a consultant than a salesperson so please relax. I consultant to help you make sense of all the noise & information that's out there. Time- 30 mins to discuss with you today for us to learn about one another. Naturally, you’ll have questions for me to see how I align with your initiatives. My goal is to help your company derive a solution that is best fit for Nuance, it’s employees and its clients. Outcomes At the end of today’s meeting we will be faced with one of two outcomes: No – This tech doesn't seem to be a fit or even worse that you’ll have to think it over. In my experience this generally tells me you're not interested and are too nice to tell me no. If this is the case are you comfortable telling me NO? Ok. Great and Conversely the other outcome can be a Yes Yes –If it makes sense to you to move forward and proceed with next buying step from above?, are you ok saying so?
  3. familiar or worked /tool? Now great 93% of healthcare provider roles impacted by Automation. RPA is here to take the robot out of the human, so that humans can get more time for valuable and meaningful cognitive work:  Robotic Process Automation uses software to ‘mimic’ the actions a human user on a PC at scale to automate processes that are Repetitive Rule-based Standardized/Structured data inputs -Increase in worker satisfaction (reduction in mundane repetitive tasks that help ‘upskill’ labor force). Person with experience, did I miss any other benefits? Costs – exactly ! Savings is much more impactful for organizations to realize that on their own instead of being told.
  4. Both are Virtual Robotic Workforces Attended – Swivel chair scenarios to assist humans to be quicker. Call Center operations for pulling patient info onto a single screen. Unattended – Back-office scenarios where large amounts of data are being GSA (gathered, sorted, analyzed). -Overdraft protection notices -credit card applications -patient registration w/ 3rd party programs like Medicaid & Mediare Both RDA & RPA can be thought of as virtual robotic workforces.
  5. The automation journey typically begins with fixed process automations and evolves into more Artificial Intelligence. -- RPA is one of the industries most efficient and effective paths to digital transformation RPA is a great starting point for a company’s digital transformation and here’s why: Non-invasive – does not require major IT architecture changes. Easy to Scale – up or down Future Proof – able to handle tomorrow’s technology. CON- I will admit that the adoption with Providers has been slow. Educating the market. Automation = 1st inning. (eliminate data processing cube workers therefore making way to innovative ideas and make new discoveries) Let’s see the proof and accomplishments
  6. Let's take a deeper dive into healthcare
  7. Across top are general benefits, but how do we get there? Left column Data entry work As you can see the Benefits are quantitative results! Now let's break it down to RCM within healthcare
  8. Each process has significant opportunities to be automated. So now you might be asking yourself, how do I find processes that I can automate?
  9. My Plug’n’play IP software to identify KPI’s. that uses automation to identify automation opportunities and self document the user activity and also times user processes and KPIs. Ok great so now we’ve identified a few processes to be automated, what’s next?
  10. Now we know what deployment timeline looks like, here is how Nuance is going to get there with Chosen RPA by taking a deeper dive into how the scope is accomplished
  11. 1. Prepare RPA - Discovery workshop stage. the processes are identified and defined 2. Solution Design - each process is reviewed and documented 3. Build RPA - Where we do just that; build. Workflow tested and architecture is built processes are automated, the workflow is tested and validated. Prepare test data. 4. Test RPA - Bug fixing. Record test results. Sign-off for production. 5. Stabilize RPA - Go-Live, the process is moved to production, monitored, measured and the lessons learned are documented. 6. Constant Improvement - Performance is ATC (Assessed, tracked, changes made). Solution Architect - Architect of RPA solution Business Analyst - documentation Implementation Manager/Project Manager - forms and manages RPA team. Spoint of Contact. Goal tracking. One throat to choke! Infrastructure & IT Security admin - responsible for setting up and maintaining hardware & software resources for product installations. Process Owner - Senior stakeholder in charge RPA Support - COE. Manage robots and begin scaling. “Land and expand” Now the next question to answer is when will I see a return?
  12. Forrester's Objective findings on 2 healthcare customers they interviewed. What they found was with a $15M RPA investments has a 3 year financial impact of $49M = $45M labor + $4M in recruiting, training, facilities savings.
  13. Up Front Contract Close! Not to put you on the spot, want time to discuss this between yourselves. I understand that. I would love to learn about Nuance as much as possible while I’m here. Or I’m more than happy to just step out for a few minutes to let you all converse.