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Measure and Communicate ROI - Bruce Nustad, MN Retail Association

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2017 MACE Annual Conference presentation from Bruce Nustad of the Minnesota Retail Association.
Before we talk about increasing return on investment let's first discuss all aspects of effectively measuring it from a members perspective. This presentation will include practical measurement tools to use for different chamber disciplines.

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Measure and Communicate ROI - Bruce Nustad, MN Retail Association

  1. 1. MEASURING & COMMUNICATING Return On Investment
  2. 2. What do you hope to get out of this conference? 1. for your organization 2. for you
  3. 3. ROI History
  4. 4. What have you tried?
  5. 5. The mother of all renewal letters. The ROI Statement. The public television approach. Quantifying everything! Bundles/tiers.
  6. 6. ROI: The Member Perspective
  7. 7. ROI: 5 Measurement Areas (member perspective)
  8. 8. Activity. Results. Outcome.
  9. 9. ROI #1: Big Leadership
  10. 10. ROI #2: Policy Initiatives
  11. 11. ROI #3: Business Development
  12. 12. ROI #4: Representation
  13. 13. ROI #5: Professional Growth & Opportunities
  14. 14. Activity Result s Outcome Communication Transportation advocacy Expo Student Scholarships Talent development initiative Morning networking
  15. 15. What did you do that would have required the member to hire someone or devote staff time to?
  16. 16. Generates revenue. Avoids costs. Positions for success.
  17. 17. What we do wrong in ROI:
  18. 18. The One Year Membership Cycle 120 days
  19. 19. Humble Take credit
  20. 20. Wait Lead
  21. 21. Be perfect Take a chance
  22. 22. Mention and move on Tell them at least 3x in 2 different ways
  23. 23. ROI is: soley about the organization benefit about the individual’s benefit that helps the organization
  24. 24. Words Pictures
  25. 25. Turn everything in to an initiative. Brand every initiative. Express the ROI.
  26. 26. MEASURING & COMMUNICATING Return On Investment