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Presentation at Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

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  1. 1. Massachusetts Sustainable Communities & Campuses April 17th 2014 Donna D. Holaday, Mayor City of Newburyport
  2. 2. The City of Newburyport Small, coastal city in Essex County, 35 miles northeast of Boston. Population of 17,416 Historic seaport with a vibrant tourism industry, expansive parks, a business & industrial park and part of Plum Island.
  3. 3. Vision of a Sustainable Community
  4. 4. Starting Point & Timeline • 2000- GREEN was a reference to • 2004- Our Middle School and DPS building installed solar array • 2005- Seacoast Energy & Environmental Design Coalition emerged • 2007- City established the Energy Advisory Committee to study, evaluate, and makes recommendations regarding energy conservation, energy efficiency, and/or conversion to greener energy sources • 2008- Wind Energy Ordinance • 2009- Single stream recycling & Place-based Education • 2010- Newburyport designated a Green Community • 2011- Clean Tech Center opened incubation site for green start ups
  5. 5. Our First Major Energy Project Newburyport Middle and Upper Elementary schools with a 500 kW Solar Array- the largest municipal project at the time of installation
  6. 6. Community Advocacy & Volunteers SEED Energy Advisory Committee
  7. 7. March Richey Woodworking: 80,000 sq ft site, 600 kw system with biomass heating
  8. 8. 2009 Single Stream Recycling • Separated out disposal costs from lump sum contract • Savings of $85,000/yr of 1.1M disposal contract • Began receiving $24,000 fixed rebate on all recycling material • Increased recycling to 36% Before After
  9. 9. Place-Based Education • Path for learners to become active citizens and stewards of the environment • Approach emphasizes hands-on, real world learning experiences that challenge students to learn and solve problems • Increases academic achievement & helps students develop stronger ties to their community • Enhances student’s appreciation for the natural world, and creates a heightened commitment for serving as contributing citizens
  10. 10. Newburyport Designated A Green Community by the Division of Energy Resources- DOER City Hall-lighting upgrades- air sealing and insulation, separation of thermal zones, upgrades to steam system, and insulation of boiler room condensate piping Green Community Grant-$155,000 Police Station HVAC upgrades & sealing at soffits
  11. 11. Energy Activities • Revised and expanded Energy Advisory Committee • Promoted residential energy efficiency programs- Carbon and Community Energy Challenge, and Mass Save programs, and general education on energy efficiency. • Solar school traffic lighting and outdoor LED lighting. • Solar projects including Solarize Newburyport with Mass Clean Energy Center and trash compactors in many public areas.
  12. 12. True North Solar & Net Metering Contract • True North • Water Sewer • MVPC Net Metering contract with Salisbury, Newburyport & Triton School District- 10% fixed discount for Newburyport with $40,000/year savings
  13. 13. City Wide Usage • Newburyport has 14 municipal buildings • 47,875 MMBtu’s in 2012. • 17% reduction since baseline year in 2009 Baseline MMBtu Year 1 MMBtu Year 2 MMBtu Year 3 MMBtu Year 4 MMBtu Year 5 MMBtu For Most Recent Year: Change vs. Baseline (%) Fiscal Year 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Buildings 39,522 33,769 35,536 29,403 30,758 78% Water/Sewer & Pumping3,366 3,315 3,231 3,211 3,124 93% Open Space (optional) #DIV/0! Vehicles 11,770 12,514 13,963 11,904 9,353 79% Street and Traffic Lights16,501 15,098 16,144 15,663 13,630 83% TOTAL ENERGY CONSUM PTION 71,159 64,696 68,874 60,181 56,865 0 20% Schools- Total System Wide Electricity Usage in all school buildings from FY04 to FY11 was down 36% resulting in a savings of approximately $270,000 annually
  14. 14. Upgrading our WWTF for Sustainability Emphasizing Sustainability in the Project: • Improve Process Efficiency • Upgrade Inefficient Equipment & Systems • Enhanced Process Control – I&C System • Limit Power Consumption – Add Space, Not Costs • Add Renewable Energy Components • LEED Certification for the New OCL Building
  15. 15. Expanded Options at the Recycling Center Bike recycle program for Kenya and local kids Electronics recycling program with local ARC and Walmart run by adults with disabilities Rain Barrels distributed to residents
  16. 16. Zero Waste Program • 111 households participating in the pilot – Composting in some form – Terracycling in some form – Curb Alert/Freecycling – Asking questions via FB group or email • 80 families partially participating – Weighing compost at least • ~41 families fully participating – Weighing and reporting Discovered: 50-80 % of waste is organics Outcomes & next steps: Mattress recycling program will start soon, Styrofoam and Terracyle program started, organics pilot in the future and many people were educated
  17. 17. 43 venders & year-round market
  18. 18. Clean-Ups 500 lbs. collected on Plum Island!
  19. 19. Fishing for Energy Marine Debris Program- we fill 2-- 30 yd containers each summer with marine debris brought in by fishermen. Program run by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Covanta, NOAA, and Schnitzler Steel.
  20. 20. Merrimack Valley Coastal Adaptation Work Group- STORM SURGE • Active Community Outreach and Science teams with scientists, writers, community leaders and concerned citizens • Goal of motivating our communities to prepare for the impacts of sea level rise and climate enhanced storm activity Began as a grassroots effort after Hurricane Sandy & coastal storm season- 150 members & Steering Committee photo courtesy of Ron Barrett
  21. 21. Citizens for Sustainable Bagging Student led initiative Ordinance in review by City Council
  22. 22. Newburyport & Our Future Sustainability Roadmap Mass. Clean Energy Center & Meister Group selected Newburyport for pilot: • Create a community vision • Identify energy inventory and interests • Prioritizes key aspects to guide research to develop a robust clean energy inventory • Finalize sustainability roadmap
  23. 23. Closing thoughts • Identify a champion • Be strategic and deliberate • Hire a good manger • Benchmark your work • Track and document cost avoidance • Review your rates for greatest savings • Set up mechanism to reinvest savings • Educate, partner and celebrate